So, I played the old whining game again. almost like the 'killing' don't ask. I have no idea what I'm talking about. It just reminds me so much of, "don't you loooove me? where are you? dude, I mean, come ON! whaah don't loooove me anymore, do you? you're just sitting there laughing, laughing at me!" I'm funny. no, really. I found it amusing later that I even thought like that. maybe it's Richard's fault, but no, no, I blame me.

You're Either Manic or You're Depressed
06:12 PM CST

Ya see, I said I wouldn't discuss Richard anymore (haha), but it's important to the storyline. okay, last night, things were fiiiine. I was elated. things were great. I mean, there was a "party" in the other entry. things were goin' doooown! I talked to everyone on my list and my fingers ached from typing a million words a minute in a two hour time frame. I was blasted if I was going to keep anyone waiting...hah! I swear, I never slow down long enough to breathe in the air I guess.

Soon after all of this fast typing, I realised there was a cramp in my side and back. too too soon for that time. uh uh. no falling off the roof...noooo! but, it is true. ten days early. it must be stress. what stress you ask? maybe the stress of staying up late and feeling too much love (hah!) or the tooth pain I had for a week or my fears I won't make money on eBay like I used to since I'm putting the stuff up sometime this week. it's September now. time to get crackin' ....I want to sell those earrings before I die.

Anyway, once I realised it was that time, I don't know what happened. I just bit my lip and a few tears came out. I just felt horribly low from my unbearably high moment of two seconds ago. okay, it was triggered by me and Richard's conversation. about how I can't love someone without meeting them and that maybe I'll never meet him. my relationships are never real apparently. and supposedly he feels sad about that. I don't understand really. I just started thinking about all the past relationships and all the bad times and I just began to baaaawl...I mean, so much so that I had my palms covering my face, cowered with feet propped up to rest my head. I was practically shaking with how lonely I was and the reality of things.

He told me to tell shaun to come down here in two weeks and if he refused, he didn't care enough. I started to, I told him I was crying. I felt really awful and ...and...I don't know. he was ignoring me. or so I thought. I just brushed my teeth, had my vitamin c, ruminated over the problem till 5am and then I wrote a sordid email, and signed offline feeling empty.

Today, the guest is over. I still feel unbearably weak and my throat burns; suprisingly my tooth doesn't hurt at all though. it's numb without being numbed. it's unfeelable. maybe it's good that way though I still refuse to eat on that side; in fact, I don't want to eat at all today. soooo, I spoke to the guest and told him about my relationship and about my other friends I've met this month since he hasn't been here in awhile. he joked about and I laughed abit. he said he should pretend to be me one day and see how my friends react. HAH!

So, when I was downstairs, getting advice and talking, I see mom come downstairs to tell me shaun was messaging me. I get up there thinking maybe I kept him waiting too long and he'll think I'm mad. maybe upset, yes, but I wasn't mad at him. just feeling sorry for myself. it turns out he was saying he was sorry; it was a computer crash. I felt silly all over again. last night, Richard told me not to apologise for my actions though cause all I wanted was some comfort. I refrained, but still felt bad cause I was abit out of line. he's supposed to "surprise" (well, not a surprise anymore unless he means by what time it happens) call me later. I feel more secure now.

I think that time is a ruining bitch! I mean, it ruins things for daaaays. I remember one fight I had with lindsey that one time where I cried to hell and back and it was all over her not joining the old forum in it's dying days. a few days later, what happens? that time! falling off the roof is like getting in cahoots with a billion people I say! I was actually much tamer at this point. I mean, I'm just sad. if I was angry, ya wouldn't want to see how I would act. I refrain. I'm too weak to worry anyway.

I took a slight nap earlier; left the computer on, so I could write this when I was relaxed. only a half an hour nap. I read beforehand ....the Bill Bryson book I kept falling asleep in before. now I'm on page 185 and on chapter 13. I guess I'm going places...haha. 305 or so pages....well, maybe I'm almost partial way there.

I sang perfectly again too. before my throat and chest started burning; stupid time. I sang angry songs, but it was nice to get frustration out. it's my healthy way of letting out emotion. it stops me from being insanely rude to others.

