I painted my toenails violet last night. check me out:

yes, it took forever to even out the polish; like three coats of it and breathing it in all at the same time. actually it smells sweet like candy almost. I didn't mind it one bit though it's probably killing brain cells...hah! well, the door was open, so no getting high. after erasing, painting, erasing, painting a few times (I had the polish remover and some cotton to get around the edges when I'd screw up), I tiptoed downstairs to capture a photo. it wasn't working. apparently there wasn't enough light by the doorway. I turned on all the lights, but aiming downward is, I guess, a bad move. I did get a lovely blurred shot of the fireplace and the kitchen floor plus my pants and what seemed to be fog. how niiice. I finally did come to my senses when I realised I had a webcam. I could just turn it on, prop my foot up and that's what I got. better than going downstairs and making all that racket with the cam and turning on and off of the lights. no wonder mom woke up later!

Scribbling Outside the Lines
04:36 PM CST

Yes, around 2am, mom was wide awake. she wanted to order pizza...what the hell is up here? she was giddy and took some pictures of me just cause. well, I did want to take a few webcam shots since I had taken a picture of my polished toes and was getting ready to do so when she opened her door all blurry eyed and staggering on the stairs. yes, I know. I get dressed at night, put on makeup like I'm going out just so I can pose for some pictures. no way in hell I'd ever not be put together, ya know? I don't think I take many pictures of me just out of bed without anything on my face. I at least have foundation or blush or gloss though it's probably not noticeable.

The Results of the "photo shoot" (I can't believe how narcissistic this all sounds!) were this:

I'm trying not to laugh

I'm pretending as if I'm looking elsewhere. it's my favourite type of pose. I dunno why, but it makes me look like I'm artistic. never evah evah look directly at the camera, ya know?

I finally decide it's time to laugh before the "shoot" ends. I'm stupid...hah. I was all, "make me lauuuugh! ya have to! I can't fake a laugh! do something! anything!" she probably thought I was insane even though she was pretty insane herself.

this was the first picture I took when I had the webcam on in the beginning. I like how I only have part of my face in the photo; those always look pretty cool. I made it b/w cause it was speckled too much in colour. in b/w at least it seems more dignified. blurring to get out the sketchiness only made me look like my face was melting. we don't want that!


Yesterday seemed like girly day. I paint my toenails, put on makeup and do a "photo shoot" ...this is very much unlike me. I also weighed myself and I gained a pound. go me! six more to go!! six more! and I think my cavity is back or my sinuses are in full effect. my jaw hurts like hell on the other side ever since last night. maybe too much candy. I'm trying to lower my intake now.

I stayed up till 5am last night/morning, but for once it wasn't entirely my fault. mom wanted to see the end of the VH1 countdown and it ended at 4am. after we made fun of the videos (she imitated J Lo's rubbing of the breasts move in her video "I'm Real" or something...seriously. scary!) and such she figured she should go to bed. she didn't think it was as late as it was. hah! really now. she got up at 2am...what did she expect? we watched Rendez View also; after the photos were taken. um, that show is even more hilarious than Blind Date! I mean, the talking inbetween cracks me the hell up! I was in giggle spasm fits almost rolling on the ground when they were saying how that one guy was the devil and how he pleases himself ...that hand movement and the giddy "hee hee HEE! iiiiii dooooo" was abit too much. eckeck! I'd never sign up to be on a date on that show...I remember I was always tempted for Blind Date just cause I'd want to see what they'd say I was sayin' in the bubbles. certainly I wouldn't take all that seriously.


On Thursday, around 4:30pm, I spoke to André on the phone! that was excitement times twooo! it's too bad I wasn't prepared with some music or I could've sang really horribly. he's probably thanking whoever it is he thanks that I only belted out a few lyrics in a monotone, no tune, voice. it's weird how I can sing perfectly with the music and then I try to get out a few lines to someone and I lose it...I mean, I can't remember the exact words or the beat. I must have sniffed too much nail polish after all! aHAH!

