I can't prove it's me. the site is gone. how can I tell 'em me is me? how will they know that rasbswirl2 is indeed the same as rasbswirl1? rasbswirl2=rasbswirl1. here's some math for y'all:



which means that P=WELL+RB1(RB2)=M

doesn't this all make perfect sense? why doesn't networksolutions understand that I was the one who registered it in 1999. I'm the one who lost my email and changed it and moved. I still own wellyeah.org and no one can snatch it up or they die. elementary my dear watson. no shit sherlock (I had to let that quote slip in).

internet identity gone bad
12:32 AM CST

wellyeah.org went offline yesterday afternoon. I was casually checking my stats. first over here (I need to fix the META tags cause I don't think google is catching it and therefore I get no referral searches; referral sites yes though they're few and far between) and then I hopped on over to wellyeah. the page wouldn't load. I decided I had spelled something wrong and double checked. nope, all is fine here. then what is wrong with the connection? go to another site; it loads fine. go back and decide to go to the main page instead of stats cause maybe they're on the fritz. AAAH! it's gone!

and that, dear friends, is why wellyeah.org isn't showing up. I emailed support four times already. they can't help me cause it turns out I had registered it at networksolutions and not there (they didn't offer registration at that point). networksolutions can do nothing unless I have the right contact info. I can't change it cause I don't remember the info I need to know. I'm stuck here. completely stuck. apparently I can fax them the info (how would they know it was me faxing though? I don't get what the big deal is? what do they wanna know that will prove it's me? I don't know what I can tell them besides to ask dreamhost and they will let them know that I have it hosted there and have been able to use it fine and no, I'm not a hacker. I do not care to hack into other people's domains that are expiring. it certainly figures dad's not paying the AOL bill in 1999 would come back to haunt me later. I would've still had that name if he did and I'd be able to renew with no prob. now there are probs. there always are when your email doesn't match. it doesn't matter what happened. it takes a hell of alot longer! I should know to have an account like hotmail for this stuff. that way, it would always be there and not disappear if bills are magically not paid.

I can't tell ya the amount of emails I have sent out frantically...I hate my site missing. I've been dying to post to the weblog. it's my baby site. having it gone is like losing myself. at least I can rant, I can fix this site up, I can concentrate on other things, but um, well, it's not all possible when I keep worrying about people snatching it up and them never figuring out it's me. I'm me and no one else is me. I'm glad they have security options since there are people like that who will try to buy off other people's expiring domains before they can, but I wish they'd uhh let it sliiiiide this time (there's abit of Chris Rock for ya, ya catch it?) since it is me. I guess they can't use logical judgement to decide.

I could just see this going to court and dad saying "you wanted to handle things, so figure it out yourself; you got yourself into this." he'd never just say he didn't pay the bill and that I used to live there and it was my domain. he'd play dumb or pretend it's everyone else's fault. not that people go to court for such silly things as domain ownership, but uhh I'd like to have my site back. a nice easy way to just do it. I thought I figured it out today once I paid, but not after that security email saying they sent it to rasbswirl1. they're dense. ughughugh!! I just hate technology at times like these.

I need to sell more stuff on eBay too. I'm thinking of going through my closet this weekend and getting out a big pile of stuff I don't wear, and things I don't use and putting them all up. even if I get $40 for the lot of it, it's still money. I need about $300+ though for what I want to buy. I need new clothes, new sheets and pillowcases (my allergies are killing me), more anime (cause I'm behind; okay okay I don't NEED this - just want), video game equipment such as new controllers, a new game and an adapter (ditto to this), and last, but not least, picture frames for my cels. is this too much to ask for? I don't think so! really, now. I don't! oh yeah, I need the book for the
CB bookclub also. at least that I can wait a couple weeks for but with no money, that's sorta like I'm tough outta luck.

oh yes, and tonight is the last night the Squishy forum will be around. I'm just roaming around it all night and abandoning my moderator duties at the new one for now. I'll get to it soon. there are other moderators there and I have the thing open in another window to check in case they don't see. it seems fine for now. and no, having a moment of silence for the end of Squishy is alot better of a thing to do than higher my "squishette" post level. I'm fine with it. really (seriously! it's all good! I'm already the shit cause I'm a moderator).

Update: wellyeah.org is back up. yeaaah I showed em who's boss :P

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