This is quite humourous. in the mail I got a Victoria's Secret catalog, $30 gift certificate when I spend $100 at The Limited (I don't really shop there), and an application for a Platinum Visa card. HAH! $100,000 limit; 0% interest for 12 months...must apply by December 3rd. my first thought, before reading the paper; just opening the envelope was "Oooh this thing could have The Anthrax!!" I haven't opened a letter since the scares started since I usually just get catalogs or boxes. HAH! My fingers were all itchy, red and numb after opening it. I really am a hypochondriac, yo!

There's No Feeling in My Fingers
09:32 PM CST

Anyway, mom was quite shocked seeing as I have no money and yet, she has never gotten an application for that much money! now, she wants to steal my potential card! I'm reveling in this; seriously! I was wondering when I'd ever get offered my own credit card. it's a very dangerous thing though since I shop online alot and if I had my own card, this would be very, very tempting to spend money more often. money I don't have...hah. I probably'll pass or let mom have it though it would have my name on it; very intriguing.

It's just funny that most of the mail for today was in my name! I actually exist, yo! well, not that I didn't before, but usually things would have mom's name on it. I'm finally being recognised.


Oh, I don't think I've mentioned this, but Bryan "barista" is sort've back! I got an email from him the other week and we might get to catch up soon though he doesn't have a computer at home. apparently he'll have one by the new year maybe. that's cool. I like catching up with old friends; it gets me entirely too excited. especially if I have alot to say; I mean, usually lately with all my thoughts in my head, I have alot to say if I haven't spoken to someone in just a week. I haven't spoken to him since probably March? I don't even remember, yo! I knew I had missed him though and was going to send him a real letter a few months ago, but never got around to it or more like I forgot I said i was going to do so. eck.

I sometimes figure that if I don't make the first move to reconnect with someone, I'll never see them again; they'll be gone into the ether for good. maybe this just shows I don't have much faith in people to want to speak to me again. it's like sayin' I feel more for people who grace my presence than they do for me. this isn't always true. some people care more about me than I do about them. it's few and far between, but it's still ....there.

Anyway, I s'pose it doesn't matter since this time things worked out in my favour despite my procrastination. he was one of my favourite chatting people for a time; him and ethan. I still miss ethan sometimes.


I've felt drugged all week. I'm not sure if it's the weather or just the allergies. I sneezed a total of 20+ times yesterday and today my left ear/throat burns. it's like an ongoing headache that surrounds - it corners each side till it feels all heavy and I must lean back and type with my feet propped up and all falling over myself like a drunk. hrm...I don't especially like this sensation at all. this could be another reason I don't really drink. I already feel hungover when I don't.

Yeah, I've been talking to someone interesting on icq this week; I feel all wittay talkin' to him. hee! I like zee wit and the makin' me think. I like to open my mind occasionally or I feel dead. also, ya know, star stickers should smell like lemons cause I say so.

I started the new Nick Hornby book last night, too, so you could say I'm doing better mind-wise. Will was right in a way; about clearing my mind with a book or movie though I haven't gotten a movie out. I should watch Being John Malkovich - I still haven't seen it yet I have it. that's just wrong, yo! well, I didn't buy it - I got it for xmas last year, but hey, I said I wanted to see it, so I should.


The guest is coming over this weekend I just found out, so Will, now or never :P
eh, just an option since the house is dirty any other time. I'm always asked "Why only when the guest is there?" and never had a real believable answer. now I do! cause the house is dirty! seriously - dust everywhere, paper strewn about, hair all over the frikkin floor, dirty dishes in the sink, trash in the trash bin. I mean, this may be a normal living situation considering it isn't particularly annoying, but when any guests come, the mess goes, too. it only seems to be cleaned up when the guest arrives.

Well, I am a neat freak - that still withstands. my room is completely made up even when I'm just laying about; I undo the creases in my sheets even when I'm just laying there. the dust still collects; the house still has an air of uncleanliness. blech.

Hmmm hmmm....I think this paragraph is through cause I have nothing left to say. my head is heavy again. it's the anthrax building up...HAH! that envelope was powder though so I guess I'm safe unless it's the unknown sticky virus that kills, if I'm through, I'm through.


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