Today was such a pretty day. spring-like actually. I stepped out without a jacket. just a thin black top and black pants. my face wasn't even bothering me too much. there was a slight breeze, but it was a rather welcoming one. stepping into the car after two years, did not feel too weird actually. I was completely calm. wtf?

Chop My Hair Off and Feel Better
08:01 PM CST

Now, for the shocking news for those who know I haven't gone anywhere specific in two years, I went to get my haircut. we drove around awhile cause at first we were going to try her hairdresser Susan up at Reflections in this one plaza around the corner, but she no longer worked there anymore. mom hasn't gone to get a haircut in awhile (she trims it herself), so she didn't know that Susan moved elsewhere in December.

By this point, I was slightly shaking at the thought of having to go elsewhere and go on another slightly long drive. we ended up at this hair place in the Ninfa's plaza (I just call it this since the only other distinctive name in the plaza is kinko's and I'm sure there are other plazas with kinko's in them) which reminded me ALOT about this dream I had about a year ago; perhaps it was a premonition. so, we get there and park right next to a big ass heap of dirt. lovely. construction workers were walking around out there completely ignoring our prescence. I told mom I was going to walk on the other side. she wondered where the hell I went cause she didn't hear me. bwah!

My feet were completely sweating by the time we got inside (in fact, I slightly took my shoes off in the waiting area to air them out; hah). the lady at the desk greeted us kindly and after that we took a seat ....and didn't budge for an hour. I'm completely serious. it was soooo rude. I was supposed to get this lady named Ashley, but she was flirting with this guy she was giving a buzzcut to in the corner. I didn't notice at first since all I was thinking about was staying calm, so I don't freak out. I kept rubbing at my cold, cracked hands (they get like that when I tense up) and then patting down the lint that picked up on my pants.

Ashley and boytoy walked on over to the weird box-like thing (it looked like something you'd see on a pirate ship; perhaps a treasure chest/ye old box..ARR!) in the corner of the waiting area while we were flipping through magazines (I was just flipping them and not paying attention; spacing out and looking dead) and opened the door to turn the tv on to channel 2 ...apparently the Yates trial was going on and they were giving the verdict. she's guilty and then Ashley says, "no kidding! she was psychotic! *laughs*" and then the guy says, "yeah, really ...she drowned her kids *laugh*" ...I ignored the talk after that. bleh.

Mom told me that she was trying to get his number and she WASN'T EVEN CUTTING ANY HAIR; there was NOTHING there to cut or style!! she asked him if he wanted the "messy look" fergarshsakes!! I didn't hear any of this, but mom told me on the way home. they did look really cozy over there and when a guy asked who was getting us and mom said Ashley, she just looked over and said, "oh don't mind me. I'll be done soon. I'm just gabbing away over here. I'm sure he doesn't mind; he loves getting the haircut. *laughs*" I rolled my eyes in my head and pretended to be sleeping.

After we were about to give up and go home (I didn't really want to since I had waited that damn long), mom went up to the front desk again and mentioned how I get abit of anxiety and if I could be moved up, so instead I got another girl. I think her name was Melissa. she was nice and didn't try to tell me her lifestory. I was abit afraid of getting Ashley and having her never shutup and then I'd be there for eternity.

Melissa just asked me how I wanted it done and how old I was and how I must be glad to be getting all that hair cut. I just smiled and said "yeah" or nodded and went "mmm hmm" after the initial details of my haircut. it was fine. I said "thanks" at the end and smiled as we paid.


That was my day. I would tell backstory from the hiatus days, but I'm tired, so that'll have to wait till another day. I'm about to have an egg since mom's too tired to cook me anything. here's some photos of the cut:


Oh yeah, to tie in the haircut story, in the mail today I got a postcard from Melissa (this only corresponds to the story cause of the similar names; um yeaah) who posts at squishettes was about getting out of redneck hell ...hee! that was exciting! I was expecting my Carissa's Wierd albums too, but they haven't arrived. I'm sure I'll get them soon.

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omg omg, soooooo cute.

- 03.12.2002 11:28 PM - DaiHasHi


you're too kind :)

- 03.12.2002 11:43 PM - Amber


Just wanted to let you know that haircut is adorable!

- 03.13.2002 01:36 AM - Jennifer


Thank you! I think it's one of my best ones in awhile; probably cause I paid $50 for it.

- 03.13.2002 01:51 AM - Amber


Your hair is super cute! I just got mine cut for the first time in forever Monday night! I love good haircuts. Yours is adorable! :)

- 03.13.2002 07:18 AM - Cookie


star, your hair looks great! You are just too cute. Way to go on going to get it done. Big step. Wa hoo!

- 03.13.2002 05:27 PM - kage


Cute flippy hair. I like it. I'm so proud. *hugs*

- 03.16.2002 11:29 AM - Melissa


thanks all for the compliments :)
mom got her haircut by the same hairdresser on friday morning and didn't like hers as much; she said it was uneven and snipped at it earlier today. heh. I think it looks okay though.

- 03.16.2002 09:56 PM - Amber


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