Okay, y'all, I signed up for the Chase Platinum Visa card. I have no idea if I'm going to get it considering the "self employment" under job and well, I don't have an income...at least not a real steady one. I make $100 a month which isn't much when ya think about it. my typing has gone to shit too thanks to this keyboard or I could definitely be a secretary, yo! 88wpm, 100% accuracy if it wasn't for ths friikkkn' keyboard...yes, I didn't backspace on this whole sentence...ee the evilness?

My Poor Brain
11:55 PM CST

Grandma called today, but I didn't get to talk to her since mom was on the phone with her for two hours or more. apparently she was "wound off her top" ....aaannnd there was mention about xmas and how lindsey and grandpa might be trying to trick me into wanting to visit. well, not in a "oooh trickery! deceit! spy credibility!" more like, "give hints like 'we can do that during xmas' and it'll get into her head that it woud be nice to do that during xmas therefore buying a plane ticket and flying down even with the fear of terrorism and possble crashes, but nothing bad will happen and then she'll want to travel allll the time and visit twice a year again and possibly have more fun" ..all that packed into a simple "oh cool, we can do that during xmas" ....hah! then again, this is grandma's word or what mom says is grandma's word. for all I know there is no trickery goin' on.


Mom asked me today why I don't write down our improv conversations, so I could write a book and get mahself rich and then she wouldn't have to worry about my well being or our bills. niiice idea, but I'm not that funny. she's the funny as hell one. anyway, she thinks if I went out more and wrote down what I say in a panic attack, then I could make a humourous guide to anxiety disorder....whoooa. she's exaggerating what I say.

Mom Improv-ing Me: I...I....I...I'm gonna die. I'm dying. I'm going to hurt myself...I'm going to rip my leg off and throw it...and throw it on the conveyor belt...I...I wanna diiiiie
Me: that is NOT me! *inbetween bursts of laughter till I'm rollllling on the bed*
Mom: that is soooo you! you could write a book.
Me: *sighs inbetween another burst of laughter*


I'm in the mood for love. where is the love people? seriously. winter sucks ass. I need to make cookies soon. xmas=baking. and I need to find rare dvds on ebay. and I need to compose a list. and I need to write down all addresses of people who are getting cards this year. so far, I sit here just thinking about it. at least I'm not spending money and I might just have a pretty shiny credit card. what more could a girl want? [aside: love or no, no, lust'll do. line yo'selves up mah pretties]


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Song of the Day: How Can I Get Close To You by Noah's Red Tattoo
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