I was all pepped up to finish the mix cd for the trade (from around two weeks ago I might add) and there was an error ...twice. it kept popping out at track nine. hmmmm...what could that mean? Nelly Furtado! there went two perfectly good blank disks...

Who Let the Errors In? Nelly! Nelly!
11:32 PM CST

See, see, I'm not really stupid, but apparently it slipped my mind that when the numbering is like this: 00:4.00 that something is wrong. it glitched abit too and wouldn't playback at 50sec when downloading it. I thought nothing about it. I just went about my business and continued to think it was the burner's fault and I'd have to get a new one. hah! I almost was about to stick a third disk in; I then came to my senses and restarted. after that was going, I realised it wasn't the burner (thankfully! I can't be that dense!) and looked at the setlist and knew where the problem appeared on each disk. definitely that song. definitely. so now, I'm sitting here waiting for it to download again. shouldn't be long. I'd like to finish this century. I already feel bad for letting other things come before the mix cd trade...siiigh.

There was another oddity today; The Good Year Blimp followed mom home...I decided it's dad and he's having the blimp spy on her as a new way to find out where she's going :P

really now, these thoughts only come to me. plus, I like to blame dad for many weird occurances that go on. hey, mom has done it too. like the time she accused him of stealing extra silverware cause it was missing. apparently they were in the dishwasher!! ;)

It is odd that The Good Year Blimp is even floating around now. there's no reason to be advertising tires in the midst of a rainstorm. yeah, it was sprinkling and black clouds for awhile which really made me irritable and tired. on top of that and the cd mix thing, no wonder I just about collapsed into my hands in tears. siiigh. no, The Good Year Blimp didn't cause me tears, the rain I meant. hahahaha. oooh yes, "Good Year Blimp, you cause bad feng shui, go away! I say! gooo awaaaay! you're no good here, ya see? ya just aren't good!" I don't know what I'm talking about, but just picturing that thing floating in the sky peacefully like it has a spycam within it makes me wanna snort. maybe it'll change it's name to 'The Spy Gear Wimp' uhhh don't ask. I was going to put dad in it, but that doesn't rhyme!

One thing really upset me yesterday. there was a deal going on at Wherehouse Music where you can trade four used cds for one new one. mom didn't tell me till around 7pm and apparently the thing was to end at the end of the day. I had no intention of going out at that time despite that I don't usually go out, but never at last notice. it just pisses me off that I didn't know about it sooner. I want a free cd. I got plenty of used ones laying about never to be used again that are worth nothing to me. eck. I'm just mad they couldn't move it to a more appropriate day and time. I'd be there with bells on, yo! heh. I was all set on getting the new Sugar Ray until the date loomed overhead in that newsletter. siiigh. I always have the worst luck.

eBay is being nice to me at least. I've made around $63 so far in bids and I'm so proud. jewelry I don't wear, don't look at and don't care about is making me good money for which to buy practical things! I plan on buying some Victoria's Secret stuff (they're having a sale) and the sheets and pillowcases if I can help it. my allergies are in full swing again; I keep feeling them raging; I sneezed about 10 times yesterday. I think the new sheets will make things better; I believe it's the hair and icky stuff that sticks to the current ones that are causing probs and the top comforter is never washed. that things is so gross. I can't believe I just mentioned that, but I hardly want to touch it. I think it's alive. I swear, one day it's gonna bite me. the pillows themselves are gross too. the pillowcases are semi-okay besides the flatness and the flannel wearing thin. I still want new cotton ones. flannel is hard to wash and keep looking new no matter.

Why am I discussing sheets? it's just been rather odd lately. don't know exactly what to say. there's no drama without the guys, right? :)

I still wish for FB to answer me, even if I don't really care one way or the other anymore, I still would like a response. I don't want him to dislike me. that's just the way it is. I want to be likeable. I've always had that stupid doubt...I'm not funny, I'm too funny, I'm weird, I don't look right, nobody likes me but they pretend to so as not to hurt my feelings. I get confidence sometimes and think I'm the shit and then the next day they cease to adorn upon me, and I think I'm crap again. it's quite silly. I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with me. I'm pretty smart, I look normal besides my thinness (and that should be no reason not to like a person; I'm sorry), I can draw, I can write, I can make websites (there's all the talent right there, yo!). I don't go to college or have plans...that might be the one thing against me. I hear most like ambitious women. I'm not....very. I want money and I want it now. I'm greedy :P

I just don't like to go out there and make it since I'm so peeved by people on a normal basis and wouldn't want a deadend job evah...I mean nevah....evah evah..hehe. I've pictured myself pimped out in a business suit, carrying a briefcase since I was around three. I always wanted to style my hair in a nice upstyle, have one of those preppy, suit/skirt combos and look all sleek and ready for my dayjob; whatever that may be. I never pictured that far. mostly I just pictured walking around looking stylish. so materialistic at times.

Whoa, I veered offcourse here. I never planned to write so much. and guess what? in all that time, the song is only 29% done downloading. don't I have zee life, mon?

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hehe well i am posting in this section now

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goodie! sorry I had to delete the last one, but policy is policy ;)

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