Oooh I kept playing with my tooth today. it's odd. okay, it's lost almost all feeling, but it feeeels weird. I mean, in terms of rigidness. near the gumline, it feels rough and like it's not all the way there. maybe it's decaying and the nerve diiiied! I'm not sure what was worse! a hurting numbed down cavity or a tooth that is actually changing shape with potential to maybe fall out!!! now, granted, it's in the back and no one sees it there, but, I don't want it to fall out nonetheless. dentist this week. dentist this week. I should make that my mantra.

Don't Kill Me Little Girl
08:30 PM CST

I've decided Tuesday will be listing day. tonight I shall prepare the lovely merchandise to sell on eBay! it's been so long, I feel giddy as fuck. I mean, think about it, I quit when I was sad over the earrings beginning of last month. it's been awhile...since I saw those earrings get picked over and it's been awhile since the light hit them and they sparkled, and since I last felt how failing tastes! yeessss...failings a bitch. anyway, those earrings should sell this time. I mean, September is my good month for financial prophecies. I shain't doubt the good horoscope in Marie Claire. it cannot be wrong! and if it is, I'll ignore that comment.

I've had later and later nights lately...and stranger and stranger dreams to boot. I mean, I can stay awake almost a whole day now and that ain't healthy. then when I do dream in the morning/afternoon (since I feel that's when the dreaming process starts since uhhh I go to bed so late). today it had to do with sharing my earnings with this small girl. we were in groups in this big lunchroom type place. I had a strange looking doll (it looked like the girl version of chucky). anyway, I left it in the corner on the couch next to one of the members of this season's NY RW cast (I think it was Kevin! hah!). anyway, the doll had this look of pure evil and smirked ...her eyes turned red. she was wearing a white nightgown sort've thing and had ratty brown hair (about 8inches tall) and floated over to Kevin. he flinched and said, "noooo...not this!" and she began sucking on his neck and then licking the Nike tag on his shirt (don't ask!) and she kept attacking him till I woke up. what does this tell ya about me?


I love music in the morning when the sun rises above the grey clouds of yore! I sang to bloody hell and back over "A Perfect Sonnet" by Bright Eyes. over and over I screamed and belted out the lyrics. I realised the song wasn't as happy as I first suspected.

With the money that is surely to come to me, I'd love to dye my hair; yes, I'm frivolous...'scuse me. I mean, at a salon. I've been wanting to dye it for about four years now and everytime I'm told it's a bad idea or only at a salon which I never have the cash for or I'm saving for something else. well, now, I just want sheets and picture frames. surely I'll have enough for a cut and colouring job at some point soon, right? I dream erotically about luscious black that shines in the light mixed with purple over my part that falls across my face. ooooh yesss....*drools* for now, my hair is just .....not so dream worthy. it needs a spark and when the money starts rolling in, it shall get it.

Speaking of money, I'll be out of debt for sure in the next week. that means all money I make from now forward, is miiiiine! that's why I feel I shall get what's coming to me surely. I've been waiting patiently for two months to start buying stuff again. I mean, I'm a greedy person. it's in the genes. I was bound to die of wantingness soon enough. I want more anime too. I'm soooo slipping in that dept. I mean, no anime since May! NONE! besides a manga or two but that doesn't count. I mean, no new series or volumes of ones I already started. I think I forgot what happened on the last episode of EVA (I'm only on Vol.5 people!!). I'll have to rewatch it before I get the next volume. I wanted to finish that series off earlier, but I guess things happen.


more tim dream naughtiness!

Oh, yes, oh yes, almost forgot! more on the
tim dreamings but this time it twas him! yeah, I saved the conversation (hope it's okay to post *muahahaha*):

yamerarenai: guess what

yamerarenai: you'll never believe it

Rasbswirl2: what?

yamerarenai: i dreamt of you last night!

Rasbswirl2: really? what was it about?

yamerarenai: you were like... in my dorm room. and we went out dancing. then we got tired and came back and went to sleep. when we woke up, the party was still going on outside, so we started dancing again. the end. o_O;

yamerarenai: we were dancing to radiohead in the food court. ?_?

