Stirred awake by a bright source of light, I couldn't open my eyes right away; I realllly hate when this occurs, but for some reason it was a blessing this time. as soon as I was able to read the digital clock, it said 11:11. at this point I sat up, crossed my fingers, shut my eyes tightly again and wished on something. it's not everyday I look at the clock in time to wish. somehow I doubt the wish will come true, but it's a superstition I continue to abide by to a degree simply for the fact that if I don't then there isn't any chance of something happening.

We Know That We Are Lonely, Yeah Lonely That's For Sure
11:57 PM CST

All my xmas cards were finished and sent out today; well, I remembered two other people earlier today and wrote one out for laurie as well since I had read her LJ entry from the other day. so, in all, I've written out 12 cards. I have four left, but I think I might send some to family with gifts. of course, I didn't send Will one since surprisingly enough though he's visited like hell I know his address...HAH! [aside to Will: well, if I still have one left, just pick it up or something. blahdeblah. or gimme your address. I don't mind the postage :P]

Oh yessuh, thank j00 radiostar for the card!! I was all happpy over the glitter on the envelope and then the card...maaaan I've never read a card that funny in awhile (rappin' santa ..hee!). I'll have to remember to post about this over at squishettes.


I can't stop humming that one Bright Eyes song On My Way To Work ...the part where it goes 'we all are makin money we're all fuckin alone' ...just over and over. I need to stop that right now. erm or something. my brain won't listen though. it's not a bad song - I just get abit perturbed by the same lines repeating themselves since I don't know the lyrics that well. I should sing A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction to replace least I know the words in such an annoying sense - the creeepy bit about flllyyyaayyyaayying right down to the yelling angsty bit at the end. *snort*


One story I forgot to tell last time was brought to mind yesterday. the crazy psycho knocking bandit! ten fucking times! it was like they were going to break down the door and I was scared since I saw no one outside - it was coming from the back door and no one was standing out there. it creeped me the fuck out to the point that I crept down the stairs at various moments between talking to Will and trying to peer around the corner without the scary man -who was most definitely wearing a black top hat and cape and carrying a sword ready to eliminate me- seeing me. this was no use though. I just hoped for them to either go away or for mom to get home and somehow turn into the hero and somehow learn kickboxing eliminating him.

Anyway, the knocking stops after awhile and I let out a breath of relief. mom arrives home for which I ask her if she was the one knocking earlier since Will thought it could be (then again, he also said it could've been an iron chef about to make me dinner; not that I believed this, but it was funnny so I had to mention it!!). she said that it wasn't her and I was all 'hmm hmmmm...well, dad would've stepped back and shown himself...this is a mystery! mystery of the mysterious insane disturbing the peace knocker from hell!' ....the only other people who would knock that loud would be delivery men, but they'd stop knocking after the second knock I bet.

Mom decides to call dad anyway to see if it could be him. it apparently is which I didn't expect since he didn't yell or show himself! I even started to think maybe he was covering up for the real attacker cause this was certainly ridiculous. the mystery could NOT be solved so simply! I was abit disappointed most definitely. he said he saw me peer out the window and looked up...what an ass. I don't mean to be crass about it, but really. he should've said it was him or whatever. scared the living hell out of me. shows if I ever open the door to him again. knock quietly and show yourself thank you.


Me and lindsey are back on good terms methinks. I didn't email her about it or ask. I simply acted like things were fine again and they most certainly were. I guess all it took was two days of silence and that was fine with me. I mean, maybe it was cause I didn't speak for those two days - she could've been over it right after that night. I just am always afraid of confrontation of any sort. I'm just relieved and feeling better about things that's for sure.

It is abit frustrating that the anime items she suggested as xmas gifts were too expensive or not there. feeeeh. who knew that Ramna 1/2 vids cost close to $30 for fucking VHS?!? I don't spend that for DVD practically!'s probably the fact of it being subbed, but still unnerves me. I might just have to get her a cd instead and buy that book for the book club at amazon since I doubt someone will in time. I know, I know I heard I could get it at the public library, but I hardly go out as it is and never have been to a library - seriously; at least out of school - I guess I just find it easier to buy. I can buy used if I see fit, but I mostly like new books unless I couldn't give a shit about the book and it's just something suggested and I have no ideas of my own.

Soooo, yess I gotta start xmas shopping soon or I'll find myself in a big ass tizzy by the next week. I'm thinking showtunes for the aunt, xmas cd for grandma, cookies for grandpa, clothing or whatnot for mom, and something off lindsey's list of items which I already mentioned. this shouldn't be that hard...I mean, really, it shouldn't. I can do this and get out alive with still enough money leftover to not feel completey broke. I. can. do. this. ::breathe::


Just so y'all know....I didn't get the credit card :\
they gave me another offer for a more expensive interest card and less money limit. I hate 'em.


Question: How's your xmas shopping going?

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