Late last night after finishing my book, I became quite introspective. ever get times where thoughts just come to you? I mean, just tons and tons of random thoughts that must be written down whether the value of knowing them matters or not. it at least makes me feel like I'm doing something; the brain churning along like a slow modem that you must dial into..

09:47 PM CST

I'm going to share these bits of knowledge; or lack thereof for the hell of it..

Introspective Thoughts:

  • some songs must be sung - just listening to them isn't worth it.
    while reading a book, one of these songs comes on in the background ...torture. the words mix together on the page and my throat quivers trying to ignore ...ignoooore... must get through the paragraph. no singing ...NONE!

  • going to a dim kitchen at 2am, muttering "fuck..fuck fuck it all" while spreading butter about (too much might I add, but it is a soothing activity), looking at the newspaper strewn about the counter, doesn't solve anything that is bothering me really. at least I get a muffin out of the deal.

  • when someone takes your ring off on off on and glares, almost like a silent proposal - that's just about as stupid a thought as tapping your feet out meaning a secret message like morse code to the heart...feh

  • pretending you don't care is almost as stupid as caring when ya shouldn't

  • looking away - fear of the unknown

  • mix cds you make yourself and stay up listening to in bed till 7:30am and muttering, "damn that was the most satisfying mix I've ever heard; siiiigh" at the end, seems like egotism to the fifth degree moments afterwards

  • who's afraid of little black boxes?? I AM!

  • having the urge to buy skirts and knee high boots when underwear is alot more of a necessity, is disturbing since dressing up just isn't done anyhow

  • when face starts to clear up, picking mindlessly is a baaaad bad bad bad bad, must I say BAD idea?!

  • black nailpolish makes it seem like I want to go goth, but really, I just like the idea of being neutral

  • indecipherable conversations with myself almost feels like love


    Finally, I've seen the infamous Trading Spaces that's on TLC!! I've never caught it, so I had no idea what it was entirely about besides what I've seen in the MATH+1 and squishettes forums. I liiiked what they did on this one, so I s'pose I don't know the whole entire feel of the show considering all I hear about are the bad rooms; the horrifying things they do like removing the fans and painting the fireplace. this one was quite pleasing (at least to me). one of the rooms was done in a feng shui sort by Vern. they read the books on the ladies shelf to do it correctly. bwahahahaha...the guy seemed all confuzzled when the tiles didn't match up. the one neighbour (or well, in this episode they lived in the same building but one upstairs and the other downstairs) asked, "what's wrong? Vern??" and he just tried jabbing that tile in and then drew a line "oh, we're about a 1/16th off" or something like that...hahahahah!!! it was even scarier with that Hilde in the upstairs portion. the wood was all cut uneven and they were all, "this is wrong. we'll have to redo this." and she seemed like she didn't know what the hell she was doing. well, okay, so it was still amusing, but I liked the end results. "hopefully they'll be pleased with their newfound chi." hehehehe. the bamboo trees in the table were abit pitiful. they were just laying there with a ton of rocks holding them up. at least the whole effect was pleasing considering what the room looked like before the makeover. believe me, that room looked like a sack o' shit. maybe like the aftereffects of a storm with water damage. it just looked blaaand. the couch had a slipcover on it I think. it was just like a sack you'd stick potatoes in and not at all flattering. I think I'll shutup though....I've gone on enough :)


    Oh yeah, Will and Jorge should become friends at Ev1 since now they both work there and will supposedly possibly bump into each other on Thursdays ;)
    I had to play messenger between them on AIM earlier today. that was quite amusing considering that they could've just messaged each other after the first transaction seeing as I just copied the questions; therefore the knowing of screennames *ahem*

    Even Richard stopped by Ev1 on the weekend to get a table to play a LAN game on....Ev1 seems popular. hah! I just never knew, yo! I used to make fun of the commercial though - go figure.


    Daria made me shed a tear including Ally afterwards. I didn't know Daria was ending, but it seems so seeing as they showed the top voted episodes and showed the lady who does Daria's voice. it was a good movie though; I was excited since I hadn't seen Daria in forever. woo! I even have tshirts, but can't wear them cause I got stuck in that one I had before; it was embarassing. I came out with my elbow stuck considering getting scissors....hah!

    Don't you hate when a smooooth exit to an entry just doesn't happen and you have that nightmare of either having to write more till one occurs or ending quite abruptly? yeah, I hate that.

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