Okay, soooo, I guess some things have happened since last time. I mean, on Wednesday or Thursday? -a second surprise phonecall from shaun and then I talked to Will for around fifty minutes a few minutes later. insaaane. it was fun though. I felt like I was being social and I am almost never sociable. I like to stay in my corner of the world and leave other people out. listen to my music, watch my shows and keep it to myself. I just felt so much more confident the past week (up until yesterday of course and we know why there). August was indeed a good month for high times.

It did say September 21st, love happens. well, love has happened but does it mean he'll visit? I still wonder if horoscopes tell the truth. it said nothing great about August and look at that? sure, health sucked though. I guess everything is fate. that used to be my tried and true phrase for most things. I erased that thought a few months ago. now I sort've believe in it again.

[offhand comment]
tim mentioned me and my dreams here...muahahah!!
I can say that last night I dreamt of something else..hee! I was telling everyone I had sex and was proud and some bugs tried to attack me. not sure if that's any better.
[/offhand comment]

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Ah, the blue bird of happiness has departed from your window sill, only to be replaced with the chicken of depression. Tis bad it is. But you'll recover. Of that I am sure.

But cramps huh? Well, I shoulda warned ya, doing a happy dance too vigorously has been known to shake it loose. Ewww! 8(

Let this be a lesson to ya. Always wear extra cushioned sneakers to increase the odds of walking away safely from a happy dance.

Speaking of odds, notice how some odds seem hell bound on getting worse each day? How... ODD! Tee hee! OK, that was corny, but in a good way.

- 09.01.2001 06:54 PM - André


teehee! heh.

I'm doing alright I s'pose. waiting for my surprise phonecall and I played a game of CTR (crash team racing) and sang a few songs. that always works!

oh yeah, will be replying to your email shortly. just stepped back from my game.

- 09.01.2001 07:07 PM - Amber


Rock! You should get some Frampton. 'Do You Feel Like We Do?' is always good to sing along with. Because he never says exactly how he feels, so you can pretend all those people cheering and screaming in the background are feelin' ya!

I'm currently singing it. And everyone seems to feel I rock as much as I feel I rock. Of course that goes without saying because, I ROCK!

- 09.01.2001 07:12 PM - André


I think you pretty much know how I feel about online relationships. Because Bri. is here because of it.

Take it slow. Don't pressure each other into meeting. Get to know each other for a while before that happens.

I believe you can fall in love over the net...even though you haven't seen the person up close and personal. I think the net is just another medium to meet someone. But you do have to be careful. I don't need to tell you this. You already know.

As it is, I had enough 'friends' telling me that Bri. here was a serial killer. And you know how everything has turned out for us.

As long as there is open communication, most relationships will work. Talk about everything.

If you do meet up, then let it be for a few days to a week and go your separate ways for a while to really see how you feel about each other.

I never expected Bri. to stay. And amazingly enough, he is still here with me. Although, I don't think he will stay forever. He has bigger dreams that are bound to lead him to other places and even people. Ugh. Gut feeling. I have to go with that.

Oh well, I'll get the hell off my soap box now.

- 09.01.2001 07:32 PM - Starcat


I have one comment about the new dream. Crabs! There, I said it!

- 09.01.2001 07:42 PM - André


André - I hit ya up! check your mail :P

and starcat - siiigh yeaah. I was just abit emotional cause I wasn't expecting to *ahem* "fall off the roof" so soon. I misinterpreted it all. he now called me and he told me to listen to happy music, write and let myself go; that he'll be online later. hehe. I sorta laughed when he said, "I was thinking aw man, I'll be hearing about this later" heh heh. I'm sooo bad.

and André again - ummm yo!, no Crabs!!! these were separate dreams. one happened and then I woke up to something and then I had the bug dream. it does make for an icky scenario though. ewwww....

- 09.01.2001 08:21 PM - Amber


I got me mail and a reply shall be coming forth with. In this context forth with means tomorrow. Maybe early tomorrow, but none the less.

And now it's two dreams is it? Ha! Like I can make that scenario all twisted as well. Doth thou doubt my powers!?! BWA HA HA HAAAAA!

Lucky for you I'm engrossed in learning to play 'Last Train to Clarksville' on my guitar. Curse those infernal Monkeys! I shall foil them yet! THEY SHALL RUE THE DAY... Uh, *ahem* but I digress.

I still hold that the dreams are interelated. Look at the connected elements.


It's the only logical conclusion. Perhaps it's your subconscious telling you to give up the life of a Playa Playa! (I can fit that into ANY topic!)

