I sit here silent cause I'm trying to contain my laughter. mouth clamped shut, hands shaking, music going. laughter over the horror of the Overacting Face. in. Commercials.

Everlasting Commercials
02:22 AM CST

The latest musings is over the new Ortho Tri-Cyclen one. it's like they're trying to say something within this one. the Everlasting love and 'do me' bit...um yeah. subtle there. that's not all I've noticed though. I notice they have little words underneath each couple as they dance around and seem all giddy and fake and weird. it says how long each has been married. they have the token black couple* who are of course, the ones who married "last night" and they know how to dance. then we have the asian couple. they look like 'yaaay haaapy' buddies. well, actually she looks like the female with the gay guy friend who goes shopping with her. um, yeah. he seemed way too gay to even think of them 'doing what the commercial is saying' if you know what I mean, and...yeah, I think ya do. not saying he was bad looking, but damn, we don't need those cheesy positions on the couch or the wide open mouth 'AAAH! I'm Home Alone!' face. they're the ones supposed to be married for "one year", of course, uh huh. that's why they act gay. the middle couple is the "two year" one. that guy's cheeks look waaay too jolly and the way she ties that bowtie (when I explained this to mom, she said something rather funny, but err I forgot. maybe something about tying kidneys or was it naughty? ah well...it was damn funny. believe me) is just ...weird. I doubt anyone does it like that with their tongue all hanging out and doing jazz hands with a sweep of 'oh myyy!' ...sheesh. plus, married for two years they wouldn't really be acting that way. they'd be over it. even the token black couple were more normal. there was another at the piano, but hell if I know; maybe it was the same one tying the bowtie later...bleh.

Okay, so, I know this is supposed to help people and all, but it's too entrancing to watch the scary couples than it is to hear the voice over about the actual product they show in the corner that is practically feathered out and overlaid, so you can barely see it there. it's also funny how it says "makes skin clearer" ..ooh yes! that's a reason to take it! indeed. I, personally, am an abstinent very, very sad thing, so maybe I'm way too low advanced to understand this phenomenon. still good commercial to entrance you into their antics. Token black couple! Asian gay couple! Jazz hands girl! Jolly cheeks guy! it tells an untold story. I should write the screenplay.

Another worth mentioning is the Satellite man. he's scary...that downward hand thing about buying one now and the jeer scowling look on his face makes me want to stay away, make the cross with two fingers and say, 'bad bad man..stay away...please? if not I sic on you devil man across the street'...

I feel let down about certain things I'd like to mention real quick-like [hooohaaah! yaah! *that quick*] and yeah, I let comedy take control of me when I feel like that, but whatever. I just feel bad I only have two people I've showed this to making positive comments. I mean, yeah, mom did, but she's supposed to and I am good to her. I don't know. I showed Gabe. zee other cousin and all he seemed to mention was how I could get people to comment - that I should ask questions. I mean, I told him it wasn't up yet, but maybe he didn't get what I was trying to say. obviously. mom told me later that maybe it's cause he could see it so therefore it was now up. no. secret url means not up. anyway, I realised he must've not clicked on the 'more' button cause then he'd know I do ask questions and I'm not getting more comments cause it's not launched yet and I've only shown it to a few people. ugh. I know he's not much into websites or designs and just seems to email or chat with women, but still....I wanted more than critiques on how to make it better when it seemingly is better than most could do. not trying to act superiour, but I mean, I worked hard on this so far and ..and...he usually says something encouraging. this time, I just didn't feel very upbeat about the response. I should just let it go. I think I'm just tired and need someone to place it all on. I really am not mad at him. just requestioning myself and hoping I do get people participating just to prove him wrong. not that that's what he was trying to say. I just like to be mean to myself most of the time.

Oh yeah, and I hope Dino comes back again soon. he could possibly cheer me up. I need some of that with my bouncy emotions. I think it's due to feeling sick, being tired, working on this site, and wishing I wasn't so alone in terms of that. hell, I'm always alone and shall remain alone. as I said to lindsey jokingly earlier - "I'm 24/7 single!"

*note: I didn't mean this racially; just being snarky per usual. they did seem rather fake and odd. and the guy looked like Taye Diggs (sp?)

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