This may seem quite a shocker, but...I'm. having. a. goood. day.!! I mean, okay, it seems I've been in pretty good spirits since Saturday, but I mean, this totally brought on surprising shockingness! it's not what y'all think I bet unless you've spoken to me today and already know ....I got a card in the mail today from grandpa. an xmas card. I expected a check as my gift, but then I took a look at the amount written and had to recheck cause I thought my eyes were deceiving me. two. thousand. dollars.!!!!! I'm fuckin' rich!

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Now that I've caught my breath yet again, I sit here and think of what I could do with that much money. I'm starting to wonder if grandpa just wrote the wrong number since mom got a check too for that amount, but says she usually gets one to help pay for the bills. mom's thinking either he screwed up and was on automatic mode or he didn't get me a bond this year, so he just gave me a big ol' check. either way, it's pretty niiiice. I'm going to deposit it and use very little of it methinks. I'd like to revel in the beauty of having actual money for now.

An ibook tempted me to death though. Oh. Yes. [second link was just shown to me at squishettes. oh man oh man. tons of music too. I must contain maaahself. I cannot keep looking. I've had zis love affair with the ibook since 99 ...almost the longest withstanding want] anyway, it's out of my system I think. I will not look again. I will not be tempted. I will not spend my money. I will save. I will SAVE. not clicking. *willpower is hard*


Me and mom had one of our lovely improv moments last night (I laughed till I cried and rolled around on the floor beating on the rug for extra effect):

Me: um that's something someone from the trailer park would say...*pushes foot onto chair and giggles* white traaash [editor's note: all for comedic effect; not tryin' to insult anyone]
Mom: *disgusted look* aaah what are you trying to say?!? you know you come from me, right?
Me: you know I'm teasing. you're middle class
Mom: and what are you miss pretentious?
Me: I'm middle class as well with a sense of idealism
Mom: idealism ..HAH!
Me: *goes to chair in corner* hmmm 'giiiirlll I'm coooold!' (said in ghettofied tone)
Mom: *laughs*
Me and Mom (synchronised): Giiiiirl I'm cooooooold!!! *laughs*
Mom: is it hot in here?
Me: here's a spin on that. giiiirl I'm hot!
Mom: *laughs*
Me: *hops to the floor and laughs*
Mom: hih hih eeeh...
Me: that's funny ..that laugh
Mom: *laughs again*
Me and Mom: *both laugh*

When either one of us would stop laughing, one would start again and the laughing would continue; it continued for about ten minutes till I had tears streaming from my eyes and I was wiping them away and rolling my face in the carpet...we LAUGHED about LAUGHING! insaaane. I do admit, giiirl I'm coooold is our new catchphrase. we're seriously like the Gilmore Girls, but even more insane.


Finally, I dreamt of something this morning. it was 10am when I first woke up with one leg sprawled out from underneath the covers and I was flopped over to the side off my pillow. weirdness ensues. my leg had fallen asleep I realised when I tried to move it and groaned cause I realised I couldn't whimpering to maaahself cause I hate when that happens just as much as numbness. anyway, I went back to sleep eventually and the dream occurred. it involved Teri and Carlos! I haven't even thought of them in awhile. Teri had her legs sprawled out over him and now that I think about it she said something about being in a tree. something rather odd. she wanted me to join them and I absolutely GLOWED. I still had a slight crush on Carlos in the dream (I hadn't even thought of him in aaaagess) and sort've grinned at him. tons of girls flocked to him and Teri eventually from chairs in the corner.

Suddenly there was a flash o' something and richard appeared; we were in a car methinks. it was dark. we were making out. it seemed hot and heavy sort've we were really into it. not some dinky little awkwardness show. oh no. it was pretty passion filled ...I'm insane!

Anyway, after that, I was beckoned back by T&C and they told me to come to the greenhouse with them. all I have to say is....weird. and I miss them. truely I do. didn't realise it till now cause of the vividness - it was like when we used to hang out back in tenth grade excluding the making out (though me and Teri pretended to be Carlos' hoes once in the park). *sniff sniff*


I took a shower in the daytime today - this is unusual for me. I take it at night most the time, but last night I was too tired and spent too long online. me and jorge talked about getting together again, but it didn't work out. ya see, mom was feeling ill and she said she didn't want to deal with anything or anyone that day. I sort've sulked for abit, but once she left and around 4:30pm, I decided that maybe we could still go for it anyway and if so, I wanted to be clean and not grungy.

Around 5:15 I get back and we dance around the idea for awhile. he decided we could wait till she came home, so it wouldn't be like I was all inviting him behind her back if she came home early and wanted to rip my head off. we talked and waited around when he asked if she was home yet. she had been and told me about her class she taught where only three people showed up, but it was pleasant and gave me grandpa's generous card.

Soooo, she was making this horrible smelling Thai rice downstairs for herself when he asked if he should go ask her or if I should (I wondered how he could if she wasn't in the room). I said I would when the smell that was permeating from downstairs cleared basically. well, I said "I'm trying not to breath now" which translates to the former.

Then I remembered that the Winter Finale (erm yeaah) of Felicity (which doesn't mean I have bad taste :P) was on that night. I told him he could still come over (cause ya know, I wanted to see him damnit! I showered! and looked abit more pleasant!) and we could watch that, but was afraid he'd think I was a dictator for picking the program again. he said he disliked Felicity and I said "welll if you dislike it :\" buuut now, I dunno. Felicity got back with Ben and all went to hell. the finale wasn't very good to me. I wanted her to choose Noel!! aw hellll. time wasted on that shit. now I regret deciding on that's cold and I want touch. *regret*


Since I got that check from grandpa, I might use up more of my original amount of money to buy Aunt Jo Jo the originally tooo expensive disk and mom something nice. I'm a good kid, ya know? I don't hoard (spellcheck said this spelling was correct; doesn't look right) it all. maybe for being so generous, I get good karma, right? I still feel oh so baaad (as in the naughty bad).

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