Muahahahah!! I'm in shopping heaven, yo! :D
Indeed, today I just spent alittle under $100, but I just started, so watch out.

Haaaapppy Biiiirthdaaay Anywaaaay
10:27 PM CST

I woke up like any other day, but it was only noon. it was overcast and I only woke up cause I was shivering. I was tangled up in my bedsheets. my arm still hurts. I laid about watching Days and listening to a mix tape I had cause the discman's batteries died. I didn't feel like getting up to get new ones.

I got up around 2:20pm and soon after just sitting about and checking on the forum, grandma calls. I mumbled on and on about anything and everything. I don't even remember what I said. I *do* remember when grandpa got on the phone, he talked about him and lindsey driving down, "kidnapping" me and sticking me in the trunk. I'd be there before I know it apparently. uhh...I then told him, "um, yeah and unfortunately I'd probably be dead by then." we're both morbid, yo. anyway, he did seem semi-serious about maybe them coming here and then me going there. that would be interesting if it happened. I don't know. lindsey didn't show enough interest in visiting here, but damnit, she should! I could erm, invite online people over and we could uhhh go clubbing. uh yes, I'd do it if she came...bwah!! ...or ya know, maybe not.

Soooo.....then I opened gifts. I got the new Weezer album plus a shirt that hasn't arrived yet like I knew I would!! I still have yet to look at the supposed video clips that are said to be on it since I listened to it on the discman first. I'll stick it in the CD-ROM later.

Hmm hmmm the only prob I had with my gifts was that the green tank mom got me from jcrew is a sleepwear item and I only wanted it if I could have the pants to match. I mean, what would I do with a green tank top and no green bottoms?? heh. mom said I should've written it in that they *must* be bought together. she said I could buy the pants though, so yay! I got some new black pants (they are chinos with silver buckles...uh yes...believe me they look nice in person) and a top as well. wahoo to that!

Besides those main things, I got some chocolates with nuts ..w00t! I bet she was abit irritated when I ate the cluster out of her box last month. I also got my beloved Godiva biscuit-like things. I ate all three in one sitting. hmmm...and last, but not least, I got Bridget Jones's Diary on DVD which I shall watch this weekend I guess. yay!


Since getting a reply from ojet, I was told to go to OMG! it's like indie heaven!! they *even* have Carissa's Wierd ....I already have both those albums, but it should help anyone I've let listen to them and wanted to know an easy way to do it online instead of sending money via snail mail. there's only one there, but it's the newest and better album. yessss.

Anyway, hopefully insound does not disappoint. it seems that all the albums I ordered are in stock according to the checkout page. okay, so yes, I got:

Western Winds - Port Vale
Issue #49 - Big Takeover
Belmondo/Bliss Out v.19 - Japancakes
Neon Golden - Notwist
Parts - All Transistor
s/t - White Papers
The Music The Lights The Fire - Port Vale
love songs to death - Sad Like Crazy

I got that list directly from the confirmation email. it seems like alot, but it's not really. ya know I know nothing about Japancakes, but erm, it sounded cool. yes, I'm crazy, but if it's good I'll let y'all know or whatever. the zine was just cause I typed random groups in, they said to check the annex and that zine was up there - it sounded nice. I'm sure there are others that seem nice but I always wanted a uh, zine. yes.


Dad came over tonight. he got me a B&N gift card for $100, but I don't know if I have to use it in the actual store or whatever. I have no idea. online they have free shipping with any two or more items bought. that would be oh so nice. plus, bookstores are nice to go for the atmosphere, but buying actual books in them gets me antsy cause if I can't find a book, I lose that calm attitude I carry off by just sitting in public. uh, yes, I'm weird. browsing turns into a reason to hyperventilate. online it's heaven though. bleh. if they don't accept online orders, I guess I'll have to go sometime - maybe if they visit since I went to B&N two summers ago...bwah!


We had cake after I finished watching the finales of Friends and Will&Grace. they were both good. anyway, so yeah, I didn't think I'd get a cake since I didn't last year and when I saw mom talking about stale muffins when I woke up, I figured it was a bad sign. HAH! so, yes, the cake was good. it's half white, half black. woo! a biracial cake...that was so wrong. forgive me. so, uh yes, cake was good. I had Wendy's for got it wrong though. no dipping sauce with chicken fingers and he got me the mandarin chicken salad....I didn't want that one since it was so awful. at least he got the right dressing. I just took the bad stuff off with a spoon. mom found me some KFC sweet'n'sour dipping sauce, so I used that for the chicken. it was okay though not my favourite dipping sauce. plain is just too plain...blech.


That was my birthday. I can't say it was bad. this week I shall do more shopping starting with anime...I got $200 from the grandparents....hee!

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star, I've never told you how endearing I find it that you write "alittle," Just so you know. Love ya!

- 05.19.2002 05:32 PM - Thandiwe


hee! is there any other way to write it? :D

- 05.20.2002 02:12 AM - Amber


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