Things seem better besides my back hurting still and feeling so full I keep burping. remind me never to eat all the cheese on the sandwich again; garsh. I've been hacking longer than usual. I know, I know, TMI in the bad way again.

Dressing Up To Sleep
09:30 PM CST

Saturday night/Sunday morning, I took some photos. it was basically just so I could show them off to richard (hah), but ya know, I was wanting to take photos in all my outfits eventually. still haven't with the others; after those 17 or so snaps, I was tiiiired. I didn't even upload them all since alot of them were the same. I just don't have a viewfinder, sooo I take alot of shots at once to make sure I got a few good ones. here's what I ended up uploading to the directory:

I look like I'm sauntering in to kill someone

let's face it, I just like this one cause I'm posing like I'm having fun; it's reallly blurry

I'm a spaz

this is the least blurry though the whole outfit isn't showing; you can see I put makeup on; at 4am..bwah!

this one's just cool cause I paused to uh riot ..that's it. no, I paused cause the self timer accidently came on, so I stopped

Hrm, soooo those are the photos. I uploaded another one, but forgot the url and I think it wasn't that great as I recall telling richard. *shrugs*
these are the best or well, the ones I felt like showing.


Since I'm feeling like a lazy ass, I think that'll be it for today. oh yes, I should just add photos to every entry and never say even as much as a word again ...HAH! no, really, I'm not egotistical and yes, that would be very bland of me to subject people to such nonsense on a daily basis. in fact, today I look like hell. I smudged my blemish cream on my tshirt, so there's a brown clay-ish spot on the sleeve, my nose is peeling, my hair is sticking up, and I've got cookie crumbs in my lap. I know you want to be me. oh yes.

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