what it looks like when I walk in

angry in july!

my bookshelf has grown with quantity!

where I sleep - I need new sheets though

only way I could capture dvds - bad light!

again with the crazy angling

The New and Improved Bedroom Tour

Replies: 7 Photo Voyeurs

wahahahahah!!! why won't anyone comment on my beautiful photos? *starting to think I'm cursed to forever be the one to beg for comments*

- 07.15.2001 03:34 AM - Amber


I'm feelin' ya, Ambisquishito... and what a lovely bedroom it is. :-P

- 07.21.2001 04:10 AM - melodywhore


*hugs* H.G. :) awww; thank you for the compliment! I'm about to rejoin the diary registry, open pages, etc ..maybe that'll help me out in the popularity contest; *ahem* maybe it won't but I like joining things...

- 07.21.2001 04:48 PM - Amber


Hey, yo! What's up? I really dig the fact that you're into
Anime, and your room's kinda kewl. Pretty minimalist, but kewl nonetheless. Anyhoo... I was just doing my online playing and found your site. Ok, in all actuality we have a mutual friend, who has managed to grace your life, and this site with his presence. lol I'm talking about the one and only, Grand 'ole William. lol Sorry, but we talked about you. Don't worry it's kewl, he didn't say anything horrible about ya. Ya know Will's kewl, and strange. Anyhoo... I'd love it if ya e-mailed me, or Imed me. (AIM-Bethlehem80) Ya seem really kewl, and I have to say I love what ya've done with this site, it really has flavor to it. Ok, I'm babbling. I'll leave ya be now. Hope to hear from ya, that way ya get to know how kewl I am also. lol. laterz!

- 11.01.2001 11:24 AM - Beth


hey! yes, just felt like acknowledging your message. sorry for being all 'away' so long...after grandpa, I had to talk to grandma and she's quite the 'talker' so we talked for the next hour or so....heh. whoops. I guess I'll see ya online again and you can try resending the photo ^^ I'm glad ya like the site.

- 11.01.2001 10:35 PM - Amber


I love your work. You seem interesting. Thoughts from a boy in Denmark...

- 06.02.2002 01:33 PM - Gunnar


I don't find this a minimalist's room...
It resembles my bedroom in some aspects... It's odd that you didn't shot your drawer (I am not sure if that's the word.. i intended to say the place that you store clothes...).
Either way nice room but does it fells lonely?

- 07.14.2003 08:35 PM - André


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