Now, you mull that over while I deal with those wretched Monkeys...

- 09.01.2001 10:07 PM - André


Correction: "Ha! Like I CAN'T make that scenario all twisted as well."

- 09.01.2001 10:09 PM - André


ummm I'm scared for your sanity...hehehe

and aah guitar playing; my dad used to play nonsense all the time. I'm glad we don't live with him anymore; that was annoying, yo! it's all good though cause most can play better than he can though he thinks he ROCKS when you probably really do ROCK! no ya do...ya do...

anyway, tomorrow's fine. take as much time as you would like.

aaah, I can't stop thinking about me and shaun's conversation. I'm obsessed, yo! I even told anime tim about the whole scenario. scaaaarrry. hee!

- 09.02.2001 12:05 AM - Amber


Bleh... BLEH! I'm sick. Can't consentrate.... on email... Fluids building... in... SINUS CAVITY!!! Depriving world of witty repartee... No... Must... consentrate... I... I... ~passing out~ rock...*

- 09.02.2001 12:13 AM - André


aww...feel better :)

I got sinuses builds in my ears and down my throat. most unpleasant. usually what helps is a nice vapourised vitamin c drop.

my $.02

and yes...ya rock even when you're not on top of things..heh heh.

- 09.02.2001 01:03 AM - Amber


Can't sleep... Pressure, oh the pressure... But I can at least wonder around and check to see if Amber is up. Which she is! Heheheh... That is if you are still reading this. Hmmmm... Ya posted 7 minutes ago by my clock...

- 09.02.2001 01:09 AM - André


Wander. I meant I wander. I wa-wa-wa-wa-wander-er-er!

- 09.02.2001 01:11 AM - André


yeah, I'm up. I'm always up.

at least when I know that he'll come online. I really should take a shower though; if he isn't online by 1:45-2am I'm going to do that and then come back..heh heh.

oh yeah, and I bet ya wish you could edit your messages, don't ya? ;)
cause I can!! ooh yeaaah!

- 09.02.2001 01:20 AM - Amber


On one hand, my typos remain. On the other, I post more often and thus make the world a better place. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

- 09.02.2001 01:24 AM - André


haha. I s'pose. gotta spread the love (I wrote lover at first; damn) farther.

um, don't ya hate when you're typing out a big message and the person signs off before you can send it? only bad if on AIM! I wanted to say hi to lindsey and she up and left. aw. she's all busy since she got in college :\

- 09.02.2001 01:34 AM - Amber


Yeah, college eats away at folks free time. It's a drag. But, I've been guilty of leaving folks hanging on occation. They, of course, forgave me, but I still felt bad.

- 09.02.2001 01:37 AM - André


yeah, people can get busy with anything; even non-college work...haha.

I'll be selling on eBay again soon. as I mentioned. I don't get tooo busy with that though. and in high school I slacked sooo bad cause I put friends and website first.

yeaah, you can say, I don't set priorities..lindsey's one dedicated student I guess. I mean, "off to do homework"? what type of crap is that? hehe.

- 09.02.2001 01:41 AM - Amber


Where did homework ever get anyone? Booky McNerdass's Star Trek parties, that's where! ~LOL~

Shouldn't you be bathing your appendages by now?

- 09.02.2001 01:44 AM - André


hee! I keep typing on the wrong keys when I start! eck.

and that's a niiiice way to put it! I said I'd wait between this time and 2am and THEN shower. eh, he might not come online till 3am ...I'm not sure.

oh one thing - is it bad that I like to hear him talk? it's calming. whoaaa.. I can all hear his voice in my head now since I listen to his messages too often. yeah, I need to cool it.

- 09.02.2001 01:47 AM - Amber


Maybe you do. It's sweet that you feel that way. Just pace yourself and everything will be fine. You'll end up sleeping together before he gets here if you're not careful.

Think about it. You'll gets what I'm sayin'...

- 09.02.2001 01:50 AM - André


umm...hmmm....before he gets here? how can that be unless in dreams or phone sex? no phone sex! hahaha.

homey don't play that!! I went old school...

- 09.02.2001 01:52 AM - Amber


I dunno. Ya sez dat now but... Who knows what charms Shaun Kennedy Jr. has up his sleeves...

