Since last time? I've turned into an online comic junkie and uhhh I've been thinking about getting some new video games. I'm so bored as of late. I finish reading forums in two seconds and spend the rest of the time contemplating a shower and reading recaps. I'm so exciting, eh?

Opposites Crack Up
11:15 PM CST

One thing that I realised gets me upset even when I was cheerful beforehand is boys not GETTING IT! of course, uh yeah, also war, anxiety, things getting blown up and hating on people also gets me upset if I wasn't beforehand, but we'll talk about that another day.

I don't know if it's just that certain boys online like to piss me off knowing how much I hate being called such things as 'hun', 'babe', and 'sexy', but tons have! lately, the block function on aim/invisible on icq helps that out since less random people will be around to annoy me, BUT this boy, well, when he's normal, he's okay to talk to, so I just cannot bring myself to block him. maybe that's being masochistic. he'd probably not figure it out if I *did* block him, but karma gets at me and it gets at me alot.

Sometimes I wonder if this boy has multiple personalities; the one that will talk about movies and music; then the other that will talk about *chances* and *compatiblity* ...bleh. he was never in any running and hell, it's not like he responded to a personal ad. I speak to him cause uh, my goal is to chat...or well, it's not my goal. it's just entertainment. chat or not. there is no goal.

I think he's just a wise ass who knows how much I hate being "flirted with" when I obviously don't like them; I'll flirt if I damn well like you. otherwise, uh leavemealone. I mean, I think I told him not to use 'names' and he actually signed back on the other day to say 'goodnight sexy' or whatever....I saved it in a 'friends only' entry on livejournal which defeats the purpose since I'm sharing that I put it there in the first place - whoops. not like he reads this, so I don't even know why I care - it just seemed like a 'friends-only' type entry...there ya go.

Somehow, I seriously hope he isn't *trying* to get me to like him in that way. seriously, I hope he is just playing around to piss me off cause I would not like to have to be mean to him. I wouldn't. plus, it would piss me off more to know he wanted something of me since I haven't showed abit of interest yet and he's younger than me. that's one reason though he certainly isn't innocent. he has a kid and he smokes up alot. uh lovely. I wouldn't want him for those reasons alone....hah!

I found it funny how he said "opposites attract" ...I don't think so as I've certainly witnessed. okay, say there are two people who have some common interests, like each other and they each have a few interests the other doesn't share. they can learn from each other then and well, that makes a balanced relationship. two people - nothing in common, but talk anyway cause one is bored - not a good relationship. anyway, yeah - reason I crack up. that statement is so contrived.

Plus, I like someone else, so all the reasons in the world couldn't make me even consider him.


Just caught up with The Jar earlier today. cannot wait to see the next update. a very electic, all over zee place type comic - just what I like :)
not to say I don't like the plot driven comic D101 (which I would link if I had a handy way without having to go to my weblog ^_^;;;). it seems lindsey is thinking of making her own comic - that sounds rather cool. perhaps she'd allow me to uh rant on it whenever it's up ...hee! every comic always needs a substitute ranter now and then!


I need to crack down on mother's day. still haven't bought anything. mom likes too much. she has changed her mind a billion times to the point of saying I should just make her a card. I said I wasn't feeling creative, so she'd have to settle for a gift. grrr.

My birthday plans are sort've on hold in terms of sayin' what I want more since my list is like four separate pages long. oh yessss, gifts, the important prop in any birthday. I seem to be thinking most about everyone who has birthdays before me...I'm so kind. or not. I just said I was *thinking* about them. not doing anything about it besides thinking "hm, I guess I'll remember to say happy birthday..." all still my glory! wheee! speaking of which, Dan's bday was yesterday. yayeee to him! I would've given a gift if there was a wishlist handy. everyone should have a wishlist. it should be a requirement for friends/relatives who feel bad when they don't spend any money.


And that is it....I need more music. seriously. that should be top priority. I've played out S - Sadstyle for the billionth time.

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Thankies. ^__^ So I suppose I have ta grab something off of your list for j00 then hm? :P

- 05.04.2002 11:39 PM - Dangrel


Eep! just saw this ^^
well, it's not necessary (just your admiration for that which is me is enough...bwah!), but if you want to ;)
by the way, since I'm replying, I DLed that ICO song - it was awesome! I liked it.

- 05.05.2002 02:38 AM - Amber


Hun is one sexy babe! XP

- 05.06.2002 11:36 PM - Dangrel


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