Inspired by pamie and to make my day abit cheerier - though I am wearing red and black which makes it seem like I care. I'm dressed Valentine-y despite mahself....or you could say I'm wearing The 'Hee colours seeing as....well, yeah. I sin and I sin and no one's gonna stop me! - I'm making a special entry all with zee poetry. anyway, on to what we call a sorry attempt at wittiness in verse....

Speak to Me Baby
08:26 PM CST

Where are you?
you look oh so delish
in maaah mind
I go crazy
I go crazy
to want you
oh it hurts
you know
until your scent
is stained on my fingers
don't look at me like that
please no
don't reject me so
all I want to do is love you
oh to bite into you
would be so grande
I miss you Godiva.

*roses pulled from garden fall to the ground*
"ya know roses aren't my thing"
-voice not actually spoken-
"what?? you don't like them?"
"no, they give me allergies"
"look if you caiiin't pay attention
just get out...GET OUT!"
-poor dog trudges out whimpering-

I say giiiiiirl
I say, I say shiiiiiiver

"um...give me the keys"
"you can't drive under those conditions"
"wtf giiiiirl, I just want loooove
and iiiii cooooold"
"next time, no candy hearts for you"

fuckin' thorns
blood red
buildings collapse
I cry
I sob
into my ten cent
paper cup of java
wear all black
walk down the street
contemplate the raindrops
on the sidewalk
my heart is empty
nothing there
mope rock is the bomb

-boy walks in room with index card-
-little girl sobs quietly in corner-
no one sent her flowers
in school, public flower exchanging is so cruel...CRUEL!

do you like that?
eh? eh?
like it? like it? like it?
that's right
we're too cool
yeah yeah!
I got three in a row!
helllll yeaaah!

roses are red, violets are blue
wait, they seem purple to me,
but maybe I'm colour blind
what the hell is this?
this sucks.
maybe we should stick to
drawing hearts on napkins
and leave out the poetry
from now on.

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