It's frigid today. I can tell it's certainly October. I remember last year, when I'd put my hands up to the toaster oven to warm them. that was a lovely feeling. this year I'm just immersing myself in the coldness and listening to Honey yapping her ass off (well, now she shutup cause they must've brought her inside; poor thing was probably cold) outside the window from the neighbours deck and well of course, music to block it out.

I Just Hate These Flourescent Lights
07:24 PM CST

No book. I have a feeling amazon is being an ass. I wanted to start this weekend. finally finished the Bryson book last night (about damn time, right? I started in mid-August!!) and it ended with the lines (paraphrased cause I'm too lazy to get up off my ass, get the book off my bookshelf and have the other books collapse against the pressure of removing it), "Australia is really a lovely place. that's all I'm saying." all that for that? hee! yes, lovely.

If the book arrives on Monday, I'm not guaranteeing I'll start right away cause well, weekdays I find it more difficult to start books. especially on Mondays. don't ask. I don't know either. Saturday nights are the best. I remember sometimes I'd go to bed around 2am and read till 4 or 5am. finish whole books. those were the days. now I'm not that extreme, but it's still niiice since I'm not expecting to watch anything in the morning and I can sleep in. nothing ever goes on on Sundays.

I guess until the book arrives, I'll read magazines or graphic novels. whatever. still sucks that amazon is so slow on items I neeeed. they sent out the headphones in two days or so. those weren't an emergency item (oh yeah, hard to lay on back while wearing them; makes ears hurt). the book was an item I wanted faaast cause I promised this time I'd have the book ready and not hold up the group. I ordered it before we made it definite that that was the book we'd be reading! I thought I was on top of things. damnit. I should've just gone out and bought it at B&N. would've been ALOT faster. ah well. can't be regretful now. I shall wait like a good girl and not fret.


I watched the first two episodes of Utena last night. I found it pretty cool though I got lost a few times when I took too long to read the subtitles (I spaced out abit..hah). I especially got all confused when they'd play the music overtop of them talking, so there'd be like two subtitles - one on top of the other - and I'd try to read both at the same time. heh heh. diiizzzy.

Later on tonight, I shall watch two more episodes or maybe three seeing as how there are no premieres I am dying to see tonight except SNL (not the premiere, but a new episode) which comes on late enough. I could just finish it off, but I hate doing that. I spaced out SE: Lain over a month or so. I watched one dvd a weekend (I got four in all I think; the whole series). it's alot better to watch it in parts since it gives you suspense or well, a break to let what you just watched sink in then diving right into the next bit. I always have my little schedules for things. even entertainment! I'm acting like this is a school project. ah well. I was always one to be organised.

So far, I find it engaging; like a good book. I was completely immersed in it that I almost forgot to stop the thing at 7pm. I must say, that Saionji guy is quite rude. he keeps slapping that girl Himemiya around. *smaaack smaaack whoopaaah* (sound effect friend used to make when pretending to bitch slap; hah) and hee! Touga made me laugh with his binoculars all sitting proper-like at the top watching the duel. hee! he's sort've dainty seeming. Chu Chu is cuuute. aw. always with the cute animals; always has a place in anime series it seems. I mean, the cats on Sailor Moon (though they're really human, but whatever; sort've like Salem on Sabrina), Ryo-ohki on Tenchi, etcetc.

Anyway, this is my opinion so far. probably after I'm done here, I'll be watching more of it later.


I was abit pathetic again around 2am. I think around that time is the pity party hour depending on what's going on. I was listening to the rain outside; it was a calming rain, but yet it attributed to a gloomy atmosphere against the music and the quietness. just that rain pitter pattering outside and the need to possibly escape. it was like I was holding my breath under water; the silence was that deafening. finally I put up an away note and left for an hour; almost two. I just went about my shower business and then just leaned up against the wall letting the water cascade against my forehead with my eyes closed. I wanted to just fall asleep, but that wouldn't have been too pleasant after awhile. I had sat down to shave and then I went into some trance in the corner where I just laid there. the water was going cold. I dunno. I just didn't feel like getting out just yet. I basically bullshitted. didn't do anything great. nothing naughty. just weary as fuck.

By the time I got out, I got that horrible razor burn (which I brought up in the forum) where I can't budge for awhile. it wasn't as bad as usual since I really tried to be careful; I sure as hell took my time in there this time. it just happens no matter what lately. maybe it's the weather. the fact that it's getting colder, might cause goosebumps and make it more difficult to shave smoothly. I just might take that baby oil suggestion if I can convince mom to get me some. I have no money as of right now. aaah.

So, anyway, once I got out, I no longer wanted to cry, but I still was bored. I read the forum abit, answered a few posts and then went to bed in silence to read the last section of that book. closing my eyes, I did realise I wouldn't be able to watch cartoons in the morning since it already was 6am ...a tragedy.


And today, no book. that is all I have to say about today.

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