Hey, this is Lindsey. I'm just testing this out because well Amber told me to. ::waves to Amber:: Look! It works! Oh, and I wasn't ignoring you earlier. Kristen was over and she kept distracting me and I kept leaving the room and damned AOL kept getting pissy with me. And well after that, the thril of reading fan fiction called and all else was lost. As a side note, I hate aol. It totally deleted an email I had marked "Keep as new" a few days ago. It wasn't even in Old Mail. I hate AOL.

Letters to Cleo- er Amber
04:54 AM CST

Ciao a presto

(yes, i will be writing an entire log of my trip to Italy quite soon)

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1 Sinner:

heeeey!! sorry about thinking you were ignoring me :P
I've just been atad sensitive lately due to PMS I found out..ugh...cramp in my leg now ...aiieeee!!

anyway, one other little hint - use the extended entry box or the thing will appear weird...and put brackets around the p's and br's ...sorry for not writing em out but AIM doesn't allow html code in the box...talk to ya later ;)

- 07.10.2001 04:03 PM - Amber


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