He asked if I could see the rabbit in the moon. I told him no, the trees were covering it. I moved. looked up. still not seeing any rabbit. I sort've saw a shadow there; just not in the shape of a rabbit to my knowledge. I decided he must have a multiple personality and this personality could see things cause I sure couldn't with my zero special powers factor ..or my eyesight sucks.

I Am Jack's Sardonic Smirk
11:57 PM CST

Yesterday was a rather bitter day. I wasn't very happy in the least. I took a shower around 3pm though and got dressed cause Jorge was supposed to stop by or at least he said so; I waited online foreveeer once out. I sat there online and waited and waited. soon, I got abit misty eyed and decided it was too late cause he had a party to go to at 7pm. time ticked and ticked away. 4:48. 5:17. 5:48. 6:17. he finally showed up around 6:30 or so and I asked him where he'd been. apparently his computer was left behind cause of the rain, so we both just sat around in separate areas. both woke up around the same time. I should've called. he said he should've just came over anyway without waiting. eh. bad planning happens. I was over it after the initial disappointment - I wore something realllly cute yesterday, too.

By nighttime, he spoke of coming over here once the party was over; I was up for this for some odd reason ....SLEEPOVER!! paaartaaay! *ahem* nevermind. I soon came to my senses and realised if mom woke up and saw him all here, she might get upset. there went that idea. well, around 5am there went that idea. seriously, it seemed like a good idea till then. I almost fell asleep around 3am too which is a good bedtime for if I want to get up and watch cartoons. I stayed up though since aka from the forum messaged me on AIM and I sort've blinked and said "oooh a window is open..who is it?" I was still disoriented, sooo shutup! bwah! anywaaay, I had been listening to Carissa's Weird and was in my new pjs with my new light blue robe on all curled up in my seat and I got realllly tired. seriously, I was almost to the point of deep sleeeping up until the message. not blaming though since I had to get up eventually to brush my teeth and get my water.

Sleep was straaange when I eventually did go to bed later on after deciding there was no way Jorge could stop by that night..it was mostly the dream I had after watching cartoons on the family channel. I wrote about it at squishettes here ...basically if you don't feel like clicking on over, it involved a dating class, creeepy guy hitting on me, lindsey and "red bears" (sauce tartes; wtf? ..don't ask), guys from class attacking people with bows and arrows, hammers and guns, annnd bob saget going crazy whipping a balcony with a tennis racket sayin' "youu...go away...you..you go away!!" or something. I say it differently to each person cause it was reallly odd to begin with. there ya go...I'm crazy.


Around 1:13pm, I get up, check the machine for messages (it's broken, so it'll only record one when it does) and get online. my younger cousin Gia is online, so I tell her the dream. next, Jorge comes online (I didn't think he would since he said he was leaving the computer there and would call, but whatever...he ended up sleeping there in the cold or something) and I retell the dream to him as well. I was damn scared up until an hour afterwards. I hate the thought of people attacking me out of nowhere in an open area. just not cool.

Anywayyy, I get dressed and such since he was going to come over so we could watch Fight Club which he had wanted to see with me since the first time he wanted to come over; I'm just an evil bitch and wouldn't allow it. bwah! first off, after mom returned from shopping and showed me her new workout wear, I put myself on away sayin' I was taking a nap and read from my new book for the book club. it's good so far. I like the dialogue and the metaphors and the whole feel of it. I do admit that it got abit straaange towards the end of short story numbaah one. I was all, "hold up here!!" I won't spoil the book if ya want to read it (Birds of America by Lorrie Moore for those who wonder) though, so I'll just leave it at this. good, but rather straange and made me think abit at the end there. can't wait to read the second one tonight.


After abit of time went by and I had rested my eyes abit in a practically meditative slumber, I hear the doorbell ring. we did abit of show and tell (not in that way pervs!) and I showed him some of the stuff that was on my bookshelf. I felt abit baaad that he felt he couldn't touch my things cause I made such a fuss over the remote being diagonal! y'all know I tease. this isn't as bothersome as it might seem. suuure, it makes me abit anxious to see it moved, but I mostly make a big deal just to be flirtatious.

I let him see my poetry and put in a Radiohead live disk I had. it was pleasant enough. we took some photos (mom had to take the AAA batteries out of the phone for me to use the cam) outside the window and then laid about till we watched the movie.

Surprisingly enough, the movie was pretty good despite having to have my eyes covered during the realllly gory scenes. hee! I'm such a wuss, ya know? it reminded me abit of Lain with the whole you are me, I am you thing. I'm always comparing stuff to anime though, so that's no surprise. plus, now I get all the jokes people used to make on the net when the movie was new...all those "I am Jack's blahdeblah" jokes - sort've the trend for awhile.


The moon conversation soon took place around the time after the movie had finished (it was looong ass; I was falling asleeep...hee! he all snored on my shoulder for abit....). smoke break time (I asked mom later if my hair smelled of smoke or anything; nope...tis good). it was abit chilly out there (I had my hands in my pockets), but it was rather nice all at the same time. the neighbours on both sides came outside and were making some noise and talking...lights went on and off...someone was bbq-ing tooo. it smelled good though I don't eat meat.

I got out some of my albums to listen to when we went back to my room. Babybird, the Weezer xmas songs, and Aveo. good schtuff, yo. don't doubt my music!!! anyway, that was about it besides that I got up to put more gloss on inbetween then got it allll over him later, yo. bwah! fun. I swallowed some of it, too; cherryriffic!

There was some conversation in the kitchen where mom scolded me for not feeding him. I gave him the cookie he earned damnit!! don't look at me! she gave him some hershey kisses...I didn't want any. those things don't taste good to me. anyway, so yeah, they tried to peer pressure me into going out or taking a walk for awhile, but I was cramping - no way I wanted to walk far and plus, I wasn't very hungry. I promised to do it another time. mom sure uses her niiice points to get me to go out, not gonna work, yo.

Since I wasn't going to go, I just walked him out to his car. the pool area looked niiice; I hadn't been there in awhile. I always like to see the way the water looks through the bars. I'm obsessed with that place yet I don't go often...go figure. at the car, I gave him something else he wanted to for posting as well *grins* I can't say I totally initiated it though since he brought it up...I still have probs with the idea of just jumping him out've nowhere. that ain't my style. still, it was nice. I liked the kissing ...especially that one where I got my gloss all over him. I giggle. I giggle alot.

Had some scrambled eggs with parmesian and a piece of bread later on. I wasn't entirely hungry, but felt it was my duty to eat before the day was out. the cramping isn't as bad and no headache, so I guess it did its job. I might watch the Tenchi movie I have in the dvd player again later on ....and read. maybe after I catch up with bookmarks. I'm abit tired.

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Hey i wasn't peer presuring you, You wanted to go...hehehe you just didnt know it. Well the tacos were lousy anyway so you didnt miss much, but i'm still gonna make you leave the house. next time next time next time.....

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