my throat is scratchy and my head is consumed by what seems like fluid. it's a horrible feeling when your head feels like a dead weight, sloshing about, and the only way to relieve this without taking anything is to scrunch the face up and lean the head on something to prop it up. drastic measures for drastic times, eh?

to-do lists for the semi-important
10:47 PM CST

So, lindsey told me I should try jasmine tea. this sounds like a lovely name and even though I've never been a tea drinker, I've had slight thoughts about "tearooms". they seem elegant and the names of the teas sound divine. she says she adds honey as a substitute for sugar, but I was never one for honey. I'm not a bee, yo! okay, that was a lame joke. I need to spend more time thinking before I speak.

We reminisced about when we used to be in Ohio at grandma's house in the family room with our tea and cookies. I never drank the tea, but I ate the cookies and lindsey would steal people's seats when they'd get up since if ya didn't get a chair, you'd have to sit on the floor with a pillow. aaah. reminiscing makes me all sad, in a happy way. just sad cause lindsey's going off to college soon and I dunno if those things will ever happen again anytime soon. I'd like them to, but things always get in the way.

So, yes, *ahem* the to-do list I've been allusive about. nothing bigtime. I just want to have something as a checklist:

  • get up in time for Card Captor Sakura at 7:30am next saturday. this time I got to 6:11am and "rested my eyes" and next I look up, it's 11:30!!! I was so mad cause I could've been sleeping if I wasn't going to make it. damn you sakura and your evil captor mcclow ways!
  • put up old clothes on eBay (yes, more stuff to get rid of. they'll probably grow mothballs if I keep them locked up any longer)
  • drink more water. I heard I was dehydrated in a subtle way cause mom read an article (no mom reading an article wasn't the reason it's subtle dehydration! I mean, the article was about that). at least I drink a ton of iced tea; that has "some" water in it. really! what do you think the ice is made out of, huh? ;)
  • do more exercise. maybe I should do mom's yoga dvd sometime. I mean, yeah, actually lifting my ass off the bed and doing it; not just watching and contemplating what that guy in the background next to the palm tree is doing!!
  • shower more. um, no, no no, I'm not a dirty dirty little whore! I've just been skipping every two days since I've been lazy with this heat and my sinuses which means I must be careful or I could pass out. eh. maybe I should risk it and just sit down cause even two days is going over the line of "I'm not living on this planet anymore" proportions. all sorry in my chair of filth. woe is me.
  • buy the new sheets. I'm domestic. martha stewart would be proud that I want a variety of sheets. one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. uh yes. the new ones will have kitties on em cause I'm sentimental or uhh no, I'm just too cool for you :P
  • buy frames for cels and poster, hang them up in various groupings, and sticky tack the bigger one on door; yes, all at once! good frames cost alot. anyone want to lend me some cash?
  • get back into writing in paper journal. it's completely empty, yo! as in never used. get yo' ass to writin' bitch. I gotta be mean to myself when I get out of touch with myself. no qualms. don't worry. I won't beat myself up after class or anything ;)
  • buy video game equipment. new controller, game converter, etc. I never get to do nice things like that. booo.
  • join more webrings or groups. I'm serious here. do you see any comments? do you see much action outside of squishettes? doooo iiiit! yeah and then regret it when possibly someone from the past comes to haunt me like teri after finding me in all the various directories; well, I doubt it.
  • go to the pool again. possible picnic before the winter. not that that's not possible. summer stays till fall...nyah! I just liked the idea after reading a CCS graphic novel and they were picknicking (looks like nitpick..haha). of course, all animated food and surroundings look better than reality. I swear, ever see a cartoon steak? I don't even eat steak! and icecream! gaaaah!
  • read the book club book I got in the mail today. yesss. it looks niiice. I got a first edition hardback for $10, yo! :P I know how to shop. it's hardly used.
  • listen to Cricket's mix and mention I got it at the forum ;) nice artwork (if she stops by here sometimes)
  • higher self esteem and get funnier without trying. does this seem hard? possibly.

    there, it's like my shopping list. though I forgot to add apple dumplings to the list. damnit!! you're gonna pick up the apple tartes instead and they're nasty. believe me.

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