Okay, okay, fiiiinaalllly a meeting to top zee Dino extravaganza. here's the deal, he arrived around 5:20pm and mom and the guest had returned for awhile then left again around 7pm and he left at 10:30pm after his third cigarette. lovely. heh. I was getting high off the fumes as I hacked away. woohoo! it was fun.

The Will Visit
11:26 PM CST

Now, ya know there are photos. when we were sitting in the computer room kicking back to some music, (probably either his mix or my mix to him, but he brought other music too which we listened to later) I picked up the pencam and said, "come on! though to get in the shot, ya gotta lean close and not be in a shadow or it'll 'buuuzzz' (which it did a few times)." okay, these photos are straaange cause of the angles and well, the fact that it was hard for us to both be in the shot. forewarned!

this is the first photo taken. we sort've were out of the shot. I think I took that. uhh bad angle...hah.

aww this one was sort've cute :)

erm, he has his hand on my head. lovely. before that I thought he was giving me bunny ears, but I can't be sure! heh heh.

I caught him midsentence. HAH!

[edited in cause I just found somemore]

hee! this is when he took some shots instead of me doing it

umm uhh this was interesting

I swear we took more photos, but those are the only ones I could find. maybe the others were shadowed ones that never got on there. heh. probably. (editor's note - now I know that they were still in the camera! duh...)


Now, for the details since voyeurism can only go so far. he arrived at 5:20 as I said ...mom and the guest were just lounging about not looking like they were going anywhere. I told her he'd arrive sooon. as soon as the doorbell rang, I went down there to answer though mom was hesitating in the entryway. he was asking me if his car was safe out there on the street and I said "oh yeah, people park there all the time." I swear, I wasn't that nervous once he arrived. I wouldn't SHUTUP! heh. in fact, I babbled a whole lot though he did his share of babbling too.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere besides my sinus attacks and migraine I got later. he got to see me take my eardrops (lovely). we stayed in this room awhile and I stayed online, but wasn't paying attention. in fact, I've been in my forum probably the whole time, sooo if I appear to be there, well, I wasn't and still am not now. I think I played a few mp3's I had and ohmygod, I sang for him. hee! I told him I'd do it in a monotone voice (it was a Bright Eyes song). soon enough it got to the part about 'suffering' and aaaaah! I just downright got down. sistuh gotz skillzz, yo! erm, well, I even did hand motions and bopped my head. I probably looked at my lap alot and got completely immersed till it was done and I said, "okay, well, that's it!" and with a swoop of my hand it was like I was never in that moment. forget I sang! hehe. he seemed to think it was okay though which is good considering what he thought of my karaoke!

After this, we spoke abit more in here about various things as I was standing there, inching my way to my room saying, "let's go in there." he didn't mind staying in the computer room, but ehhh. anyway, I got out my Utena disk. we watched the first episode and he laughed at Utena in her boy uniform and the duels. heh heh. he bust up laughing when Touga said, "mmm baby you lit my soul on fire." maaan that was great. we discussed how his one friend or relative (?) had an immense collection of anime VHS to his ceiling almost. tons and tons of stuff; obsessed. a satellite to Tokyo tv. that sounds scary obsessive. see, I just sort've am casual about it even if I seem more obsessed online, I'm really not. I swear. there's alot of anime I haven't seen.

Once episode one finished, we got distracted talking and I realised I left myself online; went to make sure I wasn't still signed on AIM in case someone decided they'd want to message me at that moment (hey, it happens; people IM me at inopportune times; otherwise, I'm the one messaging usually). no one had cause I remembered I had signed off of it earlier; I was still signed on AOL though. only one person was on my list - someone I don't talk to. how bleak. at least this didn't matter today.

We then, I think, listened to our mixes and took those photos of us when we went back to this room. mom had come in around 7pm inbetween all this to tell me they were going out to eat (they had been downstairs quietly talking; I couldn't really hear them; hah! I went down the staircase to sort've spy and see if they were still there and the guest said "ahah! are you spying on us?" and then Will busts in with "yeah! hahahaha spying!" or something or other) and would be back later (they still aren't back which is fine by me; my headache is still killing me abit).

