When you're still awake at 6am reading, when you hear the creaking of the other person who lives here's door open, you know your body clock is off. completely . off . it'll be even worse if I get to the point where I'm still jamming out with my face glued to the screen at 10am ...it starts in increments and it could certainly get worse.

tick tock
11:39 PM CST

I've been feeling a lack of sleep for the past week. I sleep to get rid of pain, I sleep cause there's nothing on tv and I don't want anyone seeing me still awake at an insane hour, I sleep cause there's nothing better to do at certain points, I sleep cause if not I might get deep circles under my eyes if I don't already have them (I'll turn into scary, scary vampire chick; people used to tease me of this just cause I was pale! now watch it start!).

I'm not sure what's going on here. I don't even seem to be feeling the repercusions the next day. it's like I'm unstoppable, nothing can faze me!! muahahaha!! though I am falling apart anyway. not in tiredness, but in general feeling. my body has been hating me for the past two days. I feel another bladder infection coming on cause I always have the urge to go and I get this horrible migraine headache whenever I feel a tinge, my lower back hurts on the left side, pain in the abdomen too. I'm not sure what it could be besides this, though it could be this and something else since there are symptoms that don't pertain to it happening also. I've been trying many options including drinking a TON of water. yes, I'm super drinky girl! I drink and drink and drink and my mouth still goes dry. yick.

Jay Leno's set is upgraded. I just noticed. Sugar Ray just played! I wish I had the money to buy their new cd. saving up for those "other" practical things I need. I liked that little bar-like setup on jay that said 'ray's bar' where the guy spinned the records...hehe. I'm overly amused by set layouts when music groups come on talk shows. sometimes they add their own touch to it. it's always fun to see. I always wonder if the group brings the props or if the talk show provides them. I'm thinking the latter since it would certainly cost more for them to provide appropriate props. yesss. that makes perfect sense. it's just cool. I'll leave it at that. yaaay! too bad I missed 'headlines' ...I like headlines on monday. I've had my days when I wanted to send in something that looked like it belonged. once he showed an ad that we did see and were thinking of sending in...aack! ah well. at least it shows we're on the right track of things they'd like to see. not that we've seen anything as fun as that since [it was a Mervyn's (dept store) ad where these guys were on the cover and one looked like he was taking a piss in the bush (he was turned the other way looking conspicuous) and the other was covering him up abit so no one else would see...hahaha.].

Okay, I went off on a tangent there. I was talking about my body clock..ah yes! yes! soon I will turn manic probably or go crazy from lack of sleep, so I'm going to attempt to go to bed earlier tonight. possibly even 3:30am...that's early to me, okay? it is...I go to bed at 4:30am on a normal basis except for last night's rendezvous.

One good thing about yesterday was that I got up every important thing I wanted to sell on eBay up last night. I sold three items automatically and another two with bids. I made $44.99 so far if they all pay. as I said before, three did instant buy. it's good to see actual money in the + digits happening. this is very, very good. I can buy one of the items I want with that much, though I really, really need these other items that could be gone by the end of the summer. I'm debating on what's important and what isn't as important. I remember when making money was easy and I had bundles of it stashed in an envelope in my room..siiiigh. now, I have an entertainment center to show for it. *sniff* at least I have something tangible....hee!

hrm..where'd my funny go in this entry? it was heating up and then I went all over the damn place! oh yeah, maybe it's a symptom of lack of sleep ...I can add that to my list of not being invincible. things like coherant stories are importanté in my mission to get readers. hahahahaha. or they can check up on me to see how insane I've turned today. eh, only 30% worse than last time....*leaves*

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