Different chocolates. all in one cake. whipped type of liquor frosting in the middle. harder flakier frosting on top; chalky roses and doodles around the edge which I remove. the moist cake bit inbetween all of this. this is the most chocolate I've had in one cake since the seven types of chocolate chocolate cake I used to get at Red Lobster. I'm serious. it had seven different chocolates and half of which I forget what kind it was, but it was very good. the point is, chocolate + blemishes = not a good equation at all. the guest made me do it!

Do You Speak in Rhyme?
10:31 PM CST

Speaking of the guest, he always teases about wanting to sit in the chair and pretend to be me on AIM. I didn't expect he'd ever do it though I should've thought it over more considering he does play with the paper shredder when he says he is going to; I take it that possibly he hasn't talked to any of my friends one on one cause I'm always in the chair when they come home. this time, I had gone downstairs for some chips and there he was - I thought he had gone to bed since it was after midnight and I didn't see him exit the bedroom. I was all, "how'd you get out? what the..?"

He had chocolate ice cream and was settling down with part of the paper on the couch ...I hardly ever just sit there, so I did. I forget what I rambled on about, but I felt like rambling on about stuff. maybe it was who I spoke to or past dramas. I always make things sound very interesting. I don't know how I do it even. just once I get started, conversation starts off from there. sometimes I even think I'm funnier or more poignant in person to speak to; this is very odd. it takes effort to get me to start on a rampage of textual thoughts spoken orally in an orderly manner. yeah, when I type stuff out, I have to think - when I speak, it either happens or it doesn't. either way - eh.

After the conversation for which I don't recall much of, we went upstairs and he practically begged to pretend to be me. richard's window was up already, so he decided to mess around with him; this is all I saved since I accidently saved over the conversation; what I have is what I copied out for something else:

The Guest: Would you like to talk to the Guest?
Richard: not really
The Guest: hee....I don't blame you...he's gay.
Richard: the guest is gay?
Richard: wtf
The Guest: and...he likes to go to Denny's and sing
Richard: wtf
Richard: the guest is gay
The Guest: I.....am....
The Guest: ...the Guest
Richard: I'm sorry dude
Richard: but that is gay
The Guest: I have become....the guest
Richard: singing at denny's=very homosexual
The Guest: I've become gay
Richard: sweet

BWAH! I was rolllin' with tears streaming down my face in laughter by the time he got to Denny's and singing. I also picture the bits with the ellipses as pausing, so it sounds even funnier. I think he was pretending to be me and that "the guest" was my split personality. whatever. it was still greaaat. too bad I lost the rest, but it ended with the guest sayin' HAH I scared you! and Richard sayin' he was not scared, though the guest had already gotten tired and sent his (meaning his own ass; not richard's - um great, that sounds bad in this context...hee!) ass to bed.


Sunday was the day I ate the cake. my face seems to be getting worse again. greaaat. I cannot win. 2002=year of the blemish. I've been blemishified for life. at least I have makeup to make me look like I have the complexion of a half sane person now.

I got up earlier that day and showered and powdered and brushed and basically looked nice enough. I even had new undies on. HAH! this was all in preparation to the fact that richard was supposed to stop by or well, he seemed serious that other night, so I took it seriously though I felt abit 'off' that day. not as off as I felt that night, but off enough. maybe I was abit wishy washy by the time he came online, but I think it was the cake that did it. I was abit nauseous and not as fresh as earlier. le sigh triste.

Now the possibility has moved to any thursday since they're boring. this thursday is Valentine's day though, so I guess that isn't a good idea. I'm just not going to think about it for now. I'm cramping. I think I may be falling off the roof again soon (TMI warning: I'm abit late; I dunno why but ten days seems like awhile; oh well. nothing to worry about though I'm extra grouchy for an extra long time). hopefully it'll just happen this week, so next week I can be fresh and "cheerful" (am I ever entirely cheerful?) again!


Earlier tonight, dad came over. he brought mom a bottle of wine since he felt bad about drinking most of it the night before at dinner (they went to Red Lobster; I got brought a potato which is still in the fridge since I already ate that night and wasn't hungry) - tangent: last night while she was out, the computer had another problem and refused to reboot at all sayin' SYSTEM. something or other was missing and I must restore to get it back; I about criiiied and said 'I dunno what to do ...pleaaase just reappear! by magic! I'm going to flip the switch and you will be restored!!' ..after I calmed down enough to think, I recalled the restoration disk and stuck it in and all was basically well besides losing all the cookies again; woo! I think slowly and have to kick the keyboard and yell insults out first, but I always figure something out which is the important thing - she wanted White Zinfandel, but he brought a different sort so that she can "appreciate other wines" (we know it's cause he wanted to drink some later and he had to get the one he wanted; always thinkin' for himself; I found that wrong, but mom thought it was nice he took her to dinner when he didn't have to; though it was her birthday, so she said nothing about the wine. eh.).

He came upstairs to say hi to me and I gave him a load of grapefruit vitamin c drops. I'm talkin' baaags of 'em. he'll never be ill again or well, knowing him, he still will. I only like orange and lemon as all know and damnit! it's a conspiracy that they mostly stick grapefruit in there. grapefruit is awful. well, I used to like it, but I soon realised it was awful. we listened to some of my latest music. he came in at the moment I was listening to my "new" (new to me since I refused to get the first album unless I could have the import which wasn't available till the other week for which I ordered that and a couple books; got them today) Garbage album and asked what it was. I didn't go apeshit on him like I usually would have. I said it was Garbage since he wouldn't have noticed knowing it was on an unknown song at the moment.

He whipped his leg about to Dirty Three again as well sayin' how much he really liked it and how it was good good good...yeah good. he couldn't stop sayin' good. I find it abit odd that he must whip his leg about and knock on the desk at the same time, head bopping till he practically hits the wall when I turn it on. it must have magical powaaahs or dad is crazy. I just sit there stationary and stare at him out of the corner of my eye looking dead and asking if he wants to hear samples of anything else. he likes downloading stuff off audiogalaxy - told me he has 200 mp3's (like he's all proooud - for the record, I only have 256, but I delete once I burn to disk for the most part and I have quite alot of disks).

Soon it is time for him to leave since it is almost 7:30pm and time to eat. he mentions wanting Taco Bell and I mutter 'eww' as we descend the stairs. mom hands him juiceboxes & cans of rotini in an old grocery bag and a piece of her birthday cake wrapped up on a paper plate for him to take with him in addition to the vitamin c drops. he grabs all of the stuff and leaves dropping some item outside which he asks for a light. it's in that little alleyway area you must walk through to get to the back gate. I just stand at the doorstep breathing in the night air. it smells like winter. don't y'all know that smell? I don't know, but I like it. it makes me think mollasses, cinnamon, spices. don't ask, but it does. for all I know, it's just smoke mixed in with the cold. it was absolutely frigid out there and I had one foot out and one foot in, hugging the door as mom traipsed out there sayin' she wasn't going to go find a flashlight and how dark it actually was back there. they decide it was either he stepped on a leaf or they'll find it in the daylight and he leaves.

I walk all the way back in and say, "coooold giirl." and mom repeats with a more zealous, "giiiiiirl" and I laugh abit and state, "guess it's time for the pizza now."

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