Rasbswirl2: oooh wow :P

sounds exciiiting. were we sleeping in the same area? hah!

and hee! I like radiohead; my fav group!

yamerarenai: ^_^; it was idioteque that was playing... i think.

Rasbswirl2: ooooh! I think I once heard that song in a dream, too

um yessss devious indeed. and yeah a blatent ignoring of the "sleep question" ..I'm baaaad!!!!
I was supposedly wearing an 8-piece bikini, that's different o_O !! hehe. I can picture I looked pretty darn snaaaazy!
oh yeah, and I'm still working on the mix cd. it now has 14 tracks so far! hee! I usually put 18 sooo I'm just about there. I'll let ya know when I finish ;)


On an ending note, I have a good feeling about this month. it's a good thing shaun still loves me after all the badgering I've been doing as of late. I love the fall. the way the leaves fall from trees and the air gets chillier for which ya need warmth.

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Well well... Isn't that interesting... I wonder who else dreams of Starlight? I too noticed how he swiftly avoided the sleep question. Hmmm...

And an eight piece bikini? That is different. Did you ask if in the dream you'd sprouted five extra pairs of breasts? One set would have probably have been in the back, you know, for dancing... I wonder where the four would go...

- 09.04.2001 01:10 AM - André, Man of Destiny


um haha. yeaah. I picture this eight piece thing as being a spacerific fashion sense. ya know, pieces strapped about or to legs or like circling around arms...erm, I dunno. I have a weird imagination.

hehe. I always say scary-sounding things to tim now...harhar. today I said, "ooh nonono! I light souls afire! t'would be bad to burn me" or something like that and I said I was sucking on a lollipop and was innocent. don't ask where the deviousness comes from.

I read your email earlier; made me laaaaaugh! I'll reply soon enough. shaun was online but he said he had "no mouse" and signed off. weird

- 09.04.2001 01:40 AM - Amber


You see, 1% of male can suddenly "lose their mouse". That euphemism actually denotes a serious medical condition in which... Oh, wait, he probably just meant that his pointing device peripheral is not functioning.

And I know all about the sucking thing you're pulling! Standing on a bus stop, sucking on a lollipop. Once she gets going it hard to make the hottie stop. She like to dance to the rap jams. She's sweet as brown sugah with the candied yams. Wearin' rayon, silk, or...

Damn, I have a perfectly valid point to make and I go and break into 'Around The Way Girl'. Damn, now that's all I hear in my head.

- 09.04.2001 01:56 AM - André, Man of Destiny!


hee! I'm playing 'question of lust' by Depeche Mode right now. for some reason, I brought the disk in but whatever. I stuck it in. hehe.

and yesss he lost his clicking device. I had to try to help him learn some keyboard commands (I googled a site on it) wasn't much help with what he wanted but erm, it certainly showed me what signs ya offline ^^;;

- 09.04.2001 02:18 AM - Amber


I found an antedote for my 'Aroung The Way Girl' problem. Oldies 107.5. It worked!

Although 'Question of Lust' seems appropriate since you've taken to the role of Internet Temptress as of late. Evil evil! 8Ţ

Hmmm... Maybe sticking out my tongue isn't the best way to make a point when discussing lust and temptation. Heheheheh...

- 09.04.2001 02:25 AM - André, Man of Destiny


ooooh!!! naaauuughty!! heh. I'm a, this whole site is sinful >:)
I play "If you're feeling sinister" (by Belle and Sebastian) alot too just to say the line "if you are feeling sin. is. ter. go off and see a min. is. ter."

anyway, now it's on "never let me down again" ..a bit less lustful.

- 09.04.2001 02:31 AM - Amber


Are you kidding? dM is all sin, baby.

