there's always something funny about annoying mom. nicely of course! just small things such as the "look at the tv" surprise, or the "what's that smell?" question in the kitchen or this is lovely - "hey! see that? there's steam coming from the bottom of your chair at your feet! it's the devil in the khaki shirt and the gray hair and beard who stands perpendicular to our house over there who is doing it!" yeah, those are always good.

intricately designed annoyances
04:12 AM CST

She'll always believe what I say. I swear it is funny cause I know she will believe it. I guess it's that look I give when I say it or the way I say it. it's the delivery. all in the delivery. same as mom could say 'silly little farter' in an irish/british accent and it's waaay funnier than if she had just said it in a normal voice. Man, I should teach the specifics of comedy - not that this isn't common knowledge, but some may not know this! I always say "this'll be what my next book is about" (same as the 'this'll be my 42nd album' line), but that's getting tired.

I mulled this all over today once mom mentioned earlier how she no longer will turn around if I tell her to look at the tv when I know she will at least attempt to and then change her mind! she can't resist the urge to see what I'm talking about. I told her she should just know when I'm going to tell her to look at the screen. she must feel the power - yeah, be like miss cleo and read my mind; well, no she'd need a pack of tarot cards for that one.

Really though, the funniest of today is the devil line. I now figured out that the new guy who moved in across and perpendicular to our house near the entrance stands outside his doorway at about the same time everyday. he looks like he wears the same shirts and pants as the other day. I figured his closet must be full of identical outfits or that would be just wrong. not that spying on your neighbours is right. I can't help it though. I have this OCD impulse to walk towards the window when I'm standing up in this room in the daytime with the blinds risen. it's just something I must do whether I have a reason or not. maybe that guy has the same impulse to stand outside his doorway like I do towards the window. I sometimes feel that he can see me staring down and that freaks me out, so I figured if he was the devil, he'd cause disturbances in our house that would upset us to never look upon his weary self again. I'm making all this up, but it's nice to pretend what they're thinking and who they are and why. yeaah. gives me something to do when I'm not working. that is, working as in listing things on eBay and making personal sites for myself...hah! plus, updating them - cause ya know that's all I do here. yeah, so the logical reason for him standing out there everyday is probably cause he's smoking his daily cigarette cause I never look closely enough. that's no fun to think about though, right? devil! devil! devil's helper!

Another strange occurance which makes me more sure that that guy's the devil is that there was a strange noise through the intercom sunday evening. it wasn't just a noise, but it was a police scanner noise. I could tell cause it said, "we need dispatch here. stat!" or something like that. I figure their airwaves must coincide with intercoms in houses or that is entirely too weird. I try to think logically lately in terms of these things or else I'd scare myself. mom made me go downstairs with her after it happened cause she was afraid of the uncovered window over the doorway. while she finished wrapping up things, I sat in the chair feeling out of place. it was ridiculous for me to cause any comfort here. I mean, what could I do if something happened? it's rather laughable. I'd just go crawl in a corner. well, apparently mom thought that one out and decided that it was for moral support. basically if one was going to go down, so was the other. that sorta thing. hrm. I guess I could say that if someone broke in and I was upstairs, they'd still come and get me too. hee! how silly of me to think naught. either way, I'd get taken too.

Anyway, these certain things keep me amused each day so I don't go jumping out the window head first over an error in code or a silence in chat. blech. I've been controlling my emotions lately anyway, so it's not a problem.

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