Oh man, oh man oh man. hold up. I forgot some details last time, so I'm going to tend to those and mention how my brain is slipping from the fumes of my nailpolish. sound like fun? okay then!

Picking Up The Pieces, Busta Who?
11:55 PM CST

Will's visit - stuff I left out:

  • he met the guest and shook his hand. the guest chuckled and told his real name. mom told me later she thought will was afraid of her since he didn't say much. I said she was just paranoid since he thought she was nice. bleh.
  • we played CTR (Crash Team Racing) - I got first place, he got sixth, I got third place, I dunno what he got...maybe fourth? [we took turns]
  • the dvd player made noises when I stuck the dvd in; it "read" it for longer than expected; Will decided it was possessed and it said a big WARNING soon enough and we freaked; turns out it was just the usual crap at the beginning of movies
  • later, to prove my house is even more cursed - Will spilled his glass of water on the carpet and banged his knee into my bed
  • he played with my Sakura doll :P (actually this is a blessing since she kept falling over and now she is perfectly secure in her new position! huzzah!)
  • he put on his odell impression. I cracked up.
  • we pretended to speak into the intercom downstairs; the one that is "possessed"
  • ...I guess that's it.... until the fumes part ways somemore and I think of more scary shit.


    Noooow!! onto the supah edition of erm, guess that rapper!!!

    I was watching Space Ghost last night on Adult Swim and this rapper was the guest. I knew who he was, but I couldn't think of his name. mom was in the room with me and here's the paraphrased conversation:

    Me: look! who is that?!?
    Mom: ::looks:: um I don't know
    Me: it's some rapper ...he worked with janet jackson. who is he? you know him!
    Mom: no, go look it up
    Me: okay, okay, look he doesn't usually wear his hair like that. it was up in some high ponytail like thing and it was all "uh uh uh whatchoo gonna do..uh uh uh" or maybe not but that beat..yeah that beat
    Mom: ::looking like she's going to bust up laughing:: um...
    Me: a 'B' is coming to mind
    Mom: ...
    Me: Bazooo
    Me: Bozo
    Me: Bibble Babble
    Me: Balacta
    Me: Bindi
    Me: Barooon
    Me: there can't be that many more 'B' names...man. what if it doesn't even start with a 'B'??
    Mom: there are infinite amounts of 'B' names. uhh. ::thinks I'm crazy:: and yes, you'd be wasting your time if so
    Me: ::fist tightened:: I know it starts with a 'B' though! I can feel it!
    Me: you know it! come on!
    Mom: ::shakes head::

    [ten minutes later]

    Me: it's still bothering me
    Mom: you'll think of it soon enough. look up janet jackson songs...
    Me: I can think of every other rapper but him. I mean, maaan, Mystikal!! wha? wha? Master P! he's gotta be on one of their albums...come on! damn...
    Me: ::mutters:: the fumes are getting to my head. ::arms crossed::

    [a few hours later]

    ::looks up janet jackson on audiogalaxy::
    ::finds it!:: BUSTA RHYMES!
    should've done this sooner...


    Anyway, I've been having abit of drama in my head the past couple days. it's mostly me, but it's abit more than that. I can't really say much, but it's about as soap opera-esque as the ones I watch on tv. it makes my head hurt. I'm gonna be going now. need another lollipop to ease the pain. *hic*

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    You didn't know who busta rhymes was. You should be flogged. I demand you commit seppuka now for your dishonorable lack of knowledge.

    - 10.17.2001 12:33 AM - JerkAss


    it was a slip of the mind, mah friend, slip of the mind.

    and for the record, I know that's youuu richard. bwahaha.

    - 10.17.2001 07:00 PM - Amber


    I don't think you've committed seppuka yet. And for the record, THIS IS YOUR MOMMA!!!

    - 10.17.2001 09:26 PM - Jerkass


    for the record, my mom wasn't on the computer at that time. uh huh....

    good one richard.

    - 10.17.2001 11:27 PM - Amber


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