Lately, I picture walks in the park wearing a peacoat as leaves flutter about; maybe a pond or a fountain in the centre. I don't understand what it is about this scene, but it makes me smile. I doubt it'll happen soon simply cause of where I live; weather is a screwy thing over here and I don't have a coat of any sort.

A Walk in the Park
11:53 PM CST

It's another one of those 'listening to tons of music' days. I want to sort've prepare my setlist for lindsey's mix. apparently when I make her mixes, the coverart isn't the most unique thing simply cause she chooses it for the most part, so I try to at least spend more time on the setlist. I'm trying to be more ecclectic if at all possible. hopefully she will be surprised. I'm waiting for the albums I ordered to arrive before I make any definite decisions though. there might be some Aveo and Spoon I'll want to put on it. I've already given her samples of Bright Eyes and Sigur Ros though maybe if there's room I can add more of that. who knows.

I got most of my inspiration today from andrew's site. I've liked every clip I've heard on his site. it can be a good and bad thing though since half of them I couldn't find on audiogalaxy which is driving me absolutely fucking crazy!! also the Lilac Time song I liked the best Dance Out of Shadows is banned due to copyright rules. this makes me terribly upset, so if anyone has it (in mp3 format) and would like to send it to me, I'd be eternally grateful. my AIM name is 'aekastar' if you'd like to trade it that way. pleeaaase? anyway, good schtuff. I got quite a nice amount of music I can add to the mix if I so choose. I love it how lindsey calls me the queen of obscure. hah! gotta keep the tradition going.


I feel drained lately. completely drained. both physically and emotionally I feel off and even mom is feeling it I think. maybe it's this hot and cold weather. right now I am terribly hot and wearing long sleeves. not good. then when I wear summer-ish schtuff, it goes back to cold. make up your frikkin' mind!! my head is abit itchy too; I hate that dry skin syndrome where I pick and pick till my head bleeds. I need to stop that. it's a horrible habit. I know it's not lice or anything cause I can tell it only happens when the weather is humid ...I'm no dirty dirty girl. I just sometimes look grungy.

My sinuses refuse to let up; in fact, I've used my eardrops more in the past few days than I have when I first got them. I hardly touched the bottle - just would stare at it. now I use it far too often; to the point where I get that itch from the greasiness of whatever is in that stuff. I think it's grape seed extract, but it's horribly greasy and that's one reason I don't use it so often. it does relieve the burning though, so it's a must have despite its downsides. the headaches don't always go away though and my stomach refuses to let up its war on me. it's not so much nauseous lately as crampy. probably getting back at me for that two day occurance at the beginning of the month; it didn't finish its job. feh. not my prob obviously.


I just realised something the other day; all my friends hear the good stories. I mean, I always tell the mundane here now cause all my stories involve friends or personal details, so I just don't mention it. before, I used to tell all here since I wouldn't think that people were reading. hmm....this is very ...odd. I mean, I tell some things, but once someone says "oh I read that already" it's sort've disconcerting sometimes.

I'll try to say more.

The guest sang a line from 'Billy Jean' by Michael Jackson on the answering machine earlier tonight. Will had mentioned Thriller earlier and it was just very coincidential. Will said him and the guest are in cahoots with each other...HAH! I think Will seems to vibe very well with lots of people considering that we used to say the same things at the same time and such. I figured it was just a special bond, but I guess others pick up on the vibe, too. hee! just my observation, of course. I haven't noticed us saying the same things at the same time lately though.

Another thing - maybe us both being Taurus' and two days apart (though a year difference too)..maybe that that has something to do with the connection? I bet lindsey would say so since everything goes back to astrology with her. I've been thinking in those terms as well lately. I sometimes wonder how me and Shaun connect knowing I don't know much about the libra sign besides that me and lindsey get along on some level and she is one also. hmmm! I just know we do have some bond also. I'm always very curious about these things as you can tell. just me thinking outloud...hmm hmmmm.


The book (Sputnik Sweetheart by Murakami) for the book club was supposed to be discussed up till chapter 12 today, but the last time I was there, there hadn't been any further discussion. bad, bad me only read to chapter 12 though since I was tired. I think we're supposed to read to the end of that chapter. it's very good so far though; don't get me wrong. I've just been going to bed around 5-6am lately (besides the few times I left around 4-4:30). it's not a good thing...even the most intriguing masterpiece couldn't keep my eyes open for longer than ten minutes.

I'm liking the way it flows into a diary sort've from Sumire's point of view and the narrarator is reading it to himself. it still boggles my mind how he came up with the combination for the lock. I doubt that would be figured out so easily in real life, but I guess they share some sort've connection - like me and Will - though I guess I wouldn't try to guess his password or lock combination..I'm just sayin'

This should be written over there, but I'm not sure if we've all decided to start discussing or not. you could never call me a leader that's for sure. hah! I follow whoever wants to begin or call things to order. of course, I guess I'm somewhat the leader of my own forum, but even so, I tend to let people do what they want. it takes alot for me to take charge. I may be stubborn, but I'm not a leader. I'm stubborn about not wanting to be a leader. hah! I crack mahself up.


Me and Shaun had a nice discussion last night (one reason I stayed up so late). he makes the bad thoughts go away for at least a short amount of time; we discussed our time together and how he wants to "bond" us somehow (I'm against marriage) and I made a joke that we have to see each other first, dontchathink?? I still have no idea when he's going to visit, but just that he is "mad at himself" over it. now, I may have been upset and writing things in my LJ about it and even talking to individual people about it, but I don't want him to get all afluster over it.

My mind just creates drama and it's hard not to do so; I don't try to bring others into the guilt. it was funny how atalia mentioned it being like "temptation island" considering me and Will ...even mom said today, "get Will to take you out somewhere nice. *ponders for a second* ...on a date." mom never was like that before!!! I tell her about Shaun wanting to visit back when and she says we can just have a "play date" where we watch tv and then he goes back wherever he is staying; like nice good little friends. hah! for some reason, I still don't think she likes him much no matter what I say. she thinks I don't know him as well as I know Will and she's met Will so now she likes him and wants me to see him more. hah! she didn't think he liked her though which is ridiculous. feeeeh.

See? I'm writing what I tell others here now for the hell of it. for "interest" perhaps?

I'm not sure what to say right now about my little net soap opera as Lou (member from the former Squishy forum) liked to describe it which it my head. there is no real drama since there is nothing going on....yet.


Time to check on the download which is still trudging along. a walk in the park would be nice.

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