- 09.02.2001 01:55 AM - André


eh, he asked me about phone sex and I said I didn't go that route. he hasn't changed my mind on the children issue either. no way no how evah evah evah! hehe.

mom even said, "well, if he wants some..." AAAH!

oh yeah, and well, phone sex doesn't count as real anyway.

- 09.02.2001 01:57 AM - Amber


I'll try to be cryptic.

Pop goes the weasle.

Decode at your leasure.

- 09.02.2001 01:58 AM - André


umm popping of weasels through telepathy!

I'm just making up cool phrases cause I have no idea what you're sayin' inferring to "toys"?

this is getting quite kinky

- 09.02.2001 02:01 AM - Amber


Toys maybe... Or the Yellow Pages Slogan... It COULD happen ya know. In the heat of the, um, conversation. Just something to consider...

- 09.02.2001 02:03 AM - André


aaah naaah. most heated it got was we were talking about teeth probs and he said he had a fake tooth or whatnot in the back ...anyway he started to explain...

"say you're kissing me and you rub your tongue over would feel real"

at least I'm paraphrasing there. heh heh. that's about as heated as it gets. mostly it's just sappy or normal.

- 09.02.2001 02:04 AM - Amber


Good, cause even when you know you shouldn't, if you're thirsty, nothing hits the spot like a Cherry Pop. You 'd probably rather wait to have a Cherry Pop right? I mean, sharing a Cherry Pop can be fun, and there is a limit of one per customer. ONE PER CUSTOMER!

- 09.02.2001 02:08 AM - André


hee! I've used "objects" before but nevah evah evah got that far. made myself bleed once though. erm, I've said TMFI, riiiight?

I hope mom doesn't read this :P she knows the url...she might get curious...haha

- 09.02.2001 02:09 AM - Amber


Aw, see, look what you did...


Bleeding? Um, maybe you've already ordered your Pop. Eek! Um... *ahem* OK...

- 09.02.2001 02:12 AM - André


anyway, I better shower before it's too late again. eep!

these comments are practically like the new ICQ or something; seems so at least...hehe. but kinkier!

- 09.02.2001 02:13 AM - Amber


Kinky? I was, um, talking about going to Sonics. Yeah, that's it! Heheheheh...

Maybe I should shower after my comments. I feel naughty!

Anyhoo, have fun showering. Um, I didn't mean that like it sounded.

- 09.02.2001 02:15 AM - André


umm...that made me laugh all the way to the bathroom :P

sonic! hee!

oooh and I quite enjoyed my shower. nice and sparkly!

- 09.02.2001 03:17 AM - Amber


I had a feeling you had come back. Pulled me from searching for guitar tabs it did.

I've almost learned 'Don't Fear the Reaper'! Rock! YaHOOO-ooooo... Um, yep. Now if I could only learn 'Comfortably Numb'. That would be RIGHTEOUS!

*breaks into air guitar*

- 09.02.2001 03:32 AM - André


oooh I didn't think you'd return ;)

that's cool! ya rock now more with your guitar :P

I took photos for shaun. hehe. I stared all eyebrow raised!

- 09.02.2001 03:47 AM - Amber


BTW: Thought I'd head back here again and say that since you are probably talking to Shaun Rickles, don't worry when you find these posts tomorrow. Have fun and if we get the chance later, we;ll continue our debate on the duality you face. The Pristine Paragon of Moral Rectitude VS. The Repressed Sadomasochistic Vamp of Tumultuous Sexuality. I for one am looking forward to it!

- 09.02.2001 03:50 AM - André, Man of Destiny


um, *eep*


- 09.02.2001 03:51 AM - Amber


Oh, you're back. Heheheheh... And I had hoped that post would be the first thing you'd see when you woke up.

- 09.02.2001 03:52 AM - André, Man of Destiny


well, of course I'm back!

yeaaah, apparently now he thinks we'll meet in october (for his bday) ...oooh!

- 09.02.2001 03:59 AM - Amber


October is good. Crisp fall air. Autumn foliage. Occult ritual poisonings of trick-or-treaters. Sounds like a winner! ~LOL~


- 09.02.2001 04:02 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hee! well trick or treat doesn't happen till the end of october thankfully! heh.
I hate Halloween. evil evil! heh.

anyway, this is more early october. a few days before lindsey's bday which I must get her a present; well, I guess not must but I'm nice like that.

- 09.02.2001 04:05 AM - Amber


Lindsey? What's SHE done for YOU lately? Nothing! She's dead weight. She's dragging you down. Ditch 'er. Shaun is the wave of the future!


