Now, y'all may know I post at this other forum that has nothing to do with squishettes. ya may not. anyway, its name is Sephira. I actually haven't posted there during the whole weekend since I was "distracted" all night but nevermind that. the reason I bring it up is cause I've had more dreams about certain members who post there. it's weird y'all. and I'll tell you what it's all about...

The Sephira Dreams: A Reoccurring Story
10:06 PM CST

First of all, let me premise this by saying I have NO idea what is up with this whatsoever. nothing ever makes complete sense in my world. the first dream took place a few weeks ago but there'd be no story without the connecting dream numbah two! here we go:

First Dream:

This dream started off at a theatre of some sort. now, I paid no attention to any of this. Carme appeared and told me she wanted to see this show I could get on cable. I'm not sure what it was, but there were flying creatures in it apparently cause I saw a vision of it on this big screen tv in my old house. Carme was ecstactic that I was letting her come over to see it for some reason, like I was God or something. anyway, she said, "ooh yay! now I get to meet your parents!" now, y'all, no one would care to come over and meet my parents for any particular reason. I just blew that comment off with, "oh dad's never home. mom's at yoga."

With that we proceeded to the house. mom popped out of the backroom in a wheelie chair and I was abhored with venom; she wasn't supposed to be here! I think she was being cheesy and had a keyboard on her lap. I just shrugged it off and turned the tv on where the same image I saw in my head earlier appeared. I walked past the fireplace and saw the steps in the townhome I now live in. instead of leading downstairs (it supposedly led downward, not upward), it led to the streets. some kids had hopped the valet lines (these red ropes) and were sitting on the bottom. I looked down and this one little brat stared up and told me, "this stinks! your steps stink!" and I said, "well, why don't you get off then!" with much rage...and that was the end of that. see? no reason to talk about this dream, but it shows a connection with Sephira by Carme being in it. second dream is why I'm connecting it...moving on....

Second Dream: tim

This dream just happened this morning. it was weird, yo! okay, it starts out in a department store...a very vague scene occurs. I see tim standing over by the swim trunks. I hear him say he wants some but only if the tabs are not pulled. who the fuck knows, ya know? anyway, for some reason, I had had a crush on him in the dream and I was mad at him...don't ask cause I'm not. anyway, when he walks off, I get this evil glint in my eye and I go over to the stack of swim trunks...with much joy, I start pulling tabs all ovah the place!! I mean, once I started, I couldn't stop. I almost let out a momentous evil 'haha' laugh but held it in. one other boy I had no idea who he was came over and said, "didn't tim say not to pull the tabs?" and I smoothed em out and said, "uhh yes..."

And so, that was that. I guess no one else found out and nothing else happened. I woke up with a start before tim ever found out. well, now he'll know, I pull tabs and I'm a meticulous cunning one, so watch it!


Oh yes, I'm through wondering about FB which I will now call Josh from now on. I mean, sure school is important, but even when I was in school, I stopped to write a letter to a friend once in awhile. how do you expect to make nice if ya never contact a person, huh? well, maybe others could tell me how can I continue to make nice with people and not get any real work done? who knows....I still graduated and so that's all that matters. I could do college if I wanted to, soo nyah! or not...but I'd still stop to play nice.

New guy, who I shall call Will cause that's his name; well, I've been talking to him quite alot lately. he's pretty cool. I like how I can just ask him about a group and see if he knows it or not and he'll shoot back with group after group where I say, "yes, yes, have the album, downloaded a song, yes, no, wtf?"'s fun. I just like having someone to shoot questions at back and forth and talk to about life, ya know?

I'm still happy to have André to write emails to again, but he's a busy man. he's got that website and all and told me he probably won't have time to email multiple replies back and forth to my letters anymore. :\

I tell ya, why would I want to write multiple letters if I don't get replies? I'll still reply, but I'll try not to go with as much gusto. I don't like being annoying when people are busy. I give em a's hard to keep up with stuff when you're tied down. I understand.


So, I bought shoes. at JCrew's secret sale (only us people on the newslist get the link; well, maybe or what's the point?). Maui Knot Slides. I don't know why I capitalised the whole thing; only Maui needs it; aaah well. I felt the urge. anyway, they're italian leather and I got em for $39.99 instead of $78 cause I'm good at waiting for sales sometimes. I didn't get them in poppy cause they were out of my size, but black is nice. all my shoes are black. that's the only bad thing. they're a different "style" though which is important to distinguish and I'm sure ya can understand not all my shoes are alike. I don't mix them up. mom doesn't even know my delias slides are black; she says they look brown and clunky and frumpy. well 'scuse me.

Now, I'll snap my fingahs and hope that those earrings sell. I need me those kitty sheets! just now another catalog with those sheets tempting me! this is the fourth time they've been feels like the frikkin' billionth time, but I'm quite sure I'll still get something for them. someone struck a deal last week wanting them for $75. I'm playing his game, telling him to wait a week and tell me if he still wants them if they don't sell. so ya see, they will sell, or that guy will say, "screw this. I don't play games." well, then I'm screwed, but not till then.

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