- 09.04.2001 02:35 AM - melodywhore


I wonder why the person doesn't want to go down anymore. I'm thinkin' either taste, odor, or both. ~LOL~

OK, that there WAS naughty. As they say,

"Forgiviness please!"
-- Little Yakuza Guy in White, The Simpsons

- 09.04.2001 02:37 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hahahaha H.G. ...I knew you'd feel the powaaah of the dM!!

now it's on "Enjoy the Silence" and yesss all sin, all good.

as for you André - naughty youuuu!! I forgive chuu though! (damn, I'm going all pikachu there)

- 09.04.2001 02:40 AM - Amber


Deezam! I know, I just KNOW I can twist "Enjoy the Silence" into something, well, twisted. But it's not coming forth. Rrrrr... What's happening to me. I feel my powers... fading... fading... faaaaadiiing...

And hello there Husband Guy! I've heard, well, only a bit about you. But I have heard of you! Well met good sir!

- 09.04.2001 02:45 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hrm....hrm....I can feel the powaah too to make that naughty but I can't feel it enough. hmmm.....

and yes, H.G. is zee man, yo! I am the promoter of his music by putting it on mix cds for random people..hehe

- 09.04.2001 02:50 AM - Amber


Mixing CDs is fun fun! One of my favorite CDs is one Josh made me using an eclectic mix of songs. Not a mainstream one in the bunch. Flutes, bagpipes, and didgeridoos! They was even a track from Riven, The Sequel to Myst! It rocks!

- 09.04.2001 02:55 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hee! cooool. mine are usually alt/indie/jpop/instrumental all the time. sometimes I add an interlude of talking in the middle.

ya can say, I spend too much time thinking up mix cd themes. each has a theme and coverart. Will described me as being like the guy in High Fidelity..hehe.

- 09.04.2001 02:57 AM - Amber


A film I meant to see, but forgot all about. Heheheh.. I'm sure everyone appreciates your effort though. 8)

- 09.04.2001 02:59 AM - André, Man of Destiny


I bought the dvd. also have the book :P

and yeaah, everyone loves my mixes. I try to add non-mainstream mostly. sometimes I'll add something like nelly furtado or erm, staind but uhh it fits.

- 09.04.2001 03:03 AM - Amber


Josh made that CD for me around Reneisance Fest time. Speaking of which, it's almost time to work out the logistics for trying to go this year. I need a better bamboo flute!

- 09.04.2001 03:06 AM - André, Man of Destiny


heh ...bamboo flute...hee!

I can say I haven't been to ren. fest since I was realllly little. we stopped going. then after that, we went to the arts shows no fun for us..hehe.

I used to like the international fests though; especially the italian one. I want pizza fritt (sp?)!

- 09.04.2001 03:12 AM - Amber


We keep meaning to go to other events, but Ren Fest sticks out cause it's so friggin' cool! This year we're going to try to bring a group though. More the merrier!

I do want to go to the Tastes of Houston too. That would rock as well!

- 09.04.2001 03:15 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hee! yeaah, we haven't been in forever.

well, mom doesn't drive downtown, so we haven't been over there in years.

- 09.04.2001 03:19 AM - Amber


You could probably park just outside DT and hop a trolly. Just park near Enron. They always try to help people get to these events because the traffic always sucks! Su-su-sucks! You hear me Mayor Let's Rip the HELL Out of Every Other Friggin' Street Brown! NYYYYAAAGGGHHH!!!

- 09.04.2001 03:22 AM - André, Man of Destiny


'Alive and Kicking' is playing now. My sister once thought it was 'Our Love is Kinky'. Strange but true.

- 09.04.2001 03:24 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hee! or just wait till the guest comes and hope there's something goin' down!

I know mom wants to see Johnny Mathis in Feb. hah. though that's not an event; more like erm, a show. uh yeah.

I think RENT is coming too around that time. I missed it once (cause of the evil people in front of us in line) and never tried to go again.

- 09.04.2001 03:25 AM - Amber


'our love is kinky'!! hee! that's a riot!

there's a thread in the forum that talks about misheard lyrics.

- 09.04.2001 03:26 AM - Amber


I'm actually going to try to go see Johnny Mathis too. *crosses fingers*

I think I saw Rent, or Stomp, or some other piece of crap! ~LOL~ That was a modified quote from Homer on the Simpsons.

- 09.04.2001 03:28 AM - André, Man of Destiny


I there was a website called, "Did I hear that right?" I haven't been in a long time so I don't know if it still exists.

