Oh man, what's up with me? it's like music mania weekend starting friday. I sang all day, then today, I sang and dance and listened to show tunes and Belle and Sebastian..some other random stuff as well. I've turned into Chloe and Brady on Days of Our Lives but I'm less cheesy and there's only me. plus, I don't make those corny expressions.

dance just like a soul boy
09:24 PM CST

Last night, I was wired and who knows why. I ate more than usual, I couldn't stop myself from talking outloud. either I just ate too many frozen fudge cookies or I was honestly just having a good time. who knows cause I sure don't. I started singing to Shaun, but not really cause I wasn't really on the phone with him at the moment - just online, sooo err, I was singing while talking to him. I said, "dance just like a soul boy" and he said something to the degree of, "::grabs her and dances::" heh heh. it's nice to be all like that methinks. mom just doesn't see fun times. no one else would humour my typing lyrics out while singing ....I doubt. or they'd say I was crazy.

Then today I got up all with neck hurting from falling off my pillow. I had a strange dream. it involved me standing on top of a building; it was a high rise one and below was the unfortunate ground almost like in SE: Lain where the girl jumps off to her death. anyway, I looked around in the other direction and there was a field of grass and a fountain spurting water in a rainbow-esque movement - sparkling water falling along the edges. I saw I had a telephone cord in my hand. the wind was blowing hard and I knew I had to get to the other building if it was the last thing I did. somehow the cord became a rope for me to fly across; don't ask what was holding it up, cause I don't. it seemed I was floating through the sky on this flimsy thing. I made it, though I almost went flying back and my foot got tangled in the end. I looked as I was an inch from falling off the edge. finally, I untangled my foot; stomped it down and was safe.

I crawled in a window. there was a couch in the center; almost like on the Real World, looking down from a balcony to their living room. um, yes, I watch that too often. it was on today too...anyway, Belle from Days was there discussing her date on the ferris wheel while I found my way up towards a top-side area that was supposedly allll miiiine. my secret hideaway. it was very slick and the walls were bare white. I saw there were hundreds of bathrooms all around and one empty room in the middle. off to the side, there was an office. big windows too. I saw grandpa and his friends were on ladders in the corner of the middle room painting. I got extremely upset and told them I wanted peace and quiet and to leave me alone. grandpa said, "we're just making it better for you." and I said, "the noise is deafening." covering my ears, I went into one of the bathrooms. it was so small, I had to crawl in. I wondered how anyone could wash themselves in here when you could barely walk or sit up. I was extemely claustrophobic and I needed an escape. before I got out, I saw lindsey stealing the soaps.

moral of the story? um, I shouldn't have gone in the building/warehouse.


I got up after the dream feeling confused. ah well. listened to some showtunes, sang somemore, listened to Richard tell me about his exciting night of karaoke drunk antics. talking about spotlights and singing ice ice baby. yes, I'm sure that was fab. heh. it must've been the weekend for all to get musically involved. um, nevermind. I'm pretending like I know it all! just coincidences...

My arm developed a welt the size of a medium square (is this a sign of the apocolpyse?) after I scratched it just for the hell of it. it really didn't itch in the beginning. I thought that was very, very strange. decided it must be an ant bite until mom panicked thinking I was going to die in a mere ten seconds! quick! call 911!! ...instead she gets the ointment and rubs it on the spot. I could've done it, but ya see, I didn't want to get my hands dirty :P I'm such a dependant....

now, the welt is completely gooone. it might've been an ant or a spider bite or just nerves or irritation. that arm has been giving me problems for daaays. chop it off is what mom would say to that!

I danced once mom left for the mall. I hadn't done it in awhile, but ya see, I felt like moving cause I'm almost always sitting down and lazy. it was time to move! I got up, did a few shakes, and steps to the side, crossover, twirl, spin, hand entrancement dance, jump!jump!jump! ruuuun around room! then stop. good enough work out for today. it was a good song too I believe. "Too Much Love" again.

Really I'm quite pleased with myself ....maybe I'm making progress to a less lazy me. even though I missed cartoons again.

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