Oh maaan. Godiva chocolate - sex in a box. it melts on your tongue all gooey with a slight crunch from the shortbread layer, eyes shut in ecstacy as the first massive taste overload happens - so good ya almost don't want to swallow. oh yes, oh yes. I'm in loooooo..mmmmm... (tm allison)

New Years! ..totally sarcastic exclamation
11:49 PM CST

So, it's new years eve; well, technically the ball already dropped in Times Square - I saw it. Jay (on The Tonight Show) was talking to Janeane Garofalo and told her "sorry, we must cue in to the ball now" ...uh yes, great. get it over with. anyway, that sort've overshadows our central time new year. I don't even care much. I had my pizza, tea and cookies and piece of godiva chocolate (well, it's a chocolate cookie - y'all should try it NOW if ya haven't yet...I don't even like chocolate much and this was like heaven..pure heaven). I can go to bed now - well, if I was an early sleep, early to rise sort, but I'm not.

I would do a live new years entry like I do every year (well, the past two, but only one is archived as of now) where I upload sections of drivel till midnight hits and I go "wahoo" and shutup. of course, I have no desire to do that this year. for one, I'm not in a hallucinatory blur like last year (crying and whining) or tryin' something new like the year before. this year, I have nothing of interest to say. it would go like this:

um, yeah, new year...blah? time to upload!

still waiting for it to be midnight...eh...about thirty minutes to go....*hums* ...okay, gonna upload again!

I got mahself some socks. aren't I cool? I know, it's frikkin' cold. I hear it might snow. *uploads crap again*

*taps fingers* ...might be awhile...hummm...anyone wanna line up for a glomping by moi? thought not... *uploads*

and on....and on.....and ooooon....

Okay, so technically, there I did it, but without the uploading. happy now? hmmm....I really should get some socks. I look like such a dirty dirty whore. I have grease stains on my shirt, my robe all open and disheveled, my toes are turning blue and my hair hasn't been combed. wanna be me? well, okay, at least I showered. I'm just messy. that's it. not my fault I ate a mushroom and it was dripping with grease and went down my chin and onto my shirt!! shutup! SHUT.UP.


The one thing I wish would happen as pure tradition (in other people's lives) ...is the kiss at midnight thing. soooo not going to happen. let's see - twenty minutes to go. nothing is going to happen in twenty minutes. I'll kiss myself...that'll be lovely. sometimes I could knaw on my knee for hours. I'll do that.

I, quite honestly, don't care about tradition. as I did on squishettes, here's history here:

2000/01 - ate a salad, got nauseous, criiiied, did 'live journal entry' in a tizzy, watched ball drop, went to bed with the Sex and the City marathon on, fell asleep in a cold sweat
1999/00 - nothing bigtime. just worried about the computer resetting to 1900. woke mom up by yelling 'wahoo!' at midnight. watched tv and went to bed.
1998/99 - got ill..food poisoning
1997/98 - got a drink spilled on me at red lobster, yelled at waiter ...had to walk outside in the snow with wet pants mumbling obscenities

Anyway, I don't understand what dad meant by tradition ...mom told me he called and said that he usually goes out to eat his crablegs on new years eve and has his pork chops and such the next day. what the hell?? he's talkin' like he's done this since the end of time. I don't think so!! maybe the past two years we haven't seen him, but not before that. certainly not. apparently after mom turned down his invitation to go to red lobster, he decided him and Suj may party or whatever...I thought he wasn't even speaking to that guy anymore. I mean, he creeped me out abit - he would invite me out to go bowling and erm, said how he 'looked' 21 and was pretty hott. totally creepy.


Anyway, have a happy new year or if it already is the new year, hope it was good and you didn't get toooo drunk. I wish I had somemore chocolate...

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happy new year amber! i got some yummy belgian chocolates for christmas and that and popcorn are sounding mighty good right now. mmm.. chocolate. *drool*
i didn't get TOO drunk. i had nothing else to do. new years eve was boring. anyway, hope you have a good new year. :)

- 01.01.2002 01:37 AM - jessica


thank you!
belgian chocolate sounds good tooo...mmm *drools* I still wish I had more chocolate...maybe I'll get some cheap reeses cups...better than nada.

oh, by the way, is this jessifer from squishettes? just woooondering...even if not, hope ya have a good year as well! my new years eve wasn't the most exciting thing either as ya could tell :)

- 01.01.2002 11:52 PM - Amber


yep. it is i. i never really liked leaving people comments but since i already sorta know you and all, i figured i might as well.

- 01.02.2002 04:21 PM - jessica


ooh, well, I feel honoured then :)

- 01.02.2002 11:43 PM - Amber


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