Today, since all I did allll weekend was lay in bed reading magazines and watching tv (yesterday there was an Olsen Twins marathon plus a new movie ..erm, yes, I'm pathetic) cause I felt ill, I'm going to go back in time and talk about slumber parties. uh yes.

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11:29 PM CST

When I turned fifteen, that was the last time I had a slumber party. really, I hardly had any before that - it was very exciting. when I say slumber party, I do not mean just a sleepover with a good friend. it has to be more than one for it to be slumber party-esque. enough girls to gossip and throw pillows around!

Anyway, I recall being all antsy about things going right, hoping people would show up and it would not just be two of us in the end. an hour later, the first guest arrived. it was my friend Heather before she turned goth. her brother was standing outside probably thinking "uh...what am I doing here? I'm going back to the car" he sort've hesitated after handing her her uhh sleeping stuff. later we realised that's why the house smelled like cat. all her stuff smelled like it and she didn't smell it - must be that immune to smells you're used to thing.

Afterwards, the rest started rollin' in. my friend Evita we met while strolling down the street since I decided I'd show Heather the street. I had this thing about taking walks ALOT even when the friend would rather just sit around. I'm the complete opposite now (go figure). anyway, she came in a van and her mom handed her her bag of stuff which seemed less ratty. we headed back to the house since we figured she should unpack or drop her stuff off at least. the last girl arrived like an hour or so later. she wasn't very friendly at the beginning. rolled her eyes and mumbled some words. she loosened up as the night progressed.

We chattered for awhile until we saw my *friend* Carlos across the street with his friends playing basketball. we giggled and I yelled out to him to come join us. he eventually did though he didn't seem comfortable with all us girls giggling at him. they all knew I had the biggest crush evah on him! and he looked very fuckin' cute that day. he was wearing blue and had his hair slicked back. he smelled nice, too. I recall sitting next to him on the couch while the other girls tittered in the hallway falling all over themselves. Carlos gritted his teeth at them.

Finally, we had cake and ice cream. well, I just had cake since I *hate* ice cream. I forgot what I got, can you believe that? I have *no* idea what either of them gave me if anything. I do recall opening some presents afterwards. ah well.

When the girls went to the guest room to watch some movies, I told them I'd go join Carlos in my room for awhile. we slapped hands like I was going to get frikkin' lucky cause it was my party. he was playing a video game while listening to my cds per usual. he asked me to put in another disc since I was there and when I was looking for one since he said to surprise him, he said "you have a shitload of cds...gah" and I pretended not to hear him. I crawled in like an inch from his face with this big ass grin on my face and said, "huh? what did you say?" and I sort've leaned in abit so that my shirt came down abit. he totally disregarded I was even there and went back to playing his game. then he went, grabbed the cordless phone and called some friends. that really sucked. I was sort've upset, so I went back to the girls and they were already on movie number two or somethin' ....I sulked awhile, but it was okay. Carlos left awhile after that, down the hallway and I didn't even notice.

After a couple more movies were watched, everyone started to get tired and I didn't have my own blanket in the room. I did the thing one should *never everevereverever* do during such an event. I got up and said I should go to bed while yawning. Evita followed me haphazardly into the hall and asked me if something was wrong. I was oblivious to what I did wrong. I said "no" and skipped to my bed, shutting the door behind me. how rude am I? go figure I don't have more slumber parties. I think I had a few when I was really small, but I don't recall them at all. plus, I had individual sleepovers of course. more were had at friend's houses than at mine though.

The next day I listened to cds on my new stereo (that's what I got!! gah!) in the kitchen and talked to grandma on the phone I think. everyone came in the room eventually. they all slept in longer than I did. I woke up at 11am. what happened to those days?? we all took showers and I took an hour ...I even used lotion afterwards. they all found that abit much.

Carlos and his friend Greg stopped by ...Greg was barely wearing anything. he just slumped in a chair in some swim trunks ...he is abit odd. two of the girls had to leave early cause of school and all that the next day. Angela - the previous rude one, but now tolerable (I guess she has probs with new environments at first since she was perfectly okay like at school by the end of that night) - said no one was going to pick her up. we had to take her to her apartment complex which was back on hwy 3 somewhere. it was bleh. after dropping her off, I mentioned what a good time I had. really, I did, even if I didn't play those slumber party games or get drunk (how could I at that age with parents home? bwah!). we didn't even watch any porn. me and Evita had watched some sort of *male nudity* show on hbo at her house even! that's funny. at least we had a pillow fight and took pictures.

I almost had a party that would've topped that one, but they all cancelled on me. you know what I'm talkin' about, I bet, but if not, I'll clue ya in. limo ride party for 17th bday where I take about five of my friends in a limo to the galleria. that would've been cool. it's too bad it didn't work out. anyway, I got my anxiety attacks soon after *that* idea. oh well.


So, slumber parties? I wish I had friends over here to have one with for an updated version. that would be pretty cool.

Thinking of that made me also think of how it would be nice to sleep next to someone of the opposite sex. damn hormones. bah to YOU! last night, all I could think about was sleeping with my back to someone; wishful thinking almost works sometimes.


Speaking of funny - which we weren't - Kevin Eubanks on Days ...too frikkin' funny! the fact that the line, "eubie banks is my DAWG!" was uttered made me giggle.

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I just had to say... egg and I watched Fox Fam all day Sunday as well to catch all the Olsen twins goodness. So don't feel too bad. I'm jumping on the "I'm pathetic because I'm 21 and am attracted to that British guy who's probably 16" bandwagon. Or maybe it's just me.

- 04.16.2002 01:30 PM - cookie


Pulgadas de los dieciséis? Él es enorme! Como un burro!

- 04.16.2002 07:13 PM - Fransisco


Cookie - hee! yeaaah the accent and figure of speech got me - made me think of Adrian Mole ..perhaps cause I just read that book.

Francisco - wtf? that translated to something perverted sounding.

- 04.16.2002 07:28 PM - Amber


Pedía debido a el individuo británico que el cookie dijo ella atrajeron. ¿Cuál es el significado de 16 pulgadas bandwagon?

- 04.16.2002 11:17 PM - Fransisco


Um, francisco - I do believe you're confused. Cookie was using quotation marks. she wasn't trying to say 16 inches ...she was talking about the british boy who is probably 16 years old.

- 04.17.2002 12:27 AM - Amber


Hee! Yeah. That's an end quote mark after the 16. I'd run screaming in the opposite direction from 16 inches. I don't care how cute he is. Hee.

- 04.17.2002 07:25 AM - cookie


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