Apparently I cannot do the most elementary of poses. I cannot flatten my hands like stars or reach behind my head and touch my foot with my opposite hand without losing my balance. is it just me, or is that tough for alot of people?

The Colour and The Spin
07:08 PM CST

Today was mom's 4:30 class per usual. she always has something snarky to say about the students of the week. they're almost never the same, so whenever she plans a new lesson, she has to teach new people who have no idea what was done the week before. that must be quite a task right there. one girl around my age fell over while doing the pose described above. then after mom was done explaining how elementary it was and how she cannot believe how such young girls cannot do poses she can. well, maybe it's cause mom's had more practice. I proved her wrong that not all young girls are just flexible and energetic. she should know this for a fact. sitting on my ass and eating potato chips is my idea of a good time. I'd say mom's just used to her advanced classes she takes elsewhere and doesn't know how normal people who haven't been exposed to yoga react. hell, I've been exposed to it and seen the videos and cannot do this pose, so feh.


My computer seems to have another virus. when will it stop? I sent off this page I got from someone off squishettes on how to remove it and it seems mom didn't do anything about it. gah. it supposedly isn't harmful; it'll just pick up files and put it into email format and send it to people on your contact list or something like that. I don't even have a contact list saved, so I figure it's just anyone I sent an email to off that name in the past which sucks since I did send quite a few out. good thing I got a bunch of MailerDaemons or I'd have quite a problem on my hands. a few people asked about it or said they tried to download the picture or attachment. eek! I don't ever open attachments unless I'm expecting something. I guess when it's from someone you know, you don't question as much apparently. I still don't if I'm not expecting it. I must just be one of those silly extra cautious people and even so, I still get viruses. how the hell? maybe cause I share a computer. I remember we got a horrible virus on our old computer when dad downloaded an attachment naively. he's so naive and has no common sense. not to say the people who opened my attachment are; dad opened this from someone he didn't know cause he was curious. he'd read allll his spam. what a retard.

So, anyway, I don't know. it could be someone off one of mom's mailing lists or it's cause of all the other multitudes of viruses on our machine that has caused this current one. whatever. if it sends another batch out, I'll freak. it sent mom cheesy poems about being wrong and sea breezes and other people weird documents with unreadable stuff on it. bleh. I do admit I laughed till I cried over one of the poems. I dunno, but I thought it was clever...hee!


Soon enough, I should be getting Carissa's Wierd albums. I haven't made myself any burned copies of their discs in the hope that I'd be able to find them somewhere. good thing I found that message board with the info on emailing them. hopefully I get my payment in on time to get that solo album S.


Last night, I finished Norwegian Wood. it made me cry like every other one, but this one seemed to hit close to home. I don't know why. in the back of the book there was a note from the translator saying that the fans found it to be inferior cause it was just a love story. that's just it though; it's always good to trail off from the usual and really, I found it to be typical Murakami. maybe cause the first novel I read was South of the Border, West of the Sun last year and that was most defintiely a love story. I still have yet to read about the sheep and elephants or whatever they were talkin' about. only slightly odd book I've read was The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but it still had a slight touch of love story. eh. those can be the most powerful stories anyway if the characters are built up in such a way that you care. you can always make animals disappear and chaos, but one emotional paragraph about something so typical can top it.

Sometimes I think that's where it connects to me in a way. I always found myself to be one of those quiet emotional types. I don't have to have days filled to the brim with anything. I read my old journals. all the ones where something big happened like going to a concert or a basketball game were quite boring for me to read, but the ones where I philosophied and/or described my emotions about one tiny thing; those were the most intriguing to read. maybe that's why I don't entirely miss doing those former things. sometimes I'd like to, but I really doubt I'd be able to find a good way to describe the happenings in such a way to make it more interesting then "we went here and it was pretty cool. I bought something." yeah. that's how I'd describe such activities. of course, I could've grown as a writer depending since I've certainly read more and practiced more. eh.

Speaking of which, it seems there's no way I'd find a way to go to the show on Saturday. even if I do have my new clothes by then, there's no one to go with, I'm lazy and I don't have tickets. so much for that. I'm thinking of trying for The Weakerthans show instead. maybe I can find someone who'd wanna go by the 15th. plus, I know more Weakerthans songs.


My lips are dry yet slightly sticky from licking over and over. I think I need chapstick. I want another lip smackers flavour though this one is okay (raspberry peach). I'm hungry. mashed potatoes time!

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