The net: is it used as a tool of good or evil? we shall find out - and yes, I'm pretending I'm some reporter....I rawk so hard it hurts. oooh yeaaah.

Rather Pointless
11:48 PM CST

Today, I was reminiscing about all the things I've done concerning online activity. when I first started out, I didn't even know what an IM was at all. I stared at the chatroom screen as my friend told me to type something in the box. I had NO idea what people meant by "IM me" I thought they were all trying to say they were themselves fergarshsakes. once I got into it though I was involved. I thought I was so special for being able to talk to people all around the world - it was like my secret box o' fun.

Things did get out of hand since at first it didn't process that I was talking to real live people. I'd lie about everything. my age, where I lived, what I looked like, etcetc. the most bizarre was when I told someone who wanted to cyber that I lived in Egypt and only wore a turban 24/7. they said, "really??" me and my friend would sit and laugh as we'd type in random things to random people all night long.

We've played tricks on innocent people by pretending we were out to get them and/or we were psychic. bwah! we told one girl that we were outside with a laptop behind a bush and she was wearing a blue shirt. in fact, she was which was really amazing. anyway, the funniest was when we made up a name shi0tTybird or something like that. we wanted to call our new SN FukkyTbird, but they wouldn't allow it. anyway, we'd take turns using the name while the other would talk to the girl sayin' what's up and acting normal, ya know? then one would terrorise her on the fake name. it was the one talking to her in a normal fashion's job to say "what? they're bothering you again? damn them!! crazyness!" and blasphemy and all o' that. I recall telling her the terrorising would probably stop soon and not to worry about it. then I'd get on the name later when said friend would sign on and be the normal one - see? she'd just never suspect! I would just talk nonsense about killings and closets and blood or whatever. hee! we killed off the name after it got to be abit much. then we didn't tell her. she just went on to believe they just got bored and went away - of course, I'm sure she figured it out later, but at the time it was funny this way.

Same friend tricked me before, too though. she got the SN BoyNDaHood and tried to pick me up. I was falling for it at first, till I saw the profile where under hobbies it said "smoking up, beating people with sticks" bwah! total Teri humour. anyway, there was much fun to be had by getting new SNs.

The next step in the net personality progression was getting the occasional net bf to cyber with and/or flirting with random guys in chatrooms or talking to them on the phone. one 21yr old called our place - he was spooky and talked about wanting to watch 101 Dalmations with Teri. she rolled her eyes when talking to him and I stared at his photo online. he didn't look 21 - he looked waaay older ...bleh. of course, back then, I thought 21 was old.

The funniest of all was the net bf I'd *cyber* with while my friend was sitting in the chair next to me. she totally typed in "*flings bra across the room like a wild animal*" to him (H.G. got the idea of wanting a bra to use as a slingshot after I told him...bwah! I have to type the action he just made up abit ago: *flinging bra across the room when the slingshot theory fails miserably* hee!). that move took the scene to the bathtub...uh, he had a thing with bathtubs I guess. I only got a kick out of the hilarities by having her type in random stuff while I typed stuff as well to see if he'd catch on ...he didn't! that relationship didn't last long. I didn't like how he talked about tacos on the telephone.

My online life got boring after I couldn't keep the lies straight to the random chatters and the online relationships were getting one dimensional. after all o' that, I just started making websites which brings us to here, of course! welllll, after the billion nothing pages without any graphics and the 2pac tribute site which got alot o' hits. when I took it down, there were alot of sad fans. well, I mean, what else could I write though since he was dead? bwah! I mean, how was I to know he'd keep creating albums even after his death? that website should've been kept around for hilarities sake. ah well. it probably would've disappeared at some point anyway. I spent $5 on a bit of space on or something...I had to send it to Italy. my writing site stayed there for awhile. I learned from other journallers about putting writing sites separate from the journal.

At the beginning of the journal, I really sucked. I'll just say that right now. I exaggerated alot and talked about my friends. I called 'eddie' the one who talked about tacos a 'shithead' when I hadn't even talked about him in forever and he was never exactly rude. I just felt like causing controversy to start the journal off. I also wrote in an ugly green font on black. how non-appealing. I'm sooo glad geocities ate that part of the archive though I'm sad about the other good parts around 98 and beyond. is it a surprise that when my depression/anxiety probs began, I became a better writer? I guess I had more time to spare. before I'd just post when I had time and never tapped onto the actual feel of an event. I'd just write "we went here, did this, did that, bye." with the occasional shoutout to a friend inbetween. those entries are okay occasionally though. eh.

So, my friends, what have we learned?
pure net relationships suck, keeping lies straight is hard, messing with people's minds via fake SNs is humourous yet only good for a quick fix since after awhile that'll become a bore, too. as do all things on the net. even websites. I'm just glad I haven't ran out of things to talk about. maybe y'all aren't though ;)

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AND... don't forget that we learned that bras don't make very good slingshots.

- 05.02.2002 12:26 AM - melodywhore


Ah, yes - I should've tried that anyway to see if the theory was true; just changed into my pjs :D

- 05.02.2002 12:40 AM - Amber


Bras do make okay slingshots. The trick is to get a really stretchy one and use two people: one to hold it out, and the other to sling things. Don't ask how I know this.

- 05.09.2002 11:07 AM - Indi


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