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Failed Topics
11:53 PM CST

How many times have I bumped into writer's block this week? let me count the ways!
For one, everything I think of as an idea is either TMI or TMFI!! or I've been sworn to secrecy in the catacombs of my room where I shall die cause I cannot even keep secrets about a surprise birthday party. not that I'm sayin' I have a secret of any sort, of course.


Journal Ideas

  • The torture of not being able to pee though knowing the urge is there, but it just won't happen!
    remedies if you care: pretend someone's coming and you will lose the bathroom even if you know no one is coming or will come, look at the colour yellow or something bright, think of a waterfall.
    thoughts on topic: I'm seriously insane and stupid for thinking I could make a whole entry about this ...I even feel quite wrong in posting even the idea of such. everyone has had it happen though. don't deny it!

  • Shopping. isn't the need to shop always around Jan/Feb?
    remedies: stay away from online shops.
    thoughts on topic: as you can see, I didn't have much to say on the topic except that my remedy suuuure didn't help. $93 at cafepress shops (MT and squishettes; I came up with the phrase/slogan for latter!!) last night and I didn't tell mom. I hope I don't get in trouble since I brought up the topic of shopping today and this is how it transpired:

    Me: don't you ever get the urge to shop; like in different categories? books, clothes, etcetc all at once? something from each grouping? all at once??

    Mom: you just have to ignore the urge and it'll go away since most likely you'll just be buying stuff you don't really need; you'll realise later

    Me: *looks at ground quietly* oh....well, at least I use everything I buy

  • The many ways I want Richard.
    remedies: there just aren't any remedies for such lust I'm afraid ;)
    thoughts on topic: you. me. handcuffs. bring it. :P

  • dreams
    remedies: just don't sleep or have a dead sleep
    thoughts on topic: the last dream I had was monday morning at around 9:17am. richard was shaking me and then I opened my eyes and saw sunlight shining through the blinds and I was alone and I heard the door beep and voices. the voices were apparently my imagination. mom was just taking the trash out. I get utterly confused by dreams that carry on into reality and I'm not sure which is which. I just went back to sleep though. and now, I'm troubled I cannot dream since then - in fact, I wasn't even on my pillow this morning and I don't remember sleeping.

  • writing
    remedies: write about fictional happenings cause real life activities get boring or just write more; whatever
    thoughts on topic: writing about writing is something all writers do at some point, but it can get tedious and I figured another type o' entry about writing would make me want to stab myself in the head or something of the sort. plus, I'm starting on a writing group come friday and I'd like to rest up for that or uh some such nonsense. I have no idea what I'm going to write, but I'm going to spruce up my writing project site - clean up the failed pieces and start anew. that should be fun.

  • books and relationships
    remedies: don't even think about someone who has no interest in reading; there'd be a lack of topics to discuss - well, unless they are into at least the same type of music since I could discuss that for just as long; I said the same type cause I still like recommendations I'd enjoy - ooookaaay I went waaay off topic and I'm getting dejavu - like I wrote this same sentence yesterday or somewhere else...wtf?
    thoughts on topic: I saw
    this very topic at MATH+1 and thought it would be something I could discuss at length. I realise that I may say I wouldn't have interest in someone who never read or rarely read, but the truth is that I don't think to ask till it's abit late - sometimes I don't even notice though that's hard to believe. I guess I get smacked in the head once I ask if they've heard of a book - trying to spark an interesting discussion - and they say "nope. cool. hey! I'm playing a compy game! wheee!" [retarded voice in head allll me. I'm so mean]

  • cookies.
    remedies: keep frozen cookie dough out of the house. just not going to happen though.
    thoughts on topic: I could've mentioned how mom forgot to tell me the thing beeeped and I wouldn't have brownish cookies that apparently resemble oatmeal though there's nothing wrong with oatmeal! I really, really want Girl Scout Cookies actually. the damn cookies on the site make me drool. I could eat a whole box. cookies ...mmmm. that should've been the end of my thoughts on that anyway.

  • oddities
    remedies: no comment
    thoughts on topic: end o' story:

    Will: hairnut tesladillas
    Me [in distraction mode; realises I sound retarded]: um.... sounds like a weird food like quesadillas, but with hair and nuts in it...haha

  • Valentine's Day
    remedies: take the 14th off the calendar
    thoughts on topic: I just seriously mope around the day though I shouldn't cause it's just like any other day just with more sap for those coupled off. eh, what.ev.er. I'm just going to probably eat godiva and sulk to my "mope rock" like I do anyway for the most part on any day though that day I will have hearts with "X's" in my head while I do it. oh yeah, at least I'll get some valentines too. that's something positive. which reminds me - this weekend = write out about 30 valentine's cards. I need stamps, too. bah!


    I just realised talking about failed topics has turned into a longer ordeal than an actual entry. I'm probably alot cooler too cause I have lists. I'm a list geek.

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    hairnut tesladillas is a friend of mine. he really is. i swear it yo. things of his nature aren't exactly right but whose nature is really right to begin with? certainly not mine with the wham bam thank ya mam shimmy sham disco white boy stu hour on the WB....wtf?

    - 01.31.2002 01:11 AM - will


    interracial f*ck orgy? Egads Willy. Yay for Mope Rock! At least one of my stupid phrases is spreading. ;p

    - 01.31.2002 01:16 AM - Dangrel


    hee! don't worry - it's just a coincidence that Will's friend/brother's (?) band had the same name as that pornographic site :P

    and ah yes, yes, all hail the "mope rock"!! they should make it a category at audiogalaxy. they already have space rock...feh

    - 01.31.2002 07:54 PM - Amber


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