Who told you you were funny? cause you're not. this is the most mundane shit I've ever heaaard. just pretend you went clubbing and hooked up with someone in the back alleyway and afterwards went and jumped in a kiddie pool in the Walmart parking lot cause whatever you really have to say, will make me have cause to yaaaawn.

Does the Mundane Have a Better Name? No
11:15 PM CST

List of things accomplished since last time:

  • decided to ignore all sense of relationships and let thing happen how they want to happen. feel nothing. no cause for drama.
  • redownloaded Word! Paaaad (wooohaa!) since it disappeared; corrupted basically (word [hee!] to the wise: don't save something as a rich text document if you want to upload it as an html file on the web; it makes pars throughout the whole document and is a bitch to clean up)
  • - not me - mom seemingly dropped the keyboard yesterday while dusting and therefore the keys stick; it takes me ALOT longer to type which I am quite pissed about
  • coded some pages for the Squishy Tribute; I was going to give up on it, but got an email from pamie about it! that was exciting! now, I'm all motivated to finish! whee! about damn time...heh
  • noticed that the sixth person (or whoever the last person is if there isn't six people online) on my buddy list always signs off first ...weird, yo!
    there might be a time this wasn't true, but for the most part....
  • listened to negative silence radio for which I went on a hunt to find what I titled the "smile europe" song though it's called smile trance europe. anyway, the great almighty 'melodywhore' got it for me; woo!
  • chatted with the Sephira peeps in AIM buddy chat per usual....yesterday's chat apparently went for about 10 hours, but I wasn't there throughout the whole chat
  • coded somemore
  • had a quizno sub
  • watched the extras on the Meeting John Malkovitch DVD ...didn't decide to watch the film yet
  • painted my toenails silver; got the polish all over in globs; plus the remover spilled on the magazine...ugh
  • weighed myself; I gained 2lbs ...might just be water weight
  • refilled the Q-tip container; nice little green tipped Q-tips in nice little rows
  • sat here making an inane list


    So, yes, that's right. that's basically all that went on the past couple days. the guest didn't come till this afternoon since mom was feeling ill last night and he had some work to do. by this time, I had given up on the idea of calling up Will about coming over; I was feeling abit off myself anyway. oh yeah, Will, maybe this coming week? I'll send off an email if ya don't read this....*blathers*


    I woke up at 8:30am to watch cartoons; things were wrong ...what happened to the cartoons?!? there was an icky new one instead of the one where the dog wore the pants; it wasn't great lookin' ...I want my dog who pretends he's a boy back! ugh! that might've been gross seeming, but better than real life kids and scribble cartoons talking; didn't look great. maybe I was sleeping. I hope I was sleeping. this ain't right.

    For awhile, I kept coming in and out of sleep. it was a big time warp where things blurred together. my dreams were seeming like reality and the latter seeming like dreamland. I had one dream where I was in a forest (like in an RPG game) - there was a computer on a desk in the clearing of the forest; it had vines going up the side of it. I looked at my buddy list since I was supposedly signed in; Will was online and said something upsetting to me and I felt wrong for awhile...I went off and a little elf followed me to console me for whatever was said - I forgot.

    There were more dreams within this dream that involved various people and rooms and owing things and meeting people and wanting something that I can't comprehend. the lines were blurred though since I really did think I was upset over something when I got up; then I realised that maybe it was cause I missed Days on friday (friday shows are the cliffhangers for the most part) and forgot to ask mom about it. just screwed. I need something to be angry about I s'pose.

    My head is heavy - is this something new? nope. so, yeah...that's it. hopefully that rockstar lifestyle will come to life, erm, sometime in the future *lies unashamedly*


    Musical Corner:

    Song of the Day: Veni Vidi Vici by Highland
    Album to Buy: Veni Vidi Vici single

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