Sentences written completely backwards look funny. ya know, writing the title of this entry alone took up so much brain power that I cannot seem to muster up enough energy to write this whole entry backwards. why should I want to do this anyway? hah!

!yaD slooF lirpA
09:26 PM CST

I'm going to write lists;;;

:ssenmodnaR [I had to do it again; I mean c'mon!]

  • My arm aches - I bet it's all a joke.
  • There was a new virus on the computer last night - I bet it was all planned out to happen near April Fools ...damn them to hell! it was that one where the icons move across the desktop just by the cursor going near it and if ya want to click on any certain program, good frikkin' luck. it's like playing catch the carrot! catch the carrot!
  • Clearing out the virus made PhotoDeluxe disappear which means I must reinsert (ooh dirty!) the disc and readd it I guess. I have mix cd coverart to work on later! gah!
  • Party mixes sound abit different than my usual sullen mixes - eh still has the part where they party goes awry and people get in disagreements, so erm, I guess there is abit of my style within it
  • I shouldn't be talking about the mix
  • My calendar has two months for each picture as I mentioned I was bothered by awhile back - this picture feels like it's been up forever ...apparently it's the March/April one ...gah! another month of *that* picture. I was all ready to turn it and yell "rabbit! rabbit!" ..I haven't done so in forever - perhaps that's where the bad karma is coming from not that I think about it
  • It took mom forever to order a book on I figure it's all cause of what day it is. I mean, how can she possibly take an hour or so to order a book using Fast Checkout
  • My bookshelf shall fall on me in the next week I bet - in case I disappear sometime between now and my next entry
  • Eggs + Ketchup = Bliss
  • My hair no longer does that cool part it did when I first got it cut. I think it's a conspiracy to end all conspiracies!
  • That word above doesn't look like it's spelled right. perhaps I should spell it backwards and then it won't matter: !seicaripsnoc
  • Writing backwards looks like another language - a mixed up spanish perhaps - I mean with all the exclamation points ...sort've like accents over e's -
  • I feel screwed. I dunno why. I saw a truck commercial last night and it reminded me of something I didn't like. I don't even know what.
  • Why is April green on mom's calendar? seems more like a March colour. perhaps that's a joke, too
  • I should be a better joke teller. my joke of the year before last (cause last year there wasn't an entry) was about a swat team coming in and assaulting me or something ...I don't remember, but it was highly unbelievable. I need to make up better jokes that seem believable, but aren't. that's where the trouble comes in. I'm bad at making stuff up. really bad.
  • I made out with someone yesterday
  • That was a lie
  • See? I suck. ya know, I thought about it though cause I had to stay partially sane. I was completely insane yesterday and kept mumbling about prophecies and hypnosis
  • That? I'm not lying about that. okay, so maybe the truth is weirder than the fiction


    :tsiL oD oT

  • Get bookshelf rearranged
  • Wash the sheets
  • Make those chocochip walnut cookies that have been sitting in the fridge partially open cause I thought they were the regular chocochip
  • Read outside when it's semi-warm out, so I don't look as pale though I like my paleness to a degree
  • Sell things on eBay ....I've been a pessimist lately and decided that if I put money into listing the items, they won't sell and I'll owe more money - I need to get over that
  • Stop worrying so goddamn much


    Soon I'll be speaking backwards ...I need a breather and sawche on the side with that list.

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