I'm going to see if I can say everything promptly - as in, not a mile long elaborate explanation of things. I just decided to do this two seconds ago cause I'm lazy and just ate a hell of alot of chocolate. shutup.

Shortened Exercise
11:17 PM CST

I ate all the good chocolates left in the box ruguest had brought + there are only fruit ones and weird ass ones (can't decipher from name) left = me and lindsey form a campaign to stop the putting of fruit in creme-like substance in chocolate and dried up in cakes

I read a whole comic and talk to Richard while he rants about a lyin' bastard on eBay + wanting his monitor = I find this humourous - he's so cute when he gets all debate-like and observatory

My Love Hina calendar came in! two months per picture - not sure if I like this idea or not + I tell Jorge, but he tells me he finalised the deal on the jetta = ummm that outshines my outburst, buuuut 'ey it's all good; maybe I'll get a ride

The doorbell rings twice; once hyperactively + another time just twice in a row = we stay away from the front door; well, mom saw the guy waving in the window the first time - how dare they solicit magazines at 6:30pm!

Dad has the flu + dinner soon = I stay upstairs

I eat Amy's pizza, a twix package (2 bars), + watch Ally = niiiice trio

I eat another twix package + tea = I'm on my way to getting fat


Random-ly - I want a skirt with a slit up the side + my blemishes to disappear = I'd be a happy happy girl.

now I go...promptly.

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