It's getting darker sooner ...darkness always makes me sleepy as fuck. I find myself lounging in my chair, looking out the window in the evening as the sun descends and the sky gets a light peach dimness across the horizon. mood music in the background and slight closing of eyes; almost a squint as I think of myself as the only one in this world.

Never Forgot a Name or a Punchline
07:53 PM CST

It seems I always know when DST (Daylight Savings Time) is approaching without looking at the calendar cause of the slight change in what time the sun sets. it used to be that the streetlights wouldn't turn on until around 8pm, but now it's around 6:40pm. I'm not much into fall back as I am into spring forward. I like it to be lighter for later (cause of what time I wake up) instead of darker earlier. I have a feeling I'll be going to bed earlier cause of this predicament.

Last night/morning, I went to bed the earliest in forever. 3:30am!!! yesss, it's thanks to alana cause she deemed it so. of course, she also said the earrings would sell; I haven't seen a change yet; they're ending around 10:30pm...hee! yeaaah, there was a long ass AIM buddy chat last night, but I was off and on the whole time. I liked that whole past, present, future discussion (which is where the prophecies came from) that happened once we all said what time it was where we were at. I s'pose I am in the present, so I have no special powers. I can't tell the future or destroy people in the past ^^;;

The prophecies game reminded me of Magic Eight at MATH+1, but I never get good responses over there for the things that count...haha. stupid eight ball don't know what's up!


Dad came over today. I haven't seen him in forever, yo! he has audiogalaxy now and wanted me to tell him how to delete songs he no longer wants. I can't believe he didn't know how to do that!! argh! after this, he screwed around with the speakers and the equalizers on my winamp. I wasn't too pleased with this, since I was happy where they were and now in one ear I feel almost deaf or well, it hurts, okay? no wonder he needs a hearing aide. I mean, okay, he said he majored in something to do with music, but stiiilll. then when I said that I didn't notice a difference (this was before he moved the speaker), he said I must be tone deaf. gee, thanks. I'm not frikkin tone deaf!! anyway, I moved the speaker back now. he put it too close and turned the volume bar on the winamp waaay up. ugh. like a concert in here. I like it as background music; not as some show. no ear plugs for me, thanks.

He also got to see pictures of me and Will since he didn't know about that; he knows nothing. he then proceeded to ask, "so, is this that guy from California you were talking about?" and I said, "uh, no..." and he seems confused, "he isn't? the local one then?" and I said, "yeah, dontchathink he would've stayed longer and not went home if he was the other?" he didn't pay attention when I said he had come over two saturdays ago...then went home. ah well. dad never pays attention!

It's his birthday tomorrow. mom asked me if I wanted to go to brunch to make him happy; I dunno. I'm not much in the mood. we'll see.


Still no disks! the mailmen are pissing me off! there's no anthrax in my package, yo! anyway, I've been waiting a whole week for the albums I ordered which I need to make lindsey's mix. I mean, I'm in no real hurry, but I'd just like to get it over with before I change the whole setlist again which is bound to happen when I'm bored. I've decided I'm keeping the same title for the front cover she wanted and just adding a 'part two' to it since the theme sort've follows that title as well. especially the first song which goes 'you're so far away....I go to sleep alone, but think you're next to me'

All my mixes have some sort've convoluted theme. this one involves love gone wrong or long distance that dies and then the next part shows you can love again and all the happiness comes back to you. the first section I titled "where are you hiding?" and the second goes into "right behind you" or whatever. sort've like love is around the corner. I'm so clever, right?

What's also a novelty is that when I listen to my mixes all together, it actually makes sense for the most part. ya see, I always just create the setlist with themes in mind; not sound or flow functionability. the lyrics even speak correctly to flow with the story/theme. I'm always very proud. well, since I can't make the disk till I get one certain album (audiogalaxy doesn't have the song, but it's on the album), I did listen to some of the transitions and noticed how good I still am at creating the flow. I still doubt I could be a dj though. Will told me how tough it is considering people's musical tastes and expecting certain things to be played; requesting; getting mad. feeeh. I'm still mad they wouldn't play this certain album when we were at homecoming back sophmore year. the dj played "freak of the week" or something instead and then "gangsta's paradise" ...lovely.

I did laugh when Will told me how he sometimes messes with people; like play Frank Sinatra and then some Aphex Twin right after it. hey, I'd be cool with that! I like variety and a sense of surprise! who wants predictability? aren't you there to hear a mixture of new beats or is that not the point? I dunno....all I'm sayin' is that some people are just hard to please I s'pose.

Will is supposed to dj a halloween party; I wonder if that is this weekend or on the actual day of halloween. I haven't seen him online the past two days and wonder how that went....djing might be fun for a one time thing; hah. or not....


Mom was invited to a halloween party - it's actually a toga party! the lady insists she go and even sat out in the parking lot and drew a map to the place on the back of a sheet of paper. if you don't wear a toga, they might actually give you one! how asked if I wanted to go, too. oh yes, that's JUST what I wanna do....I fear people as it is. to be with a group of people I don't know wearing a toga would just be the end of my sanity. hee!


Shaun told me he might be able to visit this coming week. I have my doubts and I'm feeling sick, but it was still nice to hear his voice and have a long chat unlike the last couple times we've spoken on the phone. I still wonder what it is we'd do once he's here. I'm just no fun lately, eh? hehe. not that I was before, but when there are people visiting, I feel the need to be more of a thrill. when grandma and them visited back in april, I wasn't very fun and I regret that since I think I upset them and made Gabe sad. usually people don't visit; I mean, for more than stopping by and going back home. only the grandparents and that one time when lindsey and aunt jo jo came...I hope they come back sometime; that was exciting! ^^

Anyway, also there's the impending thought of gaining experience points. I don't usually have that certain pressure on me when someone visits. usually, if I like someone, I try to make the move which is never reciprocated cause they don't like me. this time, it wouldn't be that way since we already have something; *ahem* I guess this shows how odd I am - to be afraid of my own boyfriend on certain terms. as weird as this seems, I wish I had had someone to *ahem* practice on first inconsequential person.


Now, as I listen to Scud Mountain Boys (Penthouse in the Woods) [thanks to Will's suggestion to DL some of 'em ..they're the same as The Pernice Brothers apparently, but under a different name and they have another group I cannot pronounce and don't feel like looking up but ends in 'skyline'], I contemplate dinner cause I smell people grilling or erm, burning something outside in the cool fall air.

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