Damn I'm funny. I'm of course kidding. Lindsey is a sweet kid. Or at least I infer that from you. I didn't have much of a chance to talk to her.

- 09.02.2001 04:08 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hee! yeaaah, she does write her italy stories here but she told me she'd have to put that on hold till college life settles down. I guess I can't blame her though it was getting good; those stories! hehe.

and yeah, well, she doesn't really get me many presents but stiiilll. maybe I'll just buy her a small item. I have to look like the better cousin so I won't get bitched out :P

and of course, she's fun to talk to. we get along despite the present giving um format.

- 09.02.2001 04:12 AM - Amber


That sounds foo. And I can understand her being busy. It's her first year right? The "Let's Swamp the Freshmen to See How Many Snap Like Twigs" year. Yep, it's rough.

- 09.02.2001 04:14 AM - André, Man of Destiny


yep! she just started on the 27th I think. first year! she seemed excited with her new better computer and all (it has a dvd drive and cd-r!) :P

today I tried to talk to her and someone named brian was using it; hmm.. I've heard of him but eh, weird. then I tried again and she was at the mall; quite a happenin' girl now.

- 09.02.2001 04:23 AM - Amber


Yeah, sure, now she's all Ms. Uptown Girl. *Humph!* Heheheheh...

Out of curiousity I looked up 'André, Man of Destiny' at Google. Guess what came up. None other than Sardonic! Hee!


Anyhoo, I was thinkin', how hard would it be for you to square off that drawing on the front page and send it to me at, oh, 160X160 pixels? Had an idea but am not at all sure if it'll work.

- 09.02.2001 04:29 AM - André, Man of Destiny


yes, she was always the sociable type....though when she came over here we stayed in our pjs for like three days straight.

aaah, searching for your name are we? all man of vanity! heh heh. I like that sardonic-hee is searchable now; it wasn't for many weeks...takes awhile for the meta tags to work!

hrm, what was your vision?
I drew that sketch :P

- 09.02.2001 04:34 AM - Amber


I was thinkin' of making you a bookmark icon out of it. It has a LOT of detail though, so I wasn't sure if it would look right when it was shrunk to 16X16.

I actually found a diary by one of Josh's friends by Googling his name by the way.

- 09.02.2001 04:39 AM - André, Man of Destiny


wow! that's cool when ya find useful info.

and well, a bookmark icon?!

- 09.02.2001 04:42 AM - Amber


Yep. If you have every looked at your 'documents not fond' stats (or whatever your stats call them) and seen 'favicon.ico', that means someone bookmarked you but IE couldn't find your icon. It gives you the default 'E-Page' icon in that case.

- 09.02.2001 04:49 AM - André, Man of Destiny


ooh, I didn't know about any of that..heh.

you can say, I'm not very observant :P

- 09.02.2001 04:57 AM - Amber


Also, if you want to get your entries into search engines regulary, take a look at the meta tags I used at

I have them set to make all the bots crawl my site every 31 days. That way, if I update and add new pages, I know they'll be in the engines within a month. I don't set it any sooner than 31 days though, because some bots will ban you for submitting more than once a month.

- 09.02.2001 05:01 AM - André, Lord of Rock


Which fits me better.

André, Man of Destiny!
André, Lord of Rock!

- 09.02.2001 05:03 AM - André, Man of Destiny


oooh! heh. I copied my meta tags from some popular site thinking I did good. well, so far, my site is doing well in hits...I mean, well enough.

since the little extravaganza of yesterday there were 290 hits to one page...hah! we know what that was about..hah.

- 09.02.2001 05:04 AM - Amber


I like the Man of Destiny, yo!

- 09.02.2001 05:06 AM - Amber


Heheheh... Rock! I'm still trying to break the 3000 visits per week barrier. Must... Push... Features!

- 09.02.2001 05:08 AM - André, Man of Destiny


Me too. I think I'm use to it. I'll use 'Lord of Rock!' for formal occations. Like when me and Josh eventually come to hang.

André: Hi Amber's Mom. This is my illustrious cousin, Joshua David. AND I... AM ANDRÉ... LORD OF ROCK!!!!!!

- 09.02.2001 05:11 AM - André, Man of Destiny


hehe! well, on my site, I saw it got up to 2093 or so pageviews I saw. hits are different. 290 to one entry! heh.

well, hey, I usually just get around 500 pageviews.

