This entry was composed in my head last night when being dramatic in the shower - yes, I can be dramatic most anywhere cause I'm cool like that.

I Float in a Pyramid Just Wearing a Turban
09:46 PM CST

Anyway, I've decided there should be a sitcom called The Outdoors Book. it'll consist of the main character sitting in a lawnchair outside facing the backdoor into the kitchen. all that will be heard will be outside noises like the chirping of birds, rustling of branches, insects, blahdeblah. maybe some dramatic music piped in at really intense moments where the main character turns the pages of her book. this'll go on for the first twenty minutes until the secondary character appears from a side entrance carrying a bag. the whole suspense of this show will be "what's in the bag this week??" oh yes!! the previews for the show will consist of the secondary character shown and in big letters will be "what's in the bag? could it be?" and suspenseful music will be played.

Well, it certainly sounded like a good idea in my head last night. then again, I wasn't in the right state of mind at the time.


Top Rejection Lines I've Heard:

10. "You're too thin"
9. "I have found a young ugly girl who's also online to replace you"
8. ..he has disappeared
7. "I'd like to date those in my own town"
6. "You're like my sister"
5. "I like to go out"
4. "You don't excite me"
3. "I've been in love with the same girl for six years; soon she will come back"
2. "My truck broke down again"
and the #1 rejection line: "I don't want to ruin our friendship"



This evening, I've found the notebook where I wrote down my language I made up sometime around elementary/middle school. The Cool Dolgada language! I could've sworn it was called The Funky Divaz language; that must've been lindsey's name. hrm. anyway, I recall we used to take our notebooks with us even to the mall to get ideas for items to add to our language. I think hers was longer than mine. I only have 80 words written down. here's some sample sentences:

miku deme diol golsta - My dad is stupid (bwah!)
shaey holma ougadol zamarata - I have a chair
woma diol dé lala pomada - Where is the bathroom?
daré ya holma ougadol likanké? - Do you have a drink?
diol dé limboda ramar? - is the book red?
carabana diol bloatio - Charlie is fat (I was so mean to that boy)

Here's some random words that I didn't use in example sentences:

and - ougadolakota (uh this was to prove a point that I can make long words out of short ones)
but - zemith
hot - hamdota
cold - camo
plant - pinorino
mean - mantada
shirt - rimi
pants - pantilodi
tree - somo
it - zae
skirt - twirla
old car - oldsmobile (wtf? hahahah)
car - Izuzu (I think this was cause erm, dad had one? hah)
young - yiangolda
old - whetufla
never - curtemier
friend - palido
scary - zaridé
why - embu
that - tikuse
because - bécumba
in - idu
earrings - racacas
not - wrongingo
awake - alacawaka
nice - kacido
inconsiderate - balorondoaté
don't - polcaco
yes - li
no - noé

and yes, no was the last word I ever wrote for that language. I must've gotten bored. I swear, I pulled all of those words out of my ass. hee! it was quite fun for like a few weeks I guess.


I think I've completely lost my mind.


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haha yes the Funky Divas language was allll MINE! if only i could remember the word for underwear. it was rather amusing.

- 04.30.2002 12:39 AM - Lindsey


That totally reminded me of this "secret alphabet" code-thing these two girls and I made up in 6th grade. For the sole purpose of writing notes about cute boys who sat near us in class, of course, so they wouldn't know we were talking about them. Hee.

- 04.30.2002 09:49 AM - cookie


my cousin, sisters and i have a code language made from numbers. once you realize what they all mean, it's so easy to read it withut hsving to think about it. we were strange people.

- 04.30.2002 06:37 PM - jessica


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