I'm thinking of getting Aunt Jo Jo the musical soundtrack to Fame! ..uh yesss. I did some random searching on half.com. I was thinking of getting her Rent since that's my favourite musical, buuut it's a double disk. we'll see if I have enough for it, but the idea of getting her Fame! cracks me up.

I Wanna Liiive Forever
11:05 PM CST

Obligatory Things Forgotten from Saturday:

  • I got a massage ..it was good except for the whole "choking move" ...hah
  • he gave me dejavu from Will's visit with the whole smoking, needing water (though he glaaadly took the duckie glass :P), banging into edge of bed, etcetc thing
  • I sang, but not seriously; mostly just screaming out words (this time it was A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction intead of Haligh, Haligh, a Lie, Haligh though that one I still do better)
  • he had some obsession with doing something with my thumb, but I wouldn't allloow that. seemed sketchy. haha.
  • he triiiied to steal my remote, but as I said, he banged into the bed; the bed stopped him. no messin' with zee remote. y'all should know the house is cursed by now. then he had to go annoy me with that 'little laptop' on my desk by pressing the button that makes it say "you've got mail" over and over again. hee!
  • I want confirmation on this - did I make the first touching move? do let me know since I spaaaced out alot apparently. I don't remember any footsie games or none o' that. I do recall a breakthrough happening after the "glomp" move, but erm, I dunno
  • he flicked his lighter at me sayin' he was gonna set me on firaaah or something. erm, that freaked me out. *flick* *flick* *flicker* -flash of orange-y light- *CRINGE*
  • he got my hair in his mouth somehow when we were hugging goodbye at the door; how the hell? it was funny though. maybe that's for him callin' me short and resting his head on top of mine...actually y'all that was cuuute. I've seen it in movies, but no one's evaah tall enough to do it except my dad and like hell I go near him...he's evil.
  • end of recap...if I forgot anything else, clue me in (*ahem* this means youuu whorhed :P ...I should just make you write a guest entry on what you thought since I was seriously out of it)


    After last time's entry, it is just hard to go back to boring chattery, eh? probably psuedo-ly everyone's wishing my life would continue its excitement. unfortunately nothing really bigtime has happened since Saturday. I didn't end up meeting richard next and somehow I guess I didn't expect him to go with the new invite. I still feel bad about that for one reason or another. I always find a reason to feel bad even when semi-good things happen. it's a reflex of sorts.

    If y'all wonder, no I really don't know what's going to happen next between me and jorge. I dunno. I hate putting labels on such things, so I'll just let it continue haphazardly and with spontaneity ...whatever. whenever I think something in my head, the opposite happens. that's just the reality of it. I spoke to lindsey about the whole "event" ....she wanted to know if I had truely broken up with shaun yet though; ya know, he might be crushed. I just figured it's over cause we hardly ever talk, there's no real way to contact him (sending a letter about it seems tooo tacky/rude/slow and no phone number), I said I wanted to be his friend and um I basically said I didn't know how I felt about him anymore in that sense. I mean, I have lost the feeling. that's all there is to it. nothing is wrong with him inparticular besides the 1000 mile distance and the lack o' talking.

    So, yes, I'll keep my feelings to mahself for now about any future happenings. feh. feelings just cause draaaama. I may be alll about creating it, but I think it may be getting old. who knows. it's tiring to always talk in siiighs (outward or inner) and see beyond face value and fight and have something going on all the time. I never thought I'd say that. I do like the attention though occasionally.


    Present buying will be done tonight or tomorrow night most definitely. I'm getting tired of putting it off really. I always say I'm going to do it and then end up staring at a forum for hours till I realise it's late and I don't feel like even filling out a form. I know what I'm supposed to buy or at least the genre from which I'm buying it, so this shouldn't be that hard. I just need to bring the motivation to me or something.

    it's realllly bad when I don't even want to download music anymore cause it takes tooo much effort to go to audiogalaxy...HAH! I just put the albums on my wishlist. bah. I'm funny. it's laughable that I'm actually getting in a tizzy cause I'm too lazy to download some illegal music, but NOT to put it on my wishlist to be bought! at least the so-called record companies will be proud though the music I like is mostly indie, so fuckity doo (I just said this to myself when I stopped to go downstairs and heat the tea up as I was pouring the sugar in. I don't know why, but it made me laugh, so I had to say it. sorry).


    The guest left me a gift before he left. it was from Urban Outfitters! a cup and a bowl and some gloss. lovely! I can erm, have some iced tea, some rice or soup and uhh gloss up my lips all at the same time!!! it's quite convenient. I think the cup could double as a vase too cause uhh that's what I thought the shape reminded me of at first sight. the gloss; well, well, well, fuuunnnny. they say Virgin and Slut. it made me lauuugh. the guest is one funny mofo.

    Speaking of which, he grillled me last night over the whole jorge visit and wondered what the hell happened to Will ...it seems the guest formed a bond and wanted it back :\ awwww...those sad puppy dog eyes .....I put his mind at ease by sayin' I still talked to him (Will) and would tell him he (the guest) said hi.


    Oh yeah, and is it just me or is touch wanted more once you've had some? quite distressing, but better than some feelings. with that I drink.

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    tell leonard i said hi. oh yeah no steady net connection yet. working out the bugs. *happy about jorge*

    - 12.18.2001 08:48 PM - will


    hee! okay, I should check comments before replying to email next time :)

    and yessuh thanks, y0!
    he wants me to help him cheat on the quiz thingie later when he gets to work though. hell nooo! *giggles*

    - 12.18.2001 08:54 PM - Amber



    The lip gloss is for the past and the present -- especially in regards to adventures involving lips. I don't know about the cup and bowl; I'd suppose that's some kind of Finnish mobster gift. [grin]

    - 12.19.2001 12:36 AM - indi


    wow, ya think the guest would know? :P heh heh ...I played coy

    he got a kick out of the finnish thing. I told him about that. *g*

    - 12.19.2001 01:39 AM - Amber


    I wrote my notes down on post it notes. ummm you touched me first, heheh i just gave in *big slut huh*. the remote moved the bed and hit me with the edge so i just started playing with the laptop to get my mind of the remote i should have never tried to touch it, i learned my lesson now. I really didnt notice when you was blacked out and when you wasn't but i guess it was when you did say a word and i was talking, or maybe those nice quiet moments? well only you would know the answer to that. and i got your hair stuck in my mouth cause i was trying to bite you as i was leaving. heheh I'm hire in the food chain, get in my belly ;=) *thought it would be funny*

    - 12.19.2001 02:10 AM - whorhed


    oooh I'm soooo totally the seducer, eh? eh?

    sometimes I don't know when I blank out until someone mentions something I don't remember or have trouble remembering it all or if it really happened. eh. I liked the silent moments though :)
    I should try to shutup more often.

    and bite me? hee! that is rather cuuuute funny. I think I do recall you sayin' "I want to eat you" but I dunno if that was my imagination or not. *shrugs*

    - 12.19.2001 02:18 AM - Amber


    Girl, I bet perfect strangers could pass you on the street and know what you've been up to. Didn't you see Mallrats? Don't you know about The Glow?

    - 12.19.2001 04:40 PM - indi


    oooh yeaaah I definitely have The Glow...I feel oh so much better since then.

    surprisingly, mom hasn't noticed it and doesn't know of what went on ...she actually said "I guess he's okay..for a friend..yeah" when I asked what she thought. feh.

    - 12.19.2001 11:33 PM - Amber


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