- 09.02.2001 05:15 AM - Amber


getting carried away are we? hee! and Josh's middle name is David? hee!

- 09.02.2001 05:17 AM - Amber


Yep, good ol' J. David.

And, carried away? How so? Next you'll be telling me I shouldn't bring my theme music.

- 09.02.2001 05:20 AM - André, Man of Rocking Destiny Lordship


HAHAHAH!! >to the name<

ummm....hee! heeey I have music too, yo! bow down!

- 09.02.2001 05:22 AM - Amber


I have a sound track. It features such tracks as, Stayin' Alive, Boomin' System, Jack the Ripper, Return of the Mac, Sharp Dressed Man, and much much more!

To order call toll free 1-800-555-ROCK! That's 1-800-555-7625! Have your credit card ready! Operators are standing by!

- 09.02.2001 05:26 AM - André, Man of Destiny


oooh looovely! I shall call riiiight away, yo!

my music shall be sigur ros 'staralfur' cause um, I'm classy and it sounds close to the name starlight. it brings a tear to my eye. you shall bow!

- 09.02.2001 05:29 AM - Amber


anyway, it's bedtime. I must be off. already told shaun I must go cause it is getting late and I will turn into a pumpkin.

no, really, I just said, "g'night! I love you too" hah. I'm a sap.

anyway, keep rockin' and we'll talk tomorrow or something.

- 09.02.2001 05:30 AM - Amber


If I had the slightest idea how to pronounce that I'm sure it WOULD sound like Starlight.

Speaking of music, 'Broken Wings' is on! ROCK!

- 09.02.2001 05:33 AM - André, Man of Destiny


It's 7:30 AM and I have yet to sleep. I'm not even tired, and I feel better than I did last night. Anyhoo, I decided to drop by and tell any lurkers who may happen by this page that you should show Amber love.

*blink blink*

Well...? I'm waiting... Yeah, I'm talkin' ta you! You reading this right now! SHOW THE LOVE DAMMIT! NOW! Do NOT make me come out there!




- 09.02.2001 07:34 AM - André, Man of Insomnia


heeey! yo! I was sleeping


richard seems to have seen this entry but no commenting I s'pose.

- 09.02.2001 03:11 PM - Amber


Well, I finally got to sleep at around 2AM monday morning. I was awake for a little of 40 hours. Man was that a good sleep. *stretch stretch yawn*

New entry comin' today Ms. Amberito the Mosquito?

- 09.03.2001 05:46 PM - André, Man of Rested Destiny


wow, I caught ya here on time. heh. um yeah. I was just deciding on what it could be about. right now I'm talking to shaun about sexual fantasies. erm...yess. I won't write about that though.

anyway, I just was going to post here to get rid of the "69" ..haha

- 09.03.2001 05:53 PM - Amber


69, hehehe... too rich. So the coversations have gotten all hot and bothered, eh? Naughty naughty!

- 09.03.2001 06:15 PM - André, Man of Destiny


heh heh. well, maybe he had to make up for falling asleep at his computer last night. I got all mad and went to bed sad. hah.

anyway, I'll think of something to write about soon enough.

- 09.03.2001 06:21 PM - Amber




- 09.03.2001 06:26 PM - André, Man of Destiny


well, last night it wasn't so much sexual. it was just how we'd react when we first see each other and err yeah, he ...fell asleep supposedly.

- 09.03.2001 06:31 PM - Amber


Oh, well that's not as bad. It's still bad, but not as bad. Heheheheh...

I guess it's bound to happen sooner or later when you're up so late.

- 09.03.2001 06:37 PM - André, Man of Destiny


yesss. I was all out of sorts that night though.

I won't say least not here..heh

- 09.03.2001 06:39 PM - Amber


Ah I see. No I don't. But I can fake it. Hehehe.. I'm writing me reply now by the way. Should have it sometime this evening.

- 09.03.2001 06:53 PM - André, Man of Destiny


cool, I'll tell you the story in email then.

- 09.03.2001 07:01 PM - Amber


That'll work. 8) But now I must break for sustaince. I'll send your email as soon as I finish it.

- 09.03.2001 07:13 PM - André, Man of Destiny


alright, I'm about to start my entry. talk to ya later. heh.

- 09.03.2001 07:39 PM - Amber


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