- 09.04.2001 03:29 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hah! you call RENT crap?? ::siigh::

and hee! cool. if you go to Mathis, maybe you'll run into mom. not sure if I'd go or not. I like the music's okay.

and yeah, I know there's tons of misheard lyrics sites out there that I've seen.

- 09.04.2001 03:32 AM - Amber


Too bad you don't live closer. You could go to Ren Fest with us. It's a logistics problem.

That would be weird if I did run into your Mom there. Out of all those people and considering I've only seen one picture.

- 09.04.2001 03:36 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hee! truuue. that would be rather odd indeed.

and yeaah...I dunno. I wasn't big on ren. fest as much but it would've been cool I'm sure.

- 09.04.2001 03:39 AM - Amber


Yeah, Ren Fest enjoyment depends on who you're with. You can't go alone. There were three of us last time. Me, Josh, and Andrea. We were hoping Garret (cousin, once removed) could go as well. Who knows who'll end up there this year if we go. It all depends on logistics, because Josh, most likely, will be driving. And coming from LJ, that equates to a LOT of driving. Plus, if the logistics REALLY work out, we may go for the weekend and camp there. ROCK! And if the money works out, we're hitting the Kings feast. If we do, I'll intro myself as the Lord of Rock for the occation.

- 09.04.2001 03:47 AM - André, Man of Destiny


aah yeah. I wasn't alone the times I went; was with my parents.

siiigh. I'm sorta saaad that shaun all doesn't have his mouse. he hasn't replied for awhile.

- 09.04.2001 03:55 AM - Amber


ADMIT IT! That bit about Shaun was bait! You want to see if I'll twist that all around! Naughty naughty Amberita! Heheheh... Well, you know I want to but the 'bait' rant seemed like a fun thing to do.

And with your parents? That's no fun! You need buds you can crack jokes with and make fun of flattering cod pieces.

- 09.04.2001 04:00 AM - André, Man of Destiny


heh heh. well, I was like what? 8 or something? I dunno...hehe.

and no bait, no bait. genuinely saad that he can't reply. heh. though I saw the possibility for you to twist that around, you YOU! heh.

- 09.04.2001 04:02 AM - Amber


Well, at least the Lord of Rock is keeping you company. Who do other people have? Roy Blankenship. That's who. You do NOT want Roy to keep you company. He reeks of feet and Thousand Islands dressing. Bleck!

- 09.04.2001 04:12 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hee! yeah it's nice you are here. also now Will came online and we're talking

shaun said 'sorry love' least he was able to acknowledge me. lets me know he's still "sorta there"

- 09.04.2001 04:17 AM - Amber



- 09.04.2001 04:21 AM - André, Man of Destiny


Will told me to tell you his mom is asleep. haha.

- 09.04.2001 04:25 AM - Amber


What, she's in a coma? Communcate verbally when see wakes up! ~LOL~

- 09.04.2001 04:29 AM - André, Man of Destiny


okay now he says "my mom needs all the beauty sleep she can get, coma or no coma"

and he laughed. damn, I'm a messenger!!! I see where this is goin' ..heh heh

- 09.04.2001 04:32 AM - Amber


Damn, that's pretty fast. You're better than ICQ!

Needs beauty sleep eh? Is he saying his mom is ugly? That ain't foo. Not foo at all. Shame! Shame on Will! ~LOL~ I'm sure he didn't mean it that way.

- 09.04.2001 04:35 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hee! yeaah I don't think so either. and yes, I'm doubly faaaaast!!

oh yeah, Will all went to bed now so no more messenger job for me. :P

- 09.04.2001 04:37 AM - Amber


I'll just detail what I want you to tell him next time you see him. Let's start with a passage from MacBeth...

Just kidding... I wouldn't do that to you. Well, I would, but that's not the point! The point is that I rock! ~LOL~ I hadn't said that in a while and thought you might've forgotten.

- 09.04.2001 04:42 AM - André, Man of Destiny


'Flies in the Vaseline' was playing! ROCK!