I enjoyed what I heard of his mix though we left around track five or so to go outside. he had to have a cigarette. I forget what order the cigarette breaks went in, but at one point I was wearing sandals with socks (all clazzzy lady I tells ya) and stepped in a puddle getting em soaked (it had rained like crazy this morning and last night) as we walked towards his car which was now parked by the pool area. we stood there awhile talking and then headed back once he had gotten the cigs. I found it funny when we were in the back area next to the backstoop and he was done with his cigarette, he snubbed it out with his shoe. hee! the last cigarette was before leaving as ya know. I think the second cigarette was somewhere inbetween and we went back to the backstoop again...I think....

When we went back inside, we stayed downstairs awhile in the living room on the couch. I was showing how Dino sat on the couch. that was funnnny stuff, yo! then he sat in our lawnchair (hah) and I sat on the steps at one point. I turned off all the lights for an eery effect. woooo! I'm weird. anyway, I hardly ever see downstairs completely dark; no illuminating light.

It was interesting discussing asexuality and completely turning off all feelings towards anyone. it was nice relating stories such as that. then I told him that maybe I didn't stick with asexuality past three months cause I hadn't experienced anything. if I had, maybe I'd be over it and be able to stick with myself. I still needed my fantasies though and he agreed that sometimes fantasy can be better though once I experience, maybe that'll be good, too. it was a nice break from all the hysterics. I was comfortable discussing all. it was just really lazed out chatter.

Upstairs again, he showed me his photography portfolio (he had come straight from school that day) and I showed him stuff on my bookshelf. always have to have the sharing moments. heh. though Dino had nothing to share when he came here. oh yeah - for the record - no, I didn't play the radio show tapes even if I had this deep urge to do so (I mentioned it though). anyway, I really liked his photography. it was pretty cool. especially the one of his friend who punched himself in the eye for uhh art I guess? lovely. hee! apparently he's going to use it on his next album. woo! I might get a copy :P

The DVD had ended by this time; it was getting late. maybe 9pm or so. I left it on, but turned it completely off by the time he left. we went back in the computer room yet again (though inbetween all this I swear we went in mom's room and listened to the answering machine at one point; maybe it was before going back in the other room; I dunno...I get my times mixed up when in the moment). this was when I got a sample of The White Papers and The Gentle Waves which was nice to just have in the background. I doubt I'd have the urge to sing along. I had heard one Gentle Waves song previously which was pretty cool, but the ones on this disk made me sleepy. he thought I was about to pass out, but I just told him I was relaxed (I had my head on my knee and eyes half closed).

This was all nice and good. after the disk was about done, he said he better get home since he was getting sleepy and it was almost SNL time (hee!), so we stopped in my room to turn off all the electronics and I followed him downstairs to the back doorway. we stayed there talking while he had his third cigarette and talked about family stuff; height, stories, etc. then he snubbed that one out, we hugged twice and I went back inside as he imitated Dino's wave with "see you online sometime!" hehehe.

Such a spinny twirly day (oh yeah, I twirled a few times for him too when relating my disgust for taking ballet when I was little) yet completely well worth it. I'm glad I didn't cancel on him. I would've had no story to tell.


Won't it be a trip when I see shaun? hee! I laughed so hard when Will went into his impression of how shaun would react when here. erm, he said shaun'll pretend there's a piano in the living room and come out with his shirt half undone and say, "Amber, my love...I am here to greet you!" as I come down the steps. HAH! oh my! hee! mih mih ..*hic* it has to do with when we walked in on the one episode when getting something and it was the one where Touga's leaning against the piano with his shirt halfway undone; a parody on that. hmm! hmmm! heh. I bet he won't do that though it'd be perplexing if he did.

Maybe I shall have that experience yet!

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So, which one's the boyfriend again? :) Kidding, only kidding.

- 10.14.2001 09:34 PM - Thandiwe


hee! it's all good. even my friend Atalia asked if I was attracted to him after I told her the whole story.

the funny thing is that shaun isn't jealous in the least; he's all, "at least he didn't kiss you" ...heh. yeah, thanks for small miracles or err something...

- 10.14.2001 11:19 PM - Amber


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