I fell off the ball. it hurt. not initially, but after that popped wrist action and ten minutes of typing, I was feeling it up my arm. OOOWW! yessuh, mom got one of those fitness balls; ya know the ones...

On the Ball
11:36 PM CST

She refused to keep the ball in this room after going to bed cause she thought knowing my klutziness, she'd come in the next day and find out I cracked my head open from doing something stupid. indeed, all it took for me to fall off was a stretching move and I slid and rolled backwards and fell onto the ground. not good. those things should come with warnings!!

Today, she was making logos for her Yoga on the Ball class (erm yes, she'll be teaching one of these classes; she never ever did this [ball workout] in her life). I smirked at it when she asked about one...uhhhh it reminded me of 'something' ....my mind was in the gutter lemme tell you. she thought it might've been that the word focus looked like F_CUS (fuck and cuss combination is what she was tellin' me but I didn't see the connection or well, I saw what she 'meant' but didn't think anyone would care). it was the way the phrase 'on the ball' was laid out that bothered me. okay. yes, I was reading some smut online and so I couldn't 'help' it ...it looked like it formed a penis and gave a euphemism by using 'that' term "on the ball". I CRACK mahself up!! we both giggled over that once she realised what I was sayin' ..surprisingly she wasn't mad at my opinion.


Y'all, I realised a very sad thing - only two of my pants fit now. I only had about five pairs to begin with. this just sucks cause girls are supposed to erm, be materialistic, riiight? I only have two pairs of pants. this ain't right. they aren't even that great. they aren't everyday wearing pants. it's my hip area that is causing this problem. that must be where all the extra weight went from last month. I'm happy I gained weight, but buying new pants didn't enter the equation in my head at that point.

Soooo....I think I'll use some of that money I talked about last time on pants. maybe a whole new damn wardrobe. I feel so deprived. I have more pjs than real clothes practically. I just'll wear pjs all the time now. I'll be stylin' ...I need to start that fashion sense. pjs, some jewelry, some slides...go out and start a trend.


Jorge came over Thursday night. he looked even cuuuter in his little hat (as I've said before maaany times, I sound like such a thirteen year old, but damnit, I never got much a chance to gush over this sort've thing then, so it's liberating to do so now...I'll go back to normal in a week..uh maybe two). we didn't do much. just hung out and watched Adult Swim and The Tonight Show...read some posts at squishettes. I think he should just join, so we can chat over there and I can up my status. I told him how much I wanna be the next level soooon. hee! it was sort've cute when we were in the word association thread and we kept tryin' to think of something clever for the word 'inkdot' ...I forget if I came up with punctuation first or not, so I won't take credit.

Mom was home, but she stayed in her room talking to the guest or doing her eBay most the time; a few times she walked past, but never came in or anything. we didn't do anything sketchy anyway. I half fell asleep during The Tonight Show while he was mumbling stuff; I mumbled stuff back, but I forget. I think I said, "yeah he's gay" and "I wanted to be a pizza tosser when I was four and then a ballerina" ...erm yes. I dooo recall him sayin' he did coke before and I said "snort it?" and he said "yeah...Bob Saget did it" and I said "he's a goodie goodie" and I think he said, "yeah now." and I said I saw his new show on the WB and he said he thought it was on ABC and I said noo WB cause I saw it last week *ashamed* ...anyway, uh yes. cute conversation, eh?

He tried to get on my ticklish spot (inner neck area), but didn't attack or anything, so I didn't really react as well as I do when dad would maliciously attack me. it did tingle, but nothing bigtime ..then apparently I wouldn't let go of his hand on my face...he was all "leeet gooo" and I didn't even know I was holding it back...hah. I tell ya, I was out of it. not ticklish, falling asleep, not too funny - only good I was there for was...hmm...warmth? hee!

At the door, we had a weird hug this time; I mean, I still liiiiked it, but I was standing on tippy toes and I don't recall doing that last time - didn't think I was that short. turned out he had one foot in and one foot out, so it was all offbalance. that explains things...hm. so, uh yeaah. mom was in the kitchen, so I felt abit awkward and wouldn't look over at her. the hug lasted maybe a minute...I dunno. it just seemed like awhile of me staring out at the darkened street - it was abit chilly..not that bad (45 degrees was what it turned out to be; checked tv for weather later). anywaaay there was another peck, but nothing bigtime. I still apparently have a fear of initiating a kiss. ah well. he said he'd wait, so I have time to work out this "problem" - I swear, after all this thinking, I should know how to do something such as this!


I watched Office Space tonight (thank you richard!!! *big grins*) after baking the rest of the cookies (I like to chop things. chop! chop! chop! I messed a few up cause the knife got stuck and sliced it wrong). it was as funny as everyone said and I never even worked, y0! man oh man was it amusing. "not enough flair? want me to express myself?? *flips off boss*" haha. I like Jennifer Aniston and not just cause her dad is on Days ...noooo.


My eyes are burning. I'm going to watch this rerun of SNL now and I'd like to poke keroppi in the eye...I just noticed he's mocking me.

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