Fights with Lindsey, Richard and mom agreeing that I was in the wrong, cramps in my sides, missing sunday shows, flying staplers at the bruise on my leg outta nowhere....sheesh! what happened to the good karma Awlbee??

Bad Karma-san!
09:56 PM CST

I don't know if Lindsey meant all of what she said when we were fighting. I just got very upset, not because she wouldn't join a forum, but because she never says yes. I hardly hear the word yes. and if I say 'no' it's almost like a death sentence. I get guilt tripped, told no one loves em, that all I care about is myself or my internet connections and not them..blablabla. the one second I ask one favour, I get a 'no' and try the same tactic which usually works on me to get me to do what they ask. doesn't work. Lindsey actually used the line 'that's life' ...that's what fucking pissed me off. like she's making it seem that I don't know about downfalls, like I've never been turned down, like I ask for favours all the time, like I'm the selfish baby and she's the proud adult. look, I won't throw this in her face, but I'm the older one. I know how to be rational thankyouverymuch.

I've had a bad weekend. that's all. maybe she has too. maybe we should've laid off each other, I don't know. it's just stupid that it happened cause now I feel that if I apologize then it'll make it seem like I was the one most in the wrong. maybe mom and Richard agree, but I think not. I think we should both apologize if it occurs. I think we were both in the wrong. me for yelling cause I'm upset about the end of Squishy and her for trying to blackmail me (by telling me if I flew to Ohio, then she'd join; umm in four days? get tickets in that amount of time? uhh no. I was thinking of going in August, and now I don't know. not if there's going to be bad vibes or she'll think I gave in to her deal which I wouldn't be since Squishy would already be gone and she can laugh it and yes, a small one for misspelling pamie's name (not that this is the main point). I think I'm being a big person here for admitting maybe I stepped out of line here, but I think so did she and we should both say we're sorry. I'm sounding like GooglyMinotaur now. each time you say something mean to the radiohead IM robot, he'll demand an apology and if you don't and try to put in another keyword, he'll keep prodding for one and get very, very angry. so yes, I think that's a good tactic. I don't like leaving things pissy when I'm feeling bad about it. I hate conflict like the burning of a thousand suns, but I had a bad weekend. I was pretty much over it till this point. look, I'm sorry.

as for the stapler, that was just bad luck I guess. it felt like a premonition though - the way it aimed for the bruise on my leg and I didn't budge the desk; it just hopped up and hit me; almost like a bite! how evil! it was all open like a mouth all evil and purple!! I could just imagine if it was talking to me...this is what it would say:

stapler: hey! yeah yeah you!! I'm in a shitty mood! look? you didn't refill my cartridge! I am stapleless! woe is me!

me: I..I...ummm I'm ....

stapler: say it stapler killer! say it bitch!

me: what'd you call me?!?

stapler: you apologize...must I tell you the definition?

me: I'm giving you a rest...don't you want a rest from stapling papers all day? you and your pal paper shredder...

stapler: *ZIIIP* *snap snap* I bite you! if I had staplers....APOLOGIZE! it's in the dictionary; if I had hands instead of wide ass staple lips, I'd go find it for you...

me: you two a rest....some time off...

stapler: just say you're sorry

me: no, what do you think about that *crosses arms*

*stapler flies across the room and snaps at bruise on leg with evil dart eyes* RAAAAAAAAAAH!

me: OW! *flings stapler to table ..then puts back on shelf*

stapler: *rubs nonexistant palms together* now apologize!

me: alriiiight...sorry....

stapler: thanks! :)

we pals now...thaaaaat's right...don't give me no flack no more! *does a stapler booty dance*

that was actually scary. I ...I think I need to lay off the crack or the chocolate. at least I made cookies today. out of all the bad, I made one person happy. the guest. now isn't it a beautiful world? oh yeah, also Sex and the City ..who could forget the joys of that which is as baaad in a good way as that? and next, That's my Bush!...I always try to find the good though I still want an apology. don't pull one over on GooglyMinotaur or the stapler. they'll eat you up.

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