I don't think he called ethan a poof though; I was sooo expecting that. he did mention evil shaun/good shaun locked up in casket (or um something? cage? container? whatever...haha) though. then I was like "buuut buuut he's good! he buys me things!" and he was all, "that's what evil people do, ya know?" it was just screwy fun.

Actually, on the subject of voices, I wasn't surprised by his at all. he seemed surprised by mine though; he expected me to be more shrill possibly? eh....I had just eaten some chips, so my sinuses were acting up. he doesn't know that I can be shrill when I want to be...giddy and laugh-yelling! maybe he's thanking whoever he thanks that I wasn't giddy though. it's not always pleasant to hear me scream in your ear. hah!

We spoke abit about (former) FB...about the hacking to his newly built computer which caused him to be weary of the net for what seems like decades and how he had some spirtual journey afterwards. how lovely. I laughed at that one saying it seemed like some drama on television; I mean, "spiritual" journey? eh, maybe on Oprah. Dr. Phil would get on his ass.

I do hope we talk again sometime. always a pleasure...always a time to ROCK!


The forum is doing well ...I...I...I can't believe word travels so fast! my goal was 20 members by the end of the week and it surpassed that. I always aim high, so this is a good thing that it actually went over my overachieving goal. it's actually a ton of fun being an administrator and getting to decide all these things we can have and such. I like the PMs the best. it's cool to see that little thing appear at the top saying I have a new message. almost as fun as IMs! I just never knew it was this easy to have a forum that works so well and free no less! I almost up and got a ubb and infopop which is sort've expensive. of course, I do admit, if I run out of space here, it might turn out to be a problem. I wonder if there's a way to check how much space I'm taking up as it is. I have 75MB in all; sometimes it doesn't seem like alot and sometimes it does. ya gotta realise, that's 75MB for the WHOLE account. meaning both my domains. meaning everything I've ever written or have on the FTP file. I could buy 30MB more at the drop of a hat, but mom refuses to let me spend more on domain stuff; that's how I got in the debt I was in before.

Speaking of spending money, (I'm so good with the segue ways) I spent around $96 yesterday. yes, I got $200. $100 was to get me out of debt with my domains and eBay fees and the other $100 was for me to do with what I want. I won't get another check till November you must realise. the temptation was tooo strong though. I needed new headphones, so I went to amazon to check cause I needed to buy the book club book as well. might as well buy it all in one place if ya know what I mean. I spoke to Will about different kinds and he seemed an expert or at least better than me at knowing about the brands of headphones and types. he has five of them! FIVE! I mean, look at me! I have one pair that is broken - well, they still work fine, but the earpiece broke in my hand the other month and it's been a bitch to walk around wearing them with it just dangling there like a lost animal. I have yet another pair in my drawer somewhere that has one earpiece with no sound; I mean, ya have to jangle the wire to get it to come in straight which is annoying. that's why I needed the headphones; I was desperate! ended up buying an aiwa pair for $12.75 though Will suggested Sony. they didn't have any good Sony left in stock.

With the headphones and book, I broke down and got the new Bjork album as well. I had to! it's not fair when I'm behind...hehe. all this came out to around $49 and some change. next up was animecastle. that's my downfall for real. I can hold back at amazon, I can hold back at clothing stores, but animecastle - there's no. turning. back.!! I wanted everything...almost every series I want! want! want! gimme! I turn into a sniveling little kid when I browse there. it's like I'm drooling over the new items and the items I must have. ended up with two items by the end cause I came to my senses; I knew I wanted to keep within my budget and not owe mom anymore money. Utena vol.1 dvd and a Love Hina graphic novel (vol.2) which came out to around $47 and some change; 5% going to the United Way September 11 Fund; I was sort've happy with that..I can say I donated something since before I couldn't cause I had no money. I have $3.24 now. at least it's a positive number for once..hah!


I need a banana/cherry lollipop. I really need to stop. my ear's about to combust.

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