How can you write when each day feels like a big ass day? yet there's not enough time to do everything I feel I need to do even though what I need to do isn't that important. did y'all catch all that? somehow I think I've been in a daze too long. not just two days.

There Was a Weekend?
11:50 PM CST

Ya see, my schedule is soooo off, that I go to bed at 7am (or around there) and wake up at 3-5pm. this ain't cool. I see the sun shiiiiining as I try to sleep which isn't cool since I could never sleep in the daytime unless I had a busy week and I'm so dead I don't care whether there are man eating bears coming through the window let alone if the sun is shining. I haven't had a productive day (in standard thinking) in two years, so there's no way I can get that tired.

Account of Last Night Before Bed:
7am:'s getting abit bright out already
7:13am: listen to cd; hopefully will get tired
7:30am: visualise a day of dancing with friends I don't have; ooooh this'll tire me out. feel the music, feel the music
7:35am: take sip of water. oooh yeaaah those thoughts sure wore me out....feh
7:41am: take disk out and stick a new disk in; that didn't work!
7:45am: another sip of water after abit of tossing and turning...BAH!
8am: sound of car doors slamming and talking
8:13am: might as well just stay up; at least schedule will return to normal eventually cause I'll be tired at at least 11pm and then I will be normal.
*somewhere around here I pass out* ....I guess since I just recall looking at the clock at 3:16pm and it was soooo cold. I was abit upset that I missed Days again. tonight I'm going to bed earlier. I don't care if the world is crumbling.


Last night, I was quite productive (in my standards again...) though. there wasn't an idle moment from 9pm-6am. ooooh nooo. I licked and addressed 30 valentines, I talked to a few people, and I burned two mixes (one for Will and one for Richard) not to mention the cd art I worked on since there's no way I leave a mix ungraphically altered - at least not now since it's easier with the thin cases. the other type o' cases I used to get used to be difficult - alot more folding and artwork to be done which just stresses me out, yo. plus, these can fit better on shelves! (*puts on saleslady act and points to thin cased blank disks with a smile and a nod*)


One thing I absolutely hate about my late nights or err should I say "early mornings", is no reading time! I haven't read my book for the past three nights. siiiigh. I bought more too. mom found out I spent money at amazon. go figure she'd figure out all this stuff I bought for mahself and not her own gift. well, we'll soon see how she reacts. will she be mad at me despite her gift or will she lighten up cause it is *my* money I'm spending and not technically hers? hm....

If y'all must know, I haven't spent anymore money since friday night. I've been good despite jcrew's enticing emails about secret sales and putting my ponte pant on sale. damn them!! they even saved what I stuck in the cart, so each time I go there and check, all my stuff is lined up and ready to checkout for whenever I cave. I'm soooo close to caving too. it ain't even funny. I waaaant new clothes. it's been soooo long. oh so long. I finally tried on my pretty red sweater too since it just hasn't been cold enough for it since xmas. turns out, it's too big ...falls off my bird-like shoulders. hell, it even falls off mom's shoulders (not to say she's some football QB....I always seem to give her halfass compliments. bow down to my l33t complimentin' skillz)!! therefore, it's being returned and I'm going to get a sweater jacket-like deal instead. *shrugs*


Ooooh and I just saw the grossest thing on The Tonight Show earlier - navel lint? groosssss. I wouldn't go on the show if I was that guy - who wants to be known as the one who saves his lint in jars marked off by year?? some people are really weiiird. and I'm glad it isn't me!

Oh yeah, richaaaard, come over. I'm in need of some company and mom fell asleep eaaaarly. bah. I'm going to write.

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