I've been a bitch the past few days. today I woke up, literally and figuratively, on the wrong side of the bed! okay, so I look blurry-eyed at the digital clock - 12:48pm - I roll back over. soon enough, after a weird dream about someone peer pressuring me to eat a chicken patty (I pick the crunchy bits off and eat only that), I roll back over all disjointed and covers disheveled about. it took me two seconds to correct my eyesight before I knew that it said 2:46pm!! it felt like only two seconds...

Biz-Natch! Holla at Me!
07:04 PM CST

Last night I couldn't get on AOL for a whole twenty minutes. this was pissing me the fuck off. I was all in the curled up position on the chair with hands clammily pulling at my hair and a few tears threatening to pour out (dramatic position #282). I then kicked the desk, snottily typed in a jibberish password (basically slammed my hand on the keyboard and pressed enter; why enter the real one if it might not sign on anyway; this was by try #100 or something) and yelled "stupid fucking AOL. fucking piece of shit. diiiie!" I turn into the devil if anyone fucks with my internet access. hah! I swear, even if I have nothing to do online, I want to be there anyway and put myself on 'away' ...it's a weird addiction I haven't figured out yet after all these years.

When I got back online, I turned into my normal self though. it was weird. I was happily eating and watching The Gilmore Girls (which was rather good; two hour premiere! I especially liked where Lorelei -sp?- says she'll wear the porn star shirt next time to dinner or something) with a sigh of relief. happy perky self again.

Then, I dunno what happened but I felt like a crab bit me on the ass abit later and was abit fed up. this was at about the time that H.G. decided to message me about his message board. things were all good till he asked me where the admincenter was linked on the main board. and THEN he asked me if it was titled something else besides admincenter.cgi. I then was all, "look, it's not linked there. I don't understand. it's NOT titled that!" and rahrah....bitchbitchbitch. finally I said "it's titled admincenter.cgi and it's not linked anywhere on the main board" and he was all "okay cool" ...gaaah, I'm evil.

Today, after I woke up, mom wouldn't give me a synopsis of what happened on Days of Our Lives besides that Nicole fell down a well..wtf? okay, so she said she wasn't in the mood to give me anymore info. I about started muttering in the corner. I didn't need that shit, ya know? hah. anyway, I think she was having a bad time of things herself cause she couldn't find some aum site she saw when signed on my name the other day. sorry to say, I had nothing to say about that.

Right now, I'm only semi-bitchy. who knows what I'll be like in the next hour or so ...just watch your back. that's all I'm sayin'


I finally fell off the roof. this is pretty much both a relief and a theif in disguise. I don't know. I usually look like hell until it's completely gone which doesn't help things abit on getting mahself together before company.

I'm not sure if Will is going to stop over this weekend or not. I haven't seen his ass online in a few days. heh heh. I think I've cussed the most I've ever cussed in any entry yet. go bitchiness!! okay, so I figure the guest will be arriving though. either way, there will be someone else here; not that it matters what I look like when he's here. I mean, he's seen me just sloppy messed, uncombed hair and pjs, sitting slothfully in this chair with a bag of chips and crumbs all over my lap. I doubt he'd care if I had a few blemishes or was unkempt. hell.

Hopefully, possibly, Will can come over; might as well get this meeting over with. HAH! first time meetings are always awkward as we have certainly witnessed by my diatribe of a visit with Dino. I mean, I never saw him again after that. it certainly says something about my manners I guess; or he was just shy, busy, or both. I just would not like that to happen in this case which I doubt it will since me and Will are alot more friendly with each other than me and Dino were. I don't even recall why I invited him over besides the fact that Ethan dared me to ask that night to see what he'd say.

So, on top of Will's visit (if), there is the possibility of Shaun visiting for a day or two. I'm not sure the exact date though since he's supposedly supposed to call me on friday about it. we'll see. I just know that if it's next week, I should get myself somewhat presentable by then. this week, I have no energy to do anything, but bitch as you could tell. I'm almost hoping it's delayed abit, though probably if it is, he might change his mind all together. hah! I still want to see him of course. I just hate looking like I just stepped out of firey hell. at least, it's a more pleasant part of hell today. I look abit better. at least my hair is combed.


Oh yes, oh yes, I need some action. time for more premieres. Ed, then, at 8, mmm Felicity...how I've missed thee.

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Yeah, snickity snick snick... see if I ever go look at your works in progress evah again, you meanie!! pfft.
Okay... I'm over that. :) Go see my new and beautiful Ikonboard at
http://www.negativesilence.com !!

Ok, I'm done.


- 10.11.2001 05:53 AM - melodywhore


yes, yes beautiful. haha. ya know I like looking at your new things. :)

I was just in a bad mood that day and it had nothing to do with your board; just nerves (oh great, I sound like my grandma!). hehe.

- 10.11.2001 04:59 PM - Amber


hahah will is alive. the computer is in ICU at the moment. all is quiet though. my head is swimming in MP3s.

- 10.11.2001 09:11 PM - Will


lovely to see you back :)

MP3's are good things...truely...

- 10.11.2001 10:20 PM - Amber


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