- 09.04.2001 04:44 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hehehe oooh nooo I haven't forgotten ;)

oh yeah and now shaun wants me to get him off. I'm not going to be doing naughty right now.

too tired to think up something. hee!

- 09.04.2001 04:46 AM - Amber


EWW! That just so... EWW! I mean, to come out and ask you to... EWW! What, now you're a... EWW! Damn that request was so nasty I can't complete a single thought! Bad Shaun! Bad!

- 09.04.2001 04:49 AM - André, Man of Queasiness


hee! I know, he all went abit insane.

I don't do requests like that...I dunno....he wanted phone sex but I said no cause well, obviously the phone is in mom's room ;)
of course, also I don't do that!! heh

- 09.04.2001 04:51 AM - Amber


Yeah I can't say I blame you. It's a little early in the relationship to be getting so hot and heavy anyhow. You haven't even met! You don't know about his skin texture, proportions, body compostion, or aerodynamics! How are you supposed to get freaki deaki without the proper info?

- 09.04.2001 04:55 AM - André, Man of Destiny


um, now there's a h4x0r doing something in the IM box!! writing scary messages!

maybe it wasn't was evil h4x0r!

- 09.04.2001 04:56 AM - Amber


apparently that wasn't him. weiiird. iiiiii scaaared!

good thing I didn't go "okay, let's see here!"

- 09.04.2001 04:59 AM - Amber


So you don't know if Shaun wanted you to get him off?

WTF does h4x0r mean?

- 09.04.2001 05:00 AM - André, Man of Destiny


it wasn't him. he said it wasn't and he was more considerate than that.

umm, hacker...h4x0r means hacker...heh

- 09.04.2001 05:00 AM - Amber


Hacker? You kids with your fun spelling and your baggy pants... *mumble mumble* in THE GOOD OL' DAYS! *grumble grumble* damn democrats...

- 09.04.2001 05:03 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hahaha. it's the elite way to say it...don't ask me, yo!

I dunno, I'll probably get over the novelty soon enough.

and hey! I took a quiz and it said I was a democrat..hehe

- 09.04.2001 05:04 AM - Amber


Heheheheh... Democrats are fun to pick on. You know, the actual card carrying ones. They have NO humor about the subject and will fly into a rage. They'll bitch about republicans, and accuse you of being racist, homophobic, and sexist at the drop of a hat. Then I tell them I'm not a republican, and their tamtrum falls flat.

Other wise the 'un-carded' democrats are fun, but in a JKILYSIK sort of way. 8)

- 09.04.2001 05:09 AM - André, Man of Destiny


heh. yeaah, I don't really care either way. it's just the way I answered the questions on what I got.

I don't care for republicans much though. *shrugs* I sorta go neutral on politics..hehe.

anyway, I need to get to bed soon. it's laaate. g'night you! gonna get sleep tonight?

- 09.04.2001 05:12 AM - Amber


Yes, and in fact, I was going to head to bed before I started talking to you tonight. Tis' OK though. You be fun fun.

G'Nite. sweet Dreams. Don't have 'crab' dreams.

- 09.04.2001 05:16 AM - André, Man of Destiny


Man, I don't mean to be rude, but pretty much all 55 posts here are between you and amber. You might as well be chatting with each other over instant messenger or ICQ. My 2 cents. (and yes I'm happy, just an observation).

- 09.04.2001 07:08 PM - poopmuffin


Feel free to join in Poop. Anyone can post. Don't be shy! Show the love. Show!!!

- 09.04.2001 09:51 PM - André, Man of Destiny


Hey, poopmuffin... what is it about you and poop? Oh and hey Andre (imagine hyphen)... what do you mean you've heard of me... I post on all the damn time! ;)

- 09.05.2001 08:10 AM - melodywhore


Well... yeah! I do recall that I've seen you post there! (If you survived that corny non-joke, read on.) I stop by here more often 'cause Amber's gots a schedule. Easier to find an update. But although I'm unfamiliar with your posts, rest assured that Amber has said very nice things about you. 8)

- 09.05.2001 08:38 PM - André, Man of Destiny


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