Since it has been a damn long while, I thought I'd keep this light. later on, I might mention why I took almost a week off, but till then, this idea came to me when me and mom were discussing who she thought was my "type" ...I honestly don't have a type. I have a set of requirements sure, but not a type.

Absolutely No Questions Asked
09:04 PM CST

Without further adieu, here are the absolute dealbreakers:

1. resembles or acts like dad. I can't stand the man for more than an hour or so and knowing this, makes me realise ya wouldn't make a good partner or a good, I'd never get a word in edgewise which I cannot stand. in fact, I seethe if I don't get a word in; I practically hold my breath and wave my hands in the air. fuck.

2. a member of the KKK, racist, homophobic, serial killer (or any type for that matter), in jail most the time ....this is self explanitory.

3. whitetrash. I don't appreciate those who wear wifebeaters and talk hillbilly or live in the trailer park. none of that. standards are standards. plus, they probably wouldn't be able to afford to get me presents or anything. *wink*

4. doesn't read. this is an absolute MUST in my book [hehe pun hehe]. if ya right out say you don't read at all, I feel sorry for you. I mean, okay, studying might be a dreadful thing to want to bring up, but what about pleasure reading? what about at least some interest in widening your spectrum of knowledge? even reading sites online counts for something; I know I learn something everyday through findings on the web...haha. so, basically, if you right out tell me you don't ever read, never want to, have no desire to discuss it, I won't speak to you again. HAH! I know I'm mean as hell.

5. converses through caveman speak. I hate people who talk like this to me: "wts up. I meet u face 2 face. I want 2 c u. u think u betr den me" and well, yes, I most likely am better in a way considering I speak in complete sentences hun. maybe you need to go back to school? okay, I know, I know, this is horrible of me to make fun of those online who use shorthand; maybe they do speak normally in real life or maybe they don't know english very well. I mean, I get alot of people who talk to me like that and it grates on my last nerve. just a preference. okay, I might continue to speak to them, but I wouldn't date a person who spoke like this ...let's just put it that way.

6. dresses crazy-like. anything that is embarassing goes into this category. wrong kind of shoes, polka dotted shirts, silk shirts, chains hanging from neck, ummm okaaay, I'm starting to describe a pimp. well, they're out too though they might be fun to pretend to yeah. anyway, anything cheesy. oh yeah and those who wear tons of hair gel....ewwwww. that counts as lookin' crazy....

7. we have nothing in common. well, this is basic. if we have nothing in common; not one thing whether it be books, music, shows, family history - ANYTHING - then, well, it wouldn't work out

8. has a dog. they can like dogs; that's fiiiine. I just never ever ever ever EVER want a dog. uh uh. I hate dogs.

9. party boy. I hate parties. I'd probably not attend one even if I was dating them, so therefore, maybe it's a good idea not to go there in the first place. gatherings sound okay, but all out, call the cops someone's dead on the sidewalk kind of parties.

10. religious. I don't go to church. I don't want to. I hate those who spout religion at me and tell me I'm going to hell. I get enough of that from certain relatives. I don't need it in a partner and I won't be converted thankyouverymuch.


I guess that is all I can think of as ones I won't be lenient on ...I'm sure there are a ton of other types I most certainly wouldn't date, but these are the top uh uhs *wags zee finger in a menacing manner*


who would you not date?

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