San Marino

All right. everywhere is a tourist trap though. had really good tortellinis.


The nicest people though they don't speak english. bad experience since i was on my period. the punk stores are always closed. it seemed the best place to shop. it lacked tourist stuff. (note: i bought a The Crow poster here.. very cool since it was all in italian, heh).

12:44 AM CST


I love the David so much but i got no souvenirs of it. i'm kinda sad. I only saw replicas not the real thing since i went with ang to pick up her wedding bands. i didn't find my necklace on the ponte vecchio nor anywhere else. it makes me want to cry (pms will do that to you). i begin to question if things will happen but then i can't always have things happen exactly. the japanese shirt is an example. still i pray to god that i find my necklace or at least some reassuring sign that things are on the way. perhaps i really am meant to find it in another country like turkey and i'll go with a college class. i can't lose faith. it's all i have. but it's so hard to ignore the doubts. i can't wait until it's all over.

the discoteque was great. strawberry vodka is delicious (the wine sucked except when ang poured sprite in it. the fizzy is way better than the regular wine). i met a guy at the discoteque and gave him my email. i think i ruined things when i mentioned my mom was there. but i did kiss him and he was hot. black/brown hair. tan. built. and i think he had on a gerard shirt. i hope he sends me email. i would love to talk to him on the phone. julie met a nice guy from i think D.C. (update: i have emailed back and forth with the italian guy and got his pic. MUahahaha).

gerard is a punky/vintage/boutique type store. very expensive but cool. i wanted the army jacket but i opted for 2 designer shirts. how awesome. i spent a fortune though. that one blonde girl from canfield's new discoteque friend (looks like prince william) had on a gerard shirt.

the guy at the gelato place wanted to know what i was doing tonight hehe. i could get used to this place. lots of attention.

switching seats on the bus causes pandemonium.

some of the guys on this trip are pretty cute. i think my favorite one is named matt but i'm not really sure. nice dave's mom is corrupting my mom with her even more neuroticness. JB ruled in her lime green one shoulder top at the disco. JP got me a depeche mode t shirt. $35 freaking dollars!!! anyway, bed time per mi. buona notte

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just wanted to say I'm envious of the DM tee! though I told ya already!

just wanted to see it in print ^_-

and I wish there was a place here where boys flock. I sound so renaissance or something; that shows I shouldn't be up this late ;)

- 08.04.2001 03:47 AM - Amber


There is a place there where boys flock... it's called the mall, but all of those guys are immature and stupid.

- 08.06.2001 01:52 PM - melodywhore


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