So, I finally have black polish. heeeeelllll yeaaah. you just do not know how happy this makes me. I do notice that when just staring at my toes from far enough away, they look like I slammed each one individually into a big steel door and bruised them severely, but it's all good.

Ungrateful Yoga Participants and Bruised Toes
11:46 PM CST

Sooo goth. no, really, it reminds me so much of my friend Heather from high school (I used to talk about her in the old journal when I was really entertaining...HAH!) who would threaten to paint my nails black at every moment while I sat huddled in the corner wearing my big ass windbreaker and hair tied back with little barrettes holding my bangs back, shuddering at the thought. I was rap - that would ruin my image of hardcore ghetto-ness. I must wear purple nailpolish. um, not that there's much a difference. goth is hardcore something else. and Heather wasn't even reallly goth. I mean, she was, but she was a poseur (spellcheck said this spelling was correct; *shrugs*). she dressed hardcore goth to win over this cute boy who wore makeup. he had black hair, purple lipstick, pale, pale, pale skin doused in powder and wore a black leather jacket. she wanted him. oh I could tell! she started dressing goth soon after her crush. right after the holidays I see her enter the classroom for which we shared algebra II, and she had tar black hair - it was allll over her. I mean, her hands, the back of her neck. pure black. apparently she had an accident and realised it was permanent dye. next time, wear gloves or somethin' ....anyhow, she also didn't do a good job of cutting her hair. it was a hackjob. all uneven and shooort. she used to have hair to her lower back and now it was almost to her ears. well, at least some chunks of it were. it totally looked like she took a hacksaw to it and called it a day. edward scissorhands, much?

She also wore fangs occasionally, for which she'd surprise me with in the hallway when I wasn't expecting it. all other times, when she had to eat or whatever, she'd stick them in this little coffin case. hrm. soon after the "fang phenomenon", she got her tongue pierced and just looooved to tease me with it every chance she got. she'd take it out and stick it between her teeth and hum songs and then squirt my juicebox out at me. oh yeaaaah, she was very entertaining.

I do admit, that boy she crushed on was cute, but I wouldn't turn goth to capture him. I mean, yeah it could've been a coincidence, but the way she looked at him in the hallway and when he'd say "hey heather" at the lockers; I dunno. she'd hunch over in her black jacket and get this giddy look on her face as she said "hey 'whateverhisnamewas'" back, well, it just seemed like she had this whole act on to win him over. she never got him to my knowledge either - unless she got him after she graduated. she was quite into Anne Rice, too. that could've factored in the fangs, but the goth thing? I don't know.


Mom had to teach a class today. she's been getting quite the little grouping in lately. I don't think she's started her ball classes yet, but heard she was going to get pictures done in the tank I got her and holding the ball or in some position ...sounds pretty cool. I tried to put my feet on the ball last night while typing and ended up swiveling around in the chair uncontrollably!! I cannot ever control my balance even when trying to be casual. I'm a freak-o.

Anyway, she had this bitchy lady in the class who wore a crop top and complained about how cold it was and plus, yelled from the very back of the room sayin' how she couldn't hear mom waaay back there. uh, helloo? about nine people in a big room; just move your frikkin' ass and plop your mat towards the front!! then, when mom instructed for everyone to stretch along the wall, she (the lady) had the nerve to say, "is this a beginner's class?" mom being the nice lady she is said, "what? too difficult? too easy? what's the deal?" and she said, "I've done yoga for years ..." basically sayin' it was much toooo mundane/simple to be stretching against the wall. apparently it's a multi-level class, so it can involve everyone; those who've never heard of it or never done it and those who've done it for years, so she should've just kept her mouth shut. apparently first class is free, so she got a free class. gaaah. I'm glad I didn't have to deal with her. I would've told her where she could go plus she kept her wristband. the wristbands gather more money for mom like tips. she had the audacity to say, "I'll keep this for now." and walked out. feeeeh. poor mom. I gave her a pat on the head for having to deal with that. there's always that person in the back in some class who wants to cause trouble.

There was also some guy in the class she just told me about (I started this entry around 10; reason this is takin' me waaay longer than usual) who needed help getting into a headstand. mom is waaay less than half his size and he's like one of those burly types; big boned. she wasn't much help and kept sayin' he didn't have to do it, but he already was in handstand position against the wall, so she sort've hung around next to him to make sure he didn't strain himself. after the class he said he did strain abit and saw the 'eeeeked' out look on mom's face and said "ooh noo! not that badly. just abit." hah! yeah, that would suck. breakin' necks and pissin' off tall blondes in crop tops. even funnier was that we read her online horoscope for the day and it said she'd be able to express herself well and get along with people successfully today. bwah!


One thing that pissed me off to no avail was that I woke up close to 4pm today. I went to bed around 4:20am and turned my light off by 4:45 thinkin' awwwriiiiight I'm on schedule! then I had a rude awakening. I was on the wrong side of the bed literally and it didn't look that light outside; overcast. I thought I had visualised the clock wrong. I was sooo angry when I realised I had missed all my shows and the day was just so wrong. I calmed down abit after my cinnamon roll and reading forums. plus, I wrote a dear so'n'so at squishettes - this always makes me feel better (or some varient of such) somehow:

Dear richard,
want. you.
no lies,

Don't ask how or why, but I giggle like a schoolgirl and all is well. same as when me and mom yell out "1...2...3... Giiiiirl I'm Cooooold!" (abit of a tangent, but mom said she heard these two black women in this store at the mall yell out 'giiiirl' and was totally expecting the 'I'm cooold' part, but it never happened; the one was tellin' the others about clothes. anyway, she was tryin' to tell me that they really do say it like that; not to be stereotypical, but this made me giggle. alot of things that are just wrong make me giggle. must stop that...stopit!) when we're in pissy moods. it just helps. I put a spin on the old sayin' today with "shiiiiiiveeerrrs giiiirl!" don't ask, but that's funny as well. just too much. ya have to warble as you say it the second way though. it's funny that we both knew to do that, too. we're just two of a kind....hee!


Oh yeah, Benefit Get Even foundation/powder is zee bomb, yo! it certainly lessens the redness. I put it around the mark next to my eyebrow and I could really tell it was lighter; better than it has looked in weeks. it's been scabbing over for what seems like awhile. I don't know what's up with it. irritants or somethin', but it was ugly. like I had some weird skin eating disease. expensive makeup cures my ailments. and comes in a cool case with a built-in mirror!

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