Monday evening and tuesday till nighttime when things became all better were bad bad bad. first allergy/sinus attack (I sneeze eight times in a row or something), I make my ear bleed by scratching it with a straggly nail (hah!), had a rather dour conversation which made me abit misty eyed, was lonely, then if that wasn't enough, cable goes out all night! damn, one thing you never evah evah evah leave me alone with is my thoughts. dangerous combination. *raised eyebrow of a solemn degree*

Some Days are Better than Others
11:24 PM CST

I've had much fun since I downloaded AIM last night. who knew it was so great? I sure as hell didn't. I had it for awhile last year, and it was so boring, I'd sign off almost immediately after I signed on. it didn't have all these cool new features obviously. no smilies, no talk, no i-cons, no nada. just the same thing as having AOL to chat..who needed two places to do the same thing if there were no benefits either way? well, this is why I declined so much when shaun asked that I get AIM. I wondered what could be so great? why did I need to download it again? I got rid of it cause I never went on it; it was the same as AOL. obviously it changed. I shouldn't turn down demands so quickly...hehe. I'm usually off cause I might've seen it or done it in ancient times and now in the twenty first century, it hath improved! technology is a great thing. it moves faster than I ever could...or should even.

I've been on AIM since that extreme? well, I put it on 'away' mode from around 4pm-6pm though while mom was doing her eBay routine. it's just so addicting. even GooglyMinotaur is more fun while on there. it understands the emoticons...hehe. I put the angel one and it said " ? what is it, angel" heheh. I said "I am floating" I'm too amused for my own good.

we interrupt this entry to talk about how fidel castro is building Will's hotrod. yes, he is! watch him tip his gun in salute as I walk by the garage....he is sooo sexy while he does it! watch him pour that wax!! oooh yeaaah baaaabbby!
we now return you to your regularly scheduled boring drab of an entry!

So, anyway, today is rather upbeat compared to the last day and a half of woe. good thing you missed it. well, my livejournal friends didn't but I'm too good to you. you know this. I love you all. heh heh. you only deserve happiness from me. okay, I'm just kidding you...only reason it wasn't mentioned was cause I wasn't scheduled to update at those times ^^;;

It really was rather sad. Sigur Ros, tears in my eyes, laying on my bed sulking, writing poetry (well, okay one poem but it was so sad, siiigh). I don't get sad that often but I was literally on the brink of a breakdown. I mean, cable was the last straw. I said I needed company of some sort. I needed to watch something funny or at least something familiar. the tv started glitching around 1am monday night and I just curled up in a ball and aaaaaah! I wanted the night to end. it ended at around 4am and tuesday was only semi-bleak. thankfully.


Today I talked to shaun on the phone after a week; it feels like longer though. it was nice too since it seemed he talked more; I even got interrupted!! sacrilegious!! I was happy though since it seemed like a very upbeat conversation compared to last week which was after the disasters obviously. I even said the phrase 'what would constitute as being in that genre?' or prestigious am I?? hahaha. I think all our conversations are good, but this one seemed extra fun. especially when I told him how I told André to call between the hours of 4-6pm or something. yes...shaun was all like, "looks in little black book..." oh yes, yes. there is no spot reserved for you! no saah nooo saaaah! (sir if you didn't get my accent) yes, I can pretend I have a life. really, I just mark things off on my calendar and believe me, there are days few and far between that I ever even do that. this month I marked the tragedies down though (who the hell knows why) and one month day before that! that's it for september. maybe october I'll mark off more days. I know lindsey's bday and shaun's...that's about all I know I must remember.

The guest called soon afterwards and I picked up the phone cause mom couldn't hobble fast enough. he actually wanted to talk to me! hah! mom crossed her arms across her chest in a huff at that! he wanted to know how my love life was going...'scuse me?? this was very erm, awkward at the least. especially with mom sitting there waiting. I was like, "um, yeah...good." and he was like, "yeah you have shaun over here, willie over there, H.G., cousin guy, who else?" then I said, "none of those other people are involved" (I sound cryptic as hell to mom I bet; like I have some master killing plan going out...muahahaha!! like those people on tv when they go to the dark alleyway with their cellphone to talk in private and talk in code!! I love it!) he did seem way too interested in my plans here. soon enough I just said mom had her hand extended out, wanting the phone and handed it off to her. too funny though. I admit.


Lindsey gave me my other semi-cousin (well, she's the daughter of my mom's cousin; whichever that would make her to me) Gia's SN on AIM earlier today. she had come online and I tried not to say something weird; sometimes I do. I caiiin't help it! I just said "hey, this is Amber, lindsey gave me your SN...just wanted to say hi!" and no response. maybe it was the exclamation point. too much peppiness scares people away. I should know better. sheesh! or she just wasn't there. I'll go with that assumption.


I'll probably start listing again soon. I know I always say that, but I'm serious this time. really, I am! stop looking at me like that! *cowers* anyway, maybe by friday I'll have all the photos taken and ready to put up and hope for caaaash...mad caaash! dinero! financial greatness! or at least maybe $100 more. Magic8 ball said I'd get money. I hope it meant more than the check that is getting me out of debt. I shall press my palms together in a minor one sided prayer to the computer. it hath been done.

I want to buy some merch at house of anime...I haven't bought from there since May and it was such good service! they have stuff I want also. I have this odd desire for a Di Gi Charat illustration book. plus, I saw they sell Utena there. they never sell that at animecastle! >_<
I am curious about that series.
okay, so enough about anime, but there it is. my desire for more anime is intense. I haven't had any in a few months. now THAT's more bleak than even the past couple days, right?

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eh mang, fidel ese supposed to be building my hotrod mang.

- 09.19.2001 11:44 PM - juan cabron


Will I know that's you! don't play around :P

- 09.20.2001 01:15 AM - Amber


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