Honestly, I don't have a valid reason for not writing sooner. I was watching CardCaptor Sakura on DVD uncut (the Summer camp one...erm uhhh yeaaah), then I had McD's french fries, watched SNL, and suddenly felt really awful, so I laid about in bed till now. I'm so exciting, it kills.

The Plot is Slow Take a Nap
03:33 AM CST

I forgot to mention that the guest was visiting in the last entry. how forgetful am I, huh? anyway, he brought mom a box of chocolates for which, I ate the chocolate truffle and the cashew cluster - the best ones. I thought there would be more than one of those, but I was mistaken. I then said she could have the almond cluster since it was a nut and who can tell the difference anyway? well, that one was eaten later. thankfully she wasn't mad though abit disappointed. whatcha gonna do?

The guest brought me a PowerPuff Girls colouring book with a new box of crayons ...wtf? am I three? hee! but, surprisingly I liiiiked it. I *heart* colouring. it's therapeutic. some stickers came along with the book - they're cute. I *heart* stickers, too.


Since I'm not feeling well - is some bug going around? seriously, I hardly feel well lately!! - this'll be sort've short. I stayed up till 10am Saturday morning cause I was chatting online, wasn't tired ...socialised myself to death... then went to bed around 7am to watch cartoons. I went to bed pretty happy and not the least bit hungover from lack o' sleep. slept off and on till 4pm. that was okay though since weekends are a bore. it was at least sunny.

In the midst of listening to music and talking to Josh on icq about eBay and me having a car salesman attitude, the phone rang. it was aunt jo jo! I hadn't heard from her in awhile - I guess lindsey wasn't home for the weekend or I bet I would've gotten to talk to her...I dunno. we talked for abit since mom, of course, wasn't home and didn't get home till maybe around 8-9pm. she thought I seemed happier. it's good that my stomach thing didn't come back till later on then since she gives me flack sometimes when I'm pessimistic. if I feel one ounce of pain, I start to cry and say irrational things about death. it isn't fun to be in the same room as me until I start feeling better. I cannot seem to help lashing out though. anyway, I was chipper at that moment and very talkative, so it was cool. I sat on mom's fitness ball and looked out the picture window. a couple with their dog strolled by and the guy looked at me strangely. then I told aunt jo jo how I dislike when people stare if they look like they're tryin' to say I'm weird or they want to kill me. if they smile and give me the 'you're cute' vibe, then that's fiiiine. even too much of that can be creepy though. one glance is enough.

Hmm...so the conversation only ended cause her free long distance time on her cellphone was running out. it started to beep insessantly. we hung up. it was a pleasant chat. I even told her about what's been going on and my haircut. I think it was even better hearing she was proud. yeah.


Anyway, I'm ending this now before I break out into a cold sweat and cry. well, maybe I won't. I just stuck stuff on my face for bed and don't want it rubbing off. I will erm, try to be brave. yessuh, I'm so courageous.

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Usted es vendedor del coche? Cuándo esto sucedió? Tenga faltado algo? Le pensé donde sin un trabajo. No entiendo quizá lo que usted realmente está diciendo cuándo traduzco al español.

- 04.14.2002 04:20 AM - Fransisco


No, sorry about that. I was describing the attitude my friend said I had ...I am not a car salesman and wouldn't like to be one. heh.

- 04.14.2002 04:32 AM - Amber


Aye! Soy tal tonto. Pensé para un momento que todo que creí sobre usted era incorrecto. Jajaja! Debo aprender quizá mejor inglés. Todo lo que sé decir es, "Hey dude! Don't not mess with me!" Conseguí decir esa una vez en que un criminal me atacó. Él parecía extraño y rompí una cerveza en su cabeza. Esta historia es verdad.

- 04.14.2002 05:27 AM - Fransisco


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- 04.15.2002 09:13 PM - chang


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