Just now I was attempting to watch SNL and turned it on channel three. something didn't seem right. I was like "this ain't right, wtf? why is there an 'H' in the corner that says History below it? and what is that floating figure going down the steps? is this an Unsolved Mysteries Special?" turns out the VCR made the channels wrong and I 'was' watching the History channel!!! all is well now, all is well.

The Jorge Visit
11:17 PM CST

More reason I'm abit of a retard (certainly in a goofy manner; not the *ahem* actual meaning) ....I said that Jorge could visit on friday thinking the guest was going to be here that afternoon. turns out that he would be arriving in late afternoon on saturday, so I had to cancel thinking this weekend would be quite the bore. anyway, maybe it's a good thing it wasn't yesterday since I felt ill most the day and coud barely eat...I had a horrible migraine. mom told me to stop maah whining!! she was complaining abit as well and I gave her a massage. at least she was nicer after that. I've been doing that lately. that and going "I glomp j00!!" I'm damn touchy...wtf?

Anyway, on with the story. I woke up at 1:40pm (missing cartoons) and listened to my Luna Sea (jrock) mix which was in the discman ...I got as far as Loveless (track 12) and got up (around 2:30pm). I talked to mom awhile who was watching some funky yoga on the ball video. I made fun of it per usual. it was amusing though...doing weird positions on a ball. I said "I'm just not a ball person" ...wahahaha!!

Around 3pm, I thought about getting a cinnamon roll, but first had to check my mail and see who was online totally forgetting I was going to eat. richard was there and danced around the idea of him coming over which sounded like a good idea at the time since I thought with jorge having to go to work tonight, he wouldn't want to stop by or couldn't or whatever. I figured might as well have some fuuun. he had to go do laundry, so I just bounced around between squishettes and my LJ friends list for awhile. soon enough jorge came online and I forget what the hell I said, but eventually it got to the idea of him coming over again. I went with it, but mentioned how I told richard he could possibly stop by as well which caused a dilemma.

Jorge said richard scares him, so I went and told richard that maybe he could visit tomorrow (I dunno if he still wants to now or not). I still feel baaaad cause he seemed 'off' ...*shrugs*

He callled twice wondering where I was again (hah!) and he mentioned that he could yell 'Help!' if he got lost..I was all "yeah you do that and you could disturb the neighbours, yo!"
mom and the guest left around 6 or 7pm. I don't really recall. I just sat on the steps and waited hoping he didn't get lost from here to there (he was at some plaza where there's a Kroger's; I sort've recall it).

This story is draaaagggging. *ahem* eventually he did, in fact, arrive and it was hot as fuck in my house thanks to mom turning the heat waaay up cause it might've been abit chilly earlier today. I turned it off later on since I was clammy and sticky. wasn't very cool when you're leaning against someone; all that stickiness. ew.

I must admit, I liiiiked the touch. I was very deprived for awhile. it was surprising I kept holding his hand and leaning up against him, but I have been touchy lately as is evidence by the "glomping" mom and giving massages and erm, this is what happens to people when they're deprived...must touch anyone/anything/grrrAH!

So, yes, it was fun. we played CTR for awhile....took turns and then at one point, I was crushing him (he was all breathing heavily and I was like "am I tooo heaaaavy??") and played on my own. I did pretty well despite the fact that I kept shutting my eyes here and there. the heat was getting to me.

After that, I put a Tenchi dvd in, but we only got ten minutes into it. I knew what would happen since I saw it a billion times, but I felt there had to be something on tv. more tiredness and more eyes shutting action. bleeeh. I bet I was a real bore then and was probably crushing his arm.

Since he just had to smoke a cigarette, I put on my maryjanes and we went out to the back stoop area - can't even call it a backyard - and he all used the neighbours yards and the fence as an ashtray :P the neighbours on the left came outside too...oooh! it wasn't that cold surprisingly. just a slight breeze. the hacking was sort've gross, but I didn't watch none o' that. I was off in a daze.

We spent some time in the computer room where I checked up on my AIM list. richard was still there - we had abit of fun with him...erm -sticks tongue out- *lick* HAH! he said no more after that, so we just stood around and hugged. (this might've happened sooner than the next part, but I'm paraphrasing cause my brain is shot) *silent moment* I don't usually have many moments where I don't speak and I don't usually just huuug someone, but it was niiice. for some reason, I just wanted to stay like that abit longer.

Soon enough, I heard noises and the door opening (it beeps when opened). mom and the guest had came back early!!! with mad rushing, we went back to our seats and pretended like nothing was certainly going on. just hanging out. nothing else. certainly no touching!! jorge got to meet the guest; that is always a treat *grin* and mom seemed abit awkward asking us if we wanted to go see Vanilla Sky with them. he had to work later and I already declined, so that was that. they went to their room and we snuck in some touching. I just put my foot on him. my feet are gross. sooo, yeah. they eventually went back downstairs and the guest said 'bye' and I said 'bye' ...

Here we come to the climatic moment!! soon enough he got closer to me and I froze - I'm such a dork. I have no idea what happened really - I think he kissed me and said something, but I was off in never never land...um. I came to again when he kissed me on the cheek and said he reallly liked me and pulled away. then I blinked and was out of my short coma. is that what's supposed to happen? I don't even know.

Anyway, just to reclarify, I had no problem with this move at all. I really liked him as well. *grin* of course, I may talk the talk just fiiine, but when it comes to action no way no how am I going to do it. I'll just stand there and go "umm..." ..I've given this signal maaaannny times and would get no response. at least it was okay now - probably cause we'd already touched alot already, so it's not like we were sitting on opposite sides of the globe the whole time and there's a move made. I just was obviously out of it.

Soooo, does it count as a first kiss or does that need tongue? I dunno. I'm quite the amateur, but a giddy one at that.

-end story-

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Heh. It's the Luna Sea that did it...

- 12.15.2001 11:46 PM - Mouse


Hell yeah that counts.

- 12.15.2001 11:50 PM - Indi


Mouse - hee! it did certainly start out my day riiight ;)

Indi - thanks for the extra confirmation. still wasn't sure seeing as how I blanked out for abit and forgot how it was.

- 12.15.2001 11:54 PM - Amber


[extra aside about luna sea]
I made him listen to it; I dunno if he liked it or not. he was like "I don't understand this" ..heh

- 12.15.2001 11:57 PM - Amber


All first kisses involve nervousness and blanking out and being awkward and feeling like a dork. That's why they are so special. : )

- 12.16.2001 12:00 AM - Indi


ph33r my 1337 ski77z h3h3h3h3

- 12.16.2001 04:54 AM - Whorhed


silly j00!

- 12.16.2001 05:19 AM - Amber


How in the world could it not count?!

- 12.16.2001 08:50 AM - CaseK



- 12.18.2001 